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 |  Sep 22 2011, 3:00 PM


Heico Sportiv has been Volvo‘s official partner for vehicle individualization since 2008, and their newest creation is their take on Volvo’s V60 wagon. Heico is well known to add sportiness to Volvo’s creations, often times transforming Volvos in a way very few can in a classy and subtle fashion. Their V60 tuning program transforms the family wagon to something anyone would sport on the road thanks to their polyurethane body kit, 19-inch wheels, suspension, new exhaust, upgraded brakes and a classy, luxurious interior.

The exterior modifications begins with Heico’s two-piece front spoiler and rear apron with a carbon fiber diffuser. Heico then outfits the V60 with a set of 19×8-inch Volution VII wheels in a black diamond cut matte finish. Heico chooses to pair the wheels up to a set of Pirelli rubber. The vehicle is then lowered about 1.2-inches, giving it a better stance and handling capabilities. The V60 also sports a much deeper tone thanks to its quad-tipped exhaust system.

The braking system on Heico’s V60 now features six-piston calipers with a blue finish and Heico Sportiv logo. Larger disk brakes also aid in enhanced braking. On the inside, Heico will outfit any Volvo with a reupholstered leather interior, with the V60 getting a Chestnut finish complemented by an Alcantara roof liner.

Last but not least, Heico will have their e.motion 2.0 tuning program available for the V60. The e.motion is a plug-and-play supplementary engine control unit that comes up with up to 5 years warranty and is available for various Volvo engines. Performance increases vary of course, but the T6 engine goes from 304-hp to 330-hp. Each e.motion has settings for the driver to choose from, and one can opt for the Performance button, providing a more aggressive power curve and intense driving experience.

No pricing was announced for any of the mentioned products for the V60.

GALLERY: Heico Sportiv Volvo V60

heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_1.jpg heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_2.jpg heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_3.jpg heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_4.jpg heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_5.jpg heico_sportiv_volvo_v6_6.jpg

 |  Aug 31 2010, 7:01 AM


Last month Heico teased us with renders of their upcoming Volvo S60 accessories and now those renders have become a reality. Heico Sportiv even goes so far as to say the Volvo S60 is sexy and not chivalrous, but we wouldn’t want to take away a car’s chivalry now would we? Regardless, the new generation Volvos aren’t the same ‘ol tanks your grandparents used to drive to keep your safe. They’re sporty and unique, offering a unique blend of styling and performance. And the fact that Heico specializes in tuning Volvos makes this S60 is an instant winner.

On the outside, Heico developed a two-part front spoiler that flows quite well with the stock body lines while giving the front end a sportier look. Oddly enough Heico didn’t develop any side skirts to match the front spoiler, but there is a rear diffuser that is much more aggressive and complements the quad-tipped exhaust system quite nicely. A carbon fiber inlay option is available for the body components.

Heico Sportiv also offers their e.motion line of ECU upgrades for the S60, bumping the 2.0T’s horsepower by 47-hp (over the factory 250-hp) and peak torque becomes 258 ft-lbs, a healthy 37 ft-lbs more than factory. The T6 can also receive an ECU upgrade bumping horsepower to 330-hp and torque to 339 ft-lbs. We’ve now become oddly interested in the S60, a viable opponent to BMW’s 335i and Audi’s S4.

Heico also offers lowering springs for the S60 and their VOLUTION wheel program in 18- to 20-inch sizes. Interior upgrades include aluminum pedals and gear shift knob. All of these goodies will be available starting September 18th at an authorized Heico distributor.

GALLERY: Heico Volvo S60

heico_1.jpg heico_2.jpg heico_12.jpg heico_5.jpg heico_6.jpg heico_8.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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