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 |  Mar 17 2014, 7:45 AM


A decade ago, it would be considered sacrilegious for a sports car to be a hybrid, but now electrified powertrains are all the rage.

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 |  Mar 14 2014, 9:01 AM

Faster and a Lot More Expensive


Ever since it burst onto the scene in 2008, the Nissan GT-R has been a force to be reckoned with.

Heralded and acclaimed as one of the greatest sports cars to ever come from Japan when it first debuted, Nissan has continued to give its famed GT-R model tweaks and changes over the years, making it even more formidable. To pay our respects to one of the greatest machines any automotive enthusiast can buy in today’s marketplace, AutoGuide has decided to take a look at the Nissan GT-R over the years, how it’s changed inside and out, along with its price tag.

 |  Dec 01 2013, 8:27 PM

nissan gtr nismo

This week, AutoGuide readers were glued to our 2014 Jaguar XK-R convertible review, while Nissan GT-R fans continued to check out more on the 2015 model along with the new GT-R NISMO from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Lastly, the Porsche Macan from the LA Auto Show is ranking high amongst new car shoppers.

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 |  May 06 2013, 4:00 PM


After auctioning off the first gold Nissan GT-R for $193,000 with the proceeds benefitting Usain Bolt’s charity, the Japanese automaker has handed the keys to a brand new 2014 Nissan GT-R for Mr. Bolt to enjoy himself.

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 |  Sep 07 2012, 7:04 AM

If there’s anything the Japanese enjoy more than cars, it’s video games and anime. For decades Japanese video game developers have been considered the best in the world with their creative story lines and video game development.

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 |  Aug 28 2012, 8:01 AM

Rumors regarding the next-generation Nissan GT-R started surfacing late last month, perhaps hinting that there wouldn’t be a successor to the popular sports car. The GT-R’s chief engineer debunked those rumors though, and it appears that the automaker is planning for the next GT-R to debut in 2018.

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 |  Aug 13 2012, 10:02 AM

What’s in a name? Out in Japan, the name ‘Fairlady’ goes a long way back in a storied sports car history; it belonged to the Datsun Fairlady which eventually became the Z models of today.

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 |  May 24 2012, 1:10 PM

Picture a classic car in your head: likely it’s an American icon like a late ‘60s Mustang or even earlier like a ‘50s Fairlane. Maybe your taste is a bit more exotic and you’re imagining a classic Ferrari or even a British sports car like an MG or Triumph.

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 |  Apr 05 2012, 4:01 PM

Nissan is out to prove a point on just how formidable the Club Track Edition GT-R is. This year, the Japanese automaker will bring a production version of the Club Track Edition GT-R to compete in the 24 hours at Nürburgring endurance race. 

Nissan said that competing in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring with a factory model GT-R will allow them to collect data to help improve the GT-R over the next five years. We’re sure that’s part of the reason, the other is clearly to prove how great the GT-R is in factory form.

Now skeptics will probably say it’s not a production model vehicle if Nissan so much as swaps its tires, but so long as they don’t touch the powerplant, suspension, or brakes with any modifications – it’s factory in our eyes. But no doubt Nissan is looking to play a little bit in the Europeans’ backyard, potentially trumping modified Porsches, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benz’s in a GT-R model that rolls off the dealership showroom floor.

Watch the video below of the Nissan team readying the GT-R for the race.

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 |  Mar 10 2012, 9:01 AM

You might think this film was shot at a luxury and exotic car dealership, or that it was a Concours d’Elegance gathering, but it was neither.
It was a massive group of enthusiasts out in the Philippines that headed to Subic Bay at an abandoned airport to fully enjoy their vehicles in a safe and fun environment.

Trackhos, who put on the event and released the video, donated all of the proceeds to the Philippines Red Cross in aid of the victims of Typhoon Sendong. The video shows off rows and rows of high performance cars, from Audi R8s to Ford GTs to an assortment of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, and Nissan GTRs. All the vehicles were able to hit the airport runway for high speed runs, drag races, and even took their vehicles through what appears to be a course of some kind. Oh and of course, there’s the obligatory GTR doing donuts.

Watch the amazing video after the break.

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 |  Dec 06 2011, 10:30 AM

Nissan‘s Juke-R might just be one of the greatest project cars in all of automotive history, and the monster has finally hit the track at Silverstone with a video to prove it. The GTR-powered crossover did some laps out in England for journalists and it proves that the Juke-R is a formidable piece of machinery.

Despite the rain in the footage, it’s perfectly clear that the Juke-R can hold its own and the project can be deemed as successful. The crossover’s completely capable of accelerating, braking, turning and performing the duties of any track car with ease. And while most people are still anti-Juke based on its styling, there’s no denying you wouldn’t think twice about owning this Juke-R.

Check out the video below:

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 |  Nov 21 2011, 8:15 AM


22 weeks after the little Nissan Juke crossover was first abducted, the team of modern day Doctor Frankensteins from Nissan Europe’s technical partner, RML, finally released this video of their outrageous creation, the mighty and insane Juke-R. Proudly displaying their hard work before submitting the super crossover to rounds of shakedown and testing, the video reveals the Juke’s transformation, which is most noticeable when the engine lets out that loud and responsive signature GT-R bark.

No official performance figures have been announced yet but when GTR’s 485-hp 3.8-liter twin turbo is stuffed into a shell that weighs in at the ballpark of 3,200 lbs., the Juke R is highly likely to reach 60 mph in sub-4 seconds. More details will arise when the Juke R inevitably puts down a couple solid laps around Germany’s Nurburgring. While Nurburgring testing has yet to be officially confirmed, the Juke R’s race-spec roll cage and racing cockpit says it all.

GALLERY: Nissan Juke-R


Watch the video below:

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 |  Aug 04 2011, 5:30 PM

Infiniti may develop its own version of Nissan’s famous GT-R sports car. Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan was asked if Infiniti would tap into the existing products through Nissan and use the brilliant GT-R sports car platform for a high- performance Infiniti.

‘Are we going to do that, I would say “no”, I don’t think so,’ said Ghosn. ‘If your question is “could we do that”, I would say “yes”. The idea of using existing technologies on the body of an Infiniti, yes. All the technologies developed for Nissan are available to Infiniti.’ Ghosn basically beat around the bush leaving the question unanswered. A GT-R type sports car is unlikely to be a priority because the company is busy prepping for the 2014 release of a small car that will rival the BMW 1-series and the 2013 release of an electric car.

‘Will we do it?,’ added Ghosn. ‘I think we need to go step by step. We have positioned the FX, the M, the G. Then we have the QX in the US, which is a big success over there – it’s a high-end 4×4. We have the EX. We have the electric car, we have a sub-G smaller car coming and we have a lot of people saying “why don’t we use the power of the GT-R and give it an Infiniti body?”

‘The idea makes sense. The technology is here, the platform is here. It’s a great car, the GT-R. Is it a project now? No. But I don’t want to give you the impression we’ll never do that. But I don’t want you to think that it’s coming in the next two to three years either.’

[Source: Car]

 |  Jul 19 2011, 9:00 PM


If you’re like us, you cringe at the idea of handing your keys over to a valet. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Toyota Prius or a Lamborghini Gallardo, the thought of some random person driving your car is a scary one.

Unfortunately the owner of this Nissan GT-R from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia most certainly wishes he (or she) hadn’t. As is obvious from the photos, this GT-R was flipped on top of another car thanks to the handiwork of said valet driver.

It’s actually a little perplexing looking at the photos to try to figure out what caused the accident other than an overzealous driver getting behind the wheel of serious horsepower. Once they were able to get their car back on its four wheels, the devastation is a little heartbreaking and hopefully the driver was OK and learned a lesson. We’re certain the GT-R owner learned a good lesson too.

GALLERY: Valet Crashes Nissan GT-R

valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_1.jpg valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_10.jpg valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_11.jpg valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_8.jpg valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_5.jpg valet_crashes_nissan_gtr_3.jpg

[Source: Zero to Hundred]

 |  Jul 07 2011, 11:41 PM


Jon Olsson’s Ultima GTR-based Rebellion R1k made our jaw drop when it was first debuted, sporting 800-hp and exotic car styling and a tone that rivals even Italian’s finest exotics. Now it looks that Olsson’s version of an ultimate sports car has hit the streets as the Rebellion R1k Red Bull edition but it may not be as perfect as Olsson wants. As of right now, he’s not pleased with the powerplant of the car because it’s not running as smoothly as he wants and is possibly considering swapping it out for something else.

The crazier news out of all this is that Olsson may potentially turn the Rebellion R1k into a very limited production run. Not surprisingly, after his debut video hit the Internet, Olsson got enough requests from people to have one built that he’s considering a super car company based on his Rebellion supercar. In fact, he claims that there are people willing to place orders before the vehicle is even finished (in Olsson’s eyes) and we can’t even imagine what might happen now that it has hit the streets in Sweden.

Obviously no confirmations have been made by Olsson, since he still wants to finalize his own supercar before even considering manufacturing or duplicating the efforts. He wants to test it around Europe, “eat a few Ferraris for lunch”, and make sure it works the way he wants it to before considering any other crazy ideas, like producing and selling Rebellion supercars.

Oh and by the way, Olsson’s cost on his Rebellion is over $315,000 – so if you’re interested, better start saving.

GALLERY: Rebellion R1k Red Bull Edition

rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_1.jpg rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_3.jpg rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_4.jpg rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_6.jpg rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_7.jpg rebellion_r1k_red_bull_edition_2.jpg

[Source: GTSpirit]

 |  Jun 29 2011, 2:07 PM

Police have impounded five high performance Nissan Skyline’s after a YouTube video was shot of six cars racing through Adelaide’s Heysen Tunnel in Southern Australia. The sixth car involved was a light-coloured Skyline, and is still at large, but police are confident they will find the driver.

The five men arrested, aged 21 to 34 face a range of driving offences in releation to the race in May after the cars reached speed of 89 mph in a 55 mph zone. Police used the YouTube video along with closed circuit cameras from the area to identify the cars. Linda Fellows, officer in charge of traffic support, said the cars will be impounded for 28 days.

“Police will take every opportunity to investigate dangerous driving behaviour and take people off the roads if they can’t obey the rules and drive responsibly,” Superintendent Fellows explained. ”We have a rising road toll and it’s actions like this that can result in further carnage and road trauma. Police will not tolerate the public being put at risk by the reckless and irresponsible actions of a few.”

[Source: Herald Sun]

 |  Jun 21 2011, 3:09 PM


The famed creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi, has returned to racing on the track with a Nissan GT-R that has clearly been inspired by the GT500 “Stealth” GT from Gran Turismo 5. His team recently participated in the four-hour Nurburgring VLN race and looks poised to compete in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

Yamauchi competed in several VLN races last year in a Lexus IS-F and even took a class victory in the four-hour event. His team also took 4th place in their respective class at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

This year Yamauchi will be with teammates Tobias, Michael Shulze and Yasuyoshi Yamamoto in the #71 GT-R. Hopefully Yamauchi will draw some inspiration for a much better Gran Turismo 6.

[Source: GTPlanet via Autoblog]

 |  May 24 2011, 8:53 PM


Famed freeskier and alpine ski racer Jon Olsson is no stranger to campaigning wicked rides on the road. Most recently at the GT Polonia 2010 event, Olsson and a friend explored the roads and race tracks of Germany and Poland in his custom tuned Ultima GTR. The matte black supercar featured Red Bull and Yokohama graphics as it blasted its less than 2,200-lbs frame and 800-hp through Europe. The road-legal racer then disappeared as Olsson prepared for a complete makeover in anticipation for this year’s Gumball 3000.

Now after six months of development, Olsson unleashed his Rebellion R1k Ultima GTR project onto the streets of Stockholm for its maiden voyage. Unfortunately the car ran into some higher water temperatures so its Gumball adventure has been delayed. Instead Olsson will pilot Nissan GT-R (you know, the other GT-R) to make the first leg of the trip and plans to have the Rebellion join in a few days once its gremlins are figured out.

Check out the video of this devastatingly awesome piece of machinery after the jump:

[Source: Jon Olsson]

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 |  May 19 2011, 3:45 PM

A very rare Lamborghini Diablo GTR is being sold through Symbolic Motors  in San Diego, California. Only 30 of these cars were ever built from 1999 to 2000.

Of these 30, only two or three have never seen the track including this one. Only 1,255 kilometers are on the odometer making this car very unique. This 6.0-liter V12 GTR produces 600 horsepower mated to a five speed manual gearbox. The car also features a full roll cage, fire suppression system, pneumatic jacks and a free- flowing exhaust. The dealer is asking $699,999, if you’re interested.

[Source: Motor Authority]


 |  Mar 15 2011, 11:35 AM

Given the recent events in Japan, it may not be entirely surprising that there are greater priorities than building fast supercars. As such, shipments of the 2012 Nissan GT-R to America have been delayed as the country struggles to rebuild after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Nissan North America reports that there is a “sufficient supply” of 2012 GT-Rs that have already been shipped to the US, but would not reveal precisely how many. The 2012 GT-R officially went on sale a few weeks ago.  The Tochigi Plant, where the GT-R is built, has reported some damage to the building and equipment, and has suspended operations until Friday.

Nissan issued a statement on Monday declaring that “some Infiniti models and Nissan GT-R and 370Z may experience delays in shipment to the U.S. and Canada, with full impact still being assessed,” but their plans for the New York Auto Show are still on schedule.

A shipment of 600 Nissan Leafs left Japan just before the earthquake, and are on their way to the US safely, just in time to help fulfill its massive demand.

[Source: Inside Line]

 |  Oct 30 2010, 3:23 PM

While most of the aftermarket likes to overwhelm consumers with excessive amounts of horsepower, some companies like to refine the finer details, making the driving experience a more fulfilling one. Take Umbrella Auto Design for example; they began their business by focusing on Acura’s flagship supercar, the NSX. They built a wickedly clean demo car, refining it from bumper to bumper on the outside while starting their F1 line o interior series. Now they’ve taken the same magic to the Nissan GT-R.

Their focus with the GT-R, so far, is just the interior. We already know how potent the GT-R is, and we all know there’s more than enough companies out there trying to push 1,000′s of horsepower out of its powerplant. So it’s really refreshing to see Umbrella Auto Design releasing an interior package for the GT-R that brings its cockpit in line with its performance.

The majority of the interior is redone in black ultrasuede with silver stitching: front seats, steering wheel, e-brake, boot, shift knob, dashboard, door panels, center console, rear lower side panels, rear upper side panels, rear seats, headliner, visors, rear package tray, subwoofer cover and rear armrest. Several interior pieces are also repainted satin black instead of the factory light gray.

Umbrella Auto Design’s interior really gives the GT-R the sense of luxury it needs to back up the performance and driving experience the vehicle already offered. No pricing is announced unfortunately.

[Source: GTR Blog]

GALLERY: Umbrella Auto Design Nissan GT-R F1 Interior

 |  Oct 27 2010, 8:46 PM

Ernie Manansala is no stranger to building cars. Most well known for his NOS Lexus SC300, it looks like Manansala has moved on to bigger and better things, teaming up with Wraptivo to build one menacingly good looking Nissan GT-R for SEMA.

On the outside, it looks like the GT-R has received a full flat black wrap treatment with some carbon fiber accents including the roof. The wheels look fully powdercoated a contrasting matte red with a “hellaflush” fitment with wheelspacers courtesy Fatlace. That is an awesome and aggressive fitment, pushing the wheels as far out as possible, without looking too ridiculous.

Suspension upgrades come from a set of KW coilovers while the Advan wheels are wrapped with a set of Falken Tires. Ernie hasn’t disclosed any full vehicle shots, but we’ll be sure to add this to our growing list of cars to check out at SEMA this year. No doubt it will be joining a host of other wild creations at Meguiar’s Wraptivo booth at SEMA.

Full SEMA coverage starts November 2nd. Until then, check out our SEMA Preview here.

[Source: Fatlace]

See more pics of the GT-R after the jump:

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 |  Aug 23 2010, 5:05 PM

Our friend Mike Spinelli of 0-60 Magazine was able to catch this shot of a Nissan GT-R being towed by the NYPD. Normally, a NYPD tow truck is a regular sight in the streets of New York, as hundreds of cars get towed every day. But the GT-R has a very advanced all wheel drive system, and should, under no circumstances, be towed with two wheels on the ground.

An image from the GTR’s owners manual shows us just that: Not that the NYPD cares about damaging a car that’s parked illegally in the first place, but the owner may have some sort of claim against the city if the transmission is damaged as a result of the tow. The kicker to all this? A Fraternal Order of Police shield on the GTR’s window.

[Source: 0-60 and Jalopnik]

See the “how not to tow a GT-R” page of the Nissan GT-R manual after the jump:

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