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 |  Sep 04 2011, 5:21 PM


Twin turbo experts in everything from Dodge Vipers to Lamborghini Gallardos, Heffner Performance has introduced a “bolt-on” twin-turbo system for the Ferrari 458, boasting that it’ll increase the factory horsepower rating by 257 ponies, bringing it up to an astonishing 820-hp. Perhaps more shocking is that Heffner claims the setup can do all this on just 5-psi of boost… and on pump gas.

Heffner describes the twin-turbocharged 458 Italia as taking the soul of the legendary F40 and combining it with the technology of a modern F-1 car. And true to all Heffner Performance products, the twin-turbo upgrade looks cleanly integrated in the factory engine bay, as if it belonged there when the car rolled off the lot. Don’t we wish.

GALLERY: Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Ferrari 458 Italia

heffner_performance_ferrari_458_2.jpg heffner_performance_ferrari_458_3.jpg heffner_performance_ferrari_458_4.jpg heffner_performance_ferrari_458_5.jpg heffner_performance_ferrari_458_7.jpg heffner_performance_ferrari_458_8.jpg

[Source: Heffner Performance]

 |  Jul 09 2010, 10:14 PM


Heffner Performance is all about tuning luxury and exotic vehicles to maximize their performance. Recently they had the opportunity to team up with Roger Miller and TDC Motorsports to install their coveted twin turbo kit on an Audi R8 at Miller Motorsports Park. While Heffner Performance was working on twin turbocharging the R8 beast, PPI North America helped overhaul the R8′s suspension, brakes and body kit, but mainly focused on installing their own carbon fiber components to the Audi R8. The entire build took place at Miller Motorsports Park and as soon as the vehicle was done, it was taken straight out onto the track by Roger Miller himself.

And apparently Jason Heffner joined in on the fun by having his own R8 sent out to Miller Motorsports Park. Together both R8s hit the track for plenty of fun. So much fun in fact that Heffner has just chosen to leave his R8 out at Miller Motorsports Park and plans on returning soon.

Check out the video after the break and check out photos of the entire build here.

[Source: Automotive Addicts and TeamSpeed]

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 |  Nov 17 2009, 10:51 AM


The team at Heffner Performance have finally completed their initial Stage 1 twin-turbo package for the Audi R8. Running on pump gas and using just 6 psi of boost, the two turbochargers boost output from the 4.2-liter V8 engine from 353 rwhp to 536 rwhp, a gain of over 50 percent. A more powerful 100 octane version is also being worked on which is expected to produce in excess of 600-hp. In addition, Heffner also plans twin-turbo applications for the V10-powered R8.

The Heffner car is actually not the first turbocharged Audi R8. The first such car was built by German Audi tuner MTM for a private client in the Middle East. It was a matte-black car that reportedly made 888-hp and debuted at the Dubai Auto Show several years ago.

Heffner Performance is well-known in elite tuning circles for twin-turbo applications for the Dodge Viper, Lamborghini Gallardo and Ford GT.

See after the jump for a dyno graph:

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 |  Sep 02 2009, 1:18 PM


Heffner Performance, well-known for tuning everything from Vipers, to Lamborghini Gallardos to Ford GTs, has just completed its first twin-turbocharged Murcielago.

Total engine output when strapped on the dyno was measured at 1,100 hp at the rear wheels.

For a car with this much power the 0-60 mph time isn’t all that important and with grip being such a big issue, it might not be all that impressive either. Instead, Heffner decided to measure the speed at which the car can accelerate from 60 mph to 130 mph. The current car hasn’t been tested with the 1,00-hp total, but when it had “just” 950 hp, it managed a 5.1 second time. To put that in to perspective, a stock Murciélago takes 9.5 seconds to reach 130mph from 60 mph.

Heffner’s Murciélago TT is currently undergoing testing with full results available soon. See after the jump for two videos of the car in action. The first is on the dyno and the second is of an acceleration run on a closed track – it just looks like a stretch of highway in Florida… right guys?

GALLERY: Heffner Performance 1,110-hp Lamborghini Murciélago


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