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 |  Aug 08 2012, 7:00 AM

Calling it “the most sculpted Accord” ever, Honda has revealed the first official images of its 9th generation mid-size sedan.

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 |  Jul 16 2012, 8:01 AM

Late last month, an eager dealership leaked details on the upcoming 2013 Honda Accord, and now dealerships have received a memo with information on the 2013 Accord trim levels.

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 |  Jun 14 2012, 4:31 PM

10. Toyota Avalon

Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to determine what makes a vehicle reliable. But one sound way is to look back and see how much the average repair cost was for a vehicle over three to five years, and seeing which ones suffered the least breakdowns.

Data was studied using 100,000 auto warranty policies linked to family cars by Direct Buy Warranty in order to determine this top 10 list of most reliable family cars, listed in no particular order. It’s worth noting that not a single American vehicle made it onto the list.

The first on the list is the Toyota Avalon, the Japanese automaker’s flagship sedan in the United States. According to the data, the Avalon was one of the cheapest vehicles to maintain over the past five years with typical Toyota dependability and safety ratings. Larger than the Camry, the Avalon is a perfect fit for those looking for size and dependability.

 |  May 26 2012, 4:16 PM

Finally, some good news for Honda. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Japanese automaker has three of the four most-visited new cars on its website during the first quarter of 2012.

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 |  Mar 29 2012, 9:02 AM

10. 2009 Ford Fusion: $2,890

Insurance isn’t kind to teenage drivers. Rates are usually double the price of experienced drivers. Luckily has provided a list of the top 10 best vehicles to insure for teenagers. 

The rates are calculated based on a Washington family: a married couple driving a 2011 Honda Accord and a 2009 Chevrolet Traverse, with a clean driving record and good credit. Their teenage driver is a 16-year-old male, also with a clean driving record. This list covers a five-year insurance impact. The vehicles on this list are from 2008, or 2009.

Tenth on the list is the 2009 Ford Fusion, equipped with ESC. This car gains its price thanks to a perfect NHTSA front impact score and the highest score possible for frontal-offset and side impact tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The key to this model though is the optional electronic stability control.

 |  Feb 09 2012, 7:45 AM

10. Chevy Impala: 14M units sold


The numbers are always changing and a new list of the Top 10 best-selling vehicles in history, compiled by 24/7 Wall St. has a new model on top.

There are some surprises on the list, but for the most part it all makes sense. Whether they’ve been in production for a long time or they’re reasonably priced worldwide, the top 10 best-selling cars of all time might not be the most exciting, but are clearly the most popular throughout history.

The Chevrolet Impala is the only GM vehicle on the list and has quite the history since hitting the market 54 years ago. Starting its life as a large two-door performance coupe, the Impala evolved into a versatile sedan. Or as we like to call it, a rental car. Ironically, it isn’t actually offered as a coupe anymore, which seems like a distant memory after 10 generations of upgrades.

 |  Jan 11 2012, 8:54 AM


With a recently launched new Camry and Ford unveiling the production version of the new Fusion mid-size sedan at the Detroit Auto Show, Honda previewed its next-generation Accord with a stylish concept coupe. With no dramatic new styling changes, the 9th generation Accord will be the first Honda to receive the brand’s new lineup of powertrains, including direct-injection 4-cylinder and V6 engines as well as CVT transmissions. Plus, the Accord will get an innovative new hybrid system. To learn more about the next-gen Accord, watch AutoGuide’s first look video below.

GALLERY: 2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept


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 |  Jan 10 2012, 10:05 AM


No one will accuse Honda of breaking the mold with the new Accord Coupe concept, revealed today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Then again, consistency is part of the Honda plan and has earned the company an excellent reputation. On hand for the car’s debut, American Honda Motor Co. Executive VP John Mendel pointed out the Accord’s unprecedented 26 times it has been named to Car & Driver’s Top 10 car of the year list.

Looking like a slightly stylized version of the current Accord, the new model is smaller overall and with a lower roofline, although Honda claims it has achieved the same interior space. It’s also a lighter vehicle, although Honda isn’t getting into specifics at this point.

The Accord will be the first model to use Honda’s new powertrains, featuring direct-injection among other technologies. Both a V6 and a new 2.4-liter 4-cylinder will be offered, with a newly developed CVT transmission for the 4-cylinder and a 6-speed automatic for the V6. Honda hasn’t announced specs but says it expects the Accord to deliver class leading fuel economy. Whether it can best the new Fusion’s 26/37-mpg rating will be, however, be tough.

In addition, Honda will offer an Accord plug-in hybrid which will offer three driving modes: electric, gas and gasoline/electric. The system will allow 10 to 15 miles of emissions free driving and let you choose when you want to use that electricity. Honda also promises a charge time of 1.5 hours on a 240 volt charger.

To help deliver improved fuel economy across the range, all Accord models will get Honda’s ECO Assist button.

As for safety, Honda will offer the accord with a lane departure warning system and a collision alert system. Plus, it will offer a unique blind spot monitoring system that will actually show, with video, what is in the car”s blind spot.

Look for the 2013 Accord to go on sale later this year.

GALLERY: 2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept


Watch AutoGuide’s First Look Video of the new Accord Coupe Concept below:

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 |  Dec 16 2011, 11:30 PM


Kelly Blue Book Released their list of the 20 most researched vehicles and three of the top five spots belong the Honda products. The Civic and Accord placed first and second respectively, with the Toyota Camry in third, the Honda CR-V in fourth and the Ford F-150 in fifth.

The Hyundai Sonata and Elantra placed sixth and seventh respectively, with the Elantra cracking the top 20 for the first time. The top five brands overall were Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet and Hyundai, with the Toyota Prius as the sole hybrid on the list. Check out the full list below, after the jump.

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 |  Nov 24 2011, 4:05 PM

12. Toyota Camry

While automakers and outside research firms publish sales figures and earnings reports on a regular basis, one metric we rarely get a glimpse of is how profitable each vehicle is. In an era of re-badging and platform sharing, one would think that the most profitable vehicles are those with a large number of derivatives to spread the cost around. But a new report from Bernstein Research suggests that two factors – price point and volume – are the keys to making big bucks off vehicles. And judging by the list, longevity seems to help as well.

Number 12 on the list is the Toyota Camry, and for good reason. The Camry has a number of factors in its favor – massive volumes, an accessible price point and its made in America (currency fluctuations, particularly a rise in the euro or yen, can make exports unprofitable). Bernstein’s report notes that high volume cars at a medium price point are one of the keys to profitability, and the Camry might be the textbook definition of this formula. The Camry’s twin, the Lexus ES350, was absent from the list, but no doubt earns its keep, as a gilded version of the Camry.

 |  Jul 04 2011, 2:39 PM


The first half of 2011 is officially over, and the Ford F-Series and Toyota Camry are still the top selling truck and car in America. While the F-Series has traditionally been the best selling vehicle in America since time immemorial, the Camry has often traded places with the Ford Taurus and Honda Accord, and our sales tally also lumps in sales of the Solara coupe as well, similar to the Corolla and Matrix, which are grouped together for second place in the passenger car standings.

The Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram take second and third place in the truck standings, while the Corolla/Matrix, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion round out the car category.

Other strong performers include the Hyundai Elantra and Sonata and the Volkswagen Jetta. All three are relative newcomers to the top of the sales charts, but have managed to gain significant market share amid recent re-designs.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

 |  Jun 19 2011, 11:00 AM

Joe of Norway, Maine has hit a new record in his 1990 Honda Accord: he’s about to reach over one million miles in it over the past 15 years. Enough to send him into orbit around the moon, twice.

That averages to 14,000 miles every three months—usually what people drive in a year. His odometer is at 938,000 miles right now, and is eagerly anticipating its moment of rebirth. Joe, a service technician for 14 years, bought his Accord used in 1996 with approximately 74,000 miles on it. At 300,000 miles he started filling up notebooks with details of service records, and he’s taken over 661 pictures of the odometer at various lofty stages.

“The one thing for me, being a Honda dealer, I kinda hope not everybody does what Joe does because I’d be out of business,” said Ron Russell, the service manager at a Honda dealership in Bangor, Maine.

The uber-Accord is expected to tick over in September. When that happens, maybe Honda will send him a free Accord, or a free t-shirt: “my car made it to one million miles and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!”

 |  Jun 13 2011, 11:30 AM

When it comes to family sedans and smaller cars and SUVs, for the last two decades, Honda and Toyota ranked as top choices for many Americans. Not any more. It seems that more and more U.S. motorists that once drove Corollas, Civics, Accords and Camrys exclusively are now looking at alternatives.

Although supply of certain Toyotas and Hondas is still proving problematic following the March 11 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, the decline in both automaker’s fortunes is being blamed on a lot more than just natural disasters.

According to Eric Nobel, of the Orange, California based consulting firm The Car Lab, both Honda and Toyota are losing ground, because their products haven’t been competitive in crucial market segments since the first half of the last decade. He particularly cites Toyota’s slipping quality control and the widespread recalls that have tarnished its reputation among American consumers, as well as Honda’s lack of innovation.

Although the Camry is still currently the best-selling car in America, it’s market share of the mid-size sedan segment has been dropping since 2008. Currently it’s around 9.6 percent, that contrasts sharply with 14.2 percent a couple of years ago.

Toyota’s Corolla and Honda’s Civic and Accord haven’t fared much better. Even Consumer Reports, which once championed these cars as the top of the list when it came to recommended buys, didn’t rate a single one of them as a top pick in it’s most recent findings, instead choosing cars such as the Hyundai Sonata and Nissan Altima over the former ‘favorites.’

Even domestic brands such as Ford and Chevrolet, once dismissed by many, are making a comeback. According to, some 14.3 percent of people normally shopping for a Civic are looking at the new 2012 Focus as an alternative, while more than 10 percent are considering the Chevy Cruze.

Neverthless, Toyota says that it is “not going to stand still,” according to U.S. spokesman Joe Tetherow and will be “coming back with something significant.” That something will likely comprise a range of new or significantly updated models, including a next generation Camry.

Whether it will be enough to win back customers and turn the tide of flagging sales remains to be seen.

[Source: Bloomberg]

 |  Jun 10 2011, 11:16 AM

Speaking to its US dealers, American Honda Motor Co has said that they can resume taking orders of smaller, made in Japan offerings such as the Fit subcompact and Insight Hybrid.

The news comes as consumers in the US continue to look for more fuel efficient vehicles as gas prices hover around the $4 per gallon mark. Acorrding to  American Honda’s Executive Vice President John Mendel, the company has “turned the corner,” when it comes fixing supply issues that followed in the wake of the March 11 earthquake in Japan. As a result, he expects production to return to “almost normal levels,” by August.

The news is welcome relief for dealers, whose supply of smaller cars was running desperately low in some cases. Mendel reiterated that dealers still needed to be aggressive on the sales and marketing front to move metal, even if stockpiles are returning to normal levels.

As a result of parts and vehicle shortages, Honda’s sales were down by some 22 percent in May. Although Fit production is back on track, supply of the company’s most popular cars in the US, the Civic and four-cylinder Accord, still remains limited.

[Source: Automotive News]

 |  Jun 02 2011, 7:55 AM

The May auto industry sales numbers are in and things continue to look down for Honda and Toyota. Both brands saw big drops in their May sales, with Honda down 23 percent and Toyota down 33 percent. While the earthquake and tsunami are to blame for supply issues, it’s hard to ignore the fact that both automakers are losing ground with core products.

According to data compiled by the Examiner, neither of the top two Japanese automakers have a car in the Top 10 best selling cars list for the month. While normally the Civic, Accord, Camry and Corolla all place highly, the best of the bunch for May was the Camry in 12th place with 18,830 units sold. The Civic placed 13th with 18,341 units sold, while the Accord (including the Accord Crosstour) was in 14th with 18,185 units and the Corolla (including the Matrix) sold 16,985 to wind up in 16th spot.

Topping the list was Ford’s F-Series trucks, followed by the Chevy Silverado, while the first car to place is the Chevy Malibu in third, followed by the Nissan Altima and Ford Fusion to round out the top 5. Even domestic compacts did well in May with the Cruze in 8th place and the Focus in 9th.

Year-to-date, Honda and Toyota aren’t doing as poorly with the Camry in 3rd, the Accord in 4th, the Corolla in 5th and the Civic in 8th, but if the May sales numbers for these cars continue, both automakers could look to slip considerably.

[Source: Examiner]

 |  Apr 14 2011, 12:07 PM

You meet the nicest people on a Honda… until they steal it. Honda owners should remember that the tagline only applies to motorcycles, as their cars were once again the most stolen and recovered vehicles of 2010 according to statistics released by LoJack security systems.

The Honda Accord and Civic, as well as the Toyota Camry, were the most stolen among the 10,649 total cars recovered by LoJack this year—just as they were in 2009. While this reflects the bestselling popularity among consumers, older Hondas have always been popular with thieves; mid-90s Accords, for example, and the Civic and Acura Integra are frequently targeted by nefarious enthusiasts so they can mod them.

But thieves are moving on up to newer and posher cars, just like their English brethren: one of the most stolen is the Cadillac Escalade, which is up there with the Nissan Maxima and Ram pickup. And the most popular areas for car thievery? SoCal, Texas, and Florida, where the populations are large and the car is a necessity. Click the jump to see the full list.


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 |  Apr 04 2011, 4:53 PM


For the first time in its life, the Nissan Altima has outsold both the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, taking the title of America’s Best Selling Sedan.

Altima sales were up by 27 percent compared to last year, helping Nissan achieve a record month in sales. Currently, Nissan is offering a number of incentives, including 0 percent financing for 60 months, as a means of helping move Altimas, and previous incentives surely contributed to the car’s success.

Fleet sales weren’t included in the sales breakdown, so we can’t be sure how many made it into consumers hands rather than rental car fleets. Even though the Altima is top dog for now, the spread between the Altima and the third place Camry is less than 1,000 units, so the likelihood of things changing by year’s end is quite strong.

[Source: Nissan]

 |  Mar 10 2011, 9:59 AM

Apparently spiders don’t just prefer Mazdas. Honda has warned its dealers to keep an eye out for the same spiders that nested in 65,000 recalled Mazda6 sedans, as they may infest the Accord. Hyundai is also reportedly warning dealers of a similar issue with its models.

It’s not a full-blown recall, but if you see a spider inside your Accord, your local friendly Honda mechanic will be happy to get rid of the yellow sac spiders that are nesting inside a vent pipe and weaving “sack-like” webs that could lead to a blockage. The driver will find that the “check engine” light will come on, as well as a freaked-out friend or relative who will scream at ear-splitting levels. Possibly.

The fix is easy, because it consists of fitting a spring into a drain box—similar to Mazda’s solution. Unlike Mazda, however, there is no danger in blocking the gas tank venting hoses that may lead to an engine fire, and Honda has merely issued a service bulletin to its brave, spider-vanquishing mechanics instead of an all-out recall like its Japanese sedan brethren. The yellow sac spider hasn’t caused any engine stalling or fires in the Accord. Maybe yellow sac spiders prefer Honda over Mazda? And why not an Italian car? Or a convertible?

[Source: USA Today]

 |  Jan 14 2011, 2:18 PM


Honda is recalling 2,277 Accord and CR-V models due to a wiring defect that may have occurred during the vehicle’s assembly. An electrical coupling that was possibly damaged during the engine installation process could lead to the vehicle stalling.

While no incidents have been reported, Honda is keen to fix the defect, which only affects 2010 model year vehicles. The recall will begin in February with Honda notifying owners at the start of the month.

[Source: NHTSA via USA Today]

 |  Jan 05 2011, 2:33 PM


Ford‘s F-Series truck is America’s best selling vehicle for the 34th straight year, moving an astounding 528, 349 units, up nearly 28 percent from 2009. In second place was the Chevrolet Silverado, which moved a relatively paltry 370,135 trucks, but saw a 17 percent jump in sales.

The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord duked it out for the title of Best Selling Passenger Car, with the Camry edging out the Accord by 16,423 units. Toyota sold 327,804 Camrys in 2010, a 7.5 percent drop, while Accord sales were up 8.1 percent to 311,381 units.

Rounding out the top 10 were the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion, Honda CR-V and Dodge Ram. Also noteworthy is that Ford sold more total units in 2010 than previous leader Toyota.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

 |  Jan 03 2011, 2:57 PM

Volkswagen‘s New Midsize Sedan will debut at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this month, as part of VW’ quest to increase sales in American to 800,000 units by 2018.

The NMS, like its smaller sibling, was designed with the North American market in mind, and will compete head-to-head with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. This has caused concern for loyal Volkswagen fans, but the company cites the move to a larger, more American-like vehicle as necessary if Volkswagen is to increase volume in the United States.

Volkswagen will also build the car at its new facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Pricing is expected to start at around $20,000, and both gasoline and diesel powertrains will be offered.

[Source: Automotive News]

AutoGuide’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show coverage starts January 10th. Until then, see our complete Detroit Auto Show preview here.

 |  Dec 07 2010, 6:33 PM


It doesn’t take a genius to know that Honda‘s Odyssey is destined to be a brisk seller. As the undisputed king of the minivan segment, the Odyssey is still popular even with an onslaught of new competitors from Chrysler, Dodge, Kia and Toyota.

The rest of the lineup isn’t so hot. The Insight is being outsold by an 8-1 margin by its arch rival, the Toyota Prius, while the Crosstour’s projected 40,000 sales aren’t materializing, with the car selling closer to 20,000 units. The CR-Z also appears to have slowed after a promising start, although sports car sales are always dismal in the colder months.

Honda faces a predicament, since the rest of their lineup, like the Civic, Accord and CR-V are all fairly old, and due for replacement. But with only stagnant or unappealing products in the showroom, 2010 will be a dismal year for the big H. Hopefully the company can pull out of their nosedive, but their legendary maverick attitude (and accompanying arrogance that their way is the right way, market desires be damned) may see a number of lean years before their once faithful customers return.

[Source: Autoblog]

 |  Dec 06 2010, 1:50 PM


Toyota‘s Camry has long enjoyed a plum position as America’s best-selling car. But a strong dip in sales, combined with a resurgent Honda Accord and the success of the new Hyundai Sonata could conspire to knock the Camry off of its pedestal.

Camry sales have fallen by about 8 percent this year, with November sales down by 24 percent compared to 2009. Meanwhile, Accord sales are up 7 percent while Sonata sales are up a whopping 65 percent. Even competitors like the Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Impala and Nissan Altima are seeing increases. Some analysts are blaming the perfect storm of Toyota’s recall woes and a long product cycle for the drop in sales. With only a couple weeks to go until year-end, this one should be down to the wire.

[Source: Automotive News]

 |  Sep 23 2010, 4:38 PM

The National Insurance Crime Bureau released their list of the top 10 stolen cars for 2009 , and the perenial favorites, the Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Toyota Camry are in the Top 10 yet again, taking the top 3 spots respectively.

The trade in spare parts, and in the Honda’s case, engines, make them valuable commodities, and the cars are also desirable for export to Third World countries. Pick-up trucks were also in demand, as each of the Big Three’s brands were represented, as well as the Ford Explorer.

The good news is that car thefts are down 17.1 percent, and have been declining for the past 6 years.

[Source: NCIB]

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