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 |  Nov 28 2011, 1:15 PM

Gumpert is set to unveil a new supercar at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show and the German carmaker has released a teaser for the world to enjoy. Not many details have been revealed by Gumpert on their new supercar, but the teaser image clearly shows some hints of resemblance to Gumpert’s Apollo.

But let the speculation begin, as Gumpert also mentioned that they recently tested their new supercar at the Altenburg airport near Leipzig and that it emits an “unmistakable” sound. It’s worth mentioning that this year Gumpert showed off their Tornante at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, so there’s a possibility that this teaser could be a new version of the Tornante. We’ll probably have a bit to wait before something else gets revealed, but for now we’ll take what we can get from Gumpert.

[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Apr 12 2011, 2:13 PM

Chalk it up to youthful hubris. A 20-year old man totalled a 200+mph Gumpert Apollo on a country road in Germany, careening 60 meters into a pasture and reducing the 700-horsepower car to scrap.

A girl was in the passenger seat, rather unsurprisingly—what’s surprising is that she was willing to be seen in the Apollo, a car not particularly known for its svelte looks. Thanks to the carbon-fiber passenger compartment, both occupants suffered only minor injuries and were transported by ambulance to a hospital.

The car was not his, and the police are investigating charges of negligent assault. It’s not known whether she will call him for a second date.

[Source: Welt Online (German)]

 |  Feb 13 2009, 11:18 AM


Gumpert has released some specs and info (and just one picture) of the upcoming Speed version of its Apollo supercar, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in March.

Whereas past Apollo models, including the Apollo, Apollo Sport and Apollo Race, were all aimed at track performance, the Speed model is designed for hitting and breaking those 200+ mph barriers. And according to Gumpert, that shouldn’t be a problem with the Apollo Speed, as it is listed as having a top speed of 224 mph!

To hit these speeds, Gumpert stuck to modifying the aerodynamics of the car and left the engine well-enough alone. A revised front end, including new, smoother front fenders and a modified front air intake, as well as a new adjustable rear spoiler are apparently enough to get the Apollo up to that 224 mph speed.

As for the engine, it remains unchanged from past models. Out back can be found a 4.2-liter twin-turbocharged Audi 4.2-liter V8, which produces anywhere from 650 to 800hp. Gumpert claims a 0-60 mph time of 3.0 seconds.

Other aesthetic modifications include revised tail lights.

As for the rest, we’ll have to wait for Geneva to find out.

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