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 |  Mar 11 2013, 2:01 PM

Der neue Volkswagen XL1

With just 250 being made and a rumored six-figure price, Volkswagen’s new 261 MPG plug-in hybrid may sound like a science project, but the German automaker insists it’s a halo model that will usher in an era of plug-in hybrids.

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 |  Mar 08 2013, 2:36 PM

Hybrid vehicles are considered a risky long-term purchase by some, with unknown reliability of hybrid batteries and worries of possible replacement costs. While those fears may be exaggerated, Consumer Reports has found some damning evidence on one particular model: the Honda Civic Hybrid.

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 |  Mar 04 2013, 3:23 PM

The stylish Lexus IS made its debut in Detroit earlier this year, but was missing an important model: the hybrid gas-electric 300h. Continue Reading…

 |  Feb 26 2013, 4:40 PM

McLaren P1

Few car companies are committed to all-out performance quite like McLaren. The boutique British brand is probably best known for its outrageous F1 supercar that set speed records in the 1990s. But the company is far from a one-hit wonder. Over the last decade and a half they’ve been active in racing, worked with other automakers like Mercedes-Benz to deliver some awe-inspiring vehicles and have even developed a successor to the F1 – the elegant looking but awkwardly named MP4-12C.

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Pushing into the future, McLaren is set to reveal a new supercar at the Geneva Motor Show in just a few days, and believe it or not the P1 as it’s known is actually a hybrid. But don’t worry; it’ll still deliver absolutely crushing performance. Here are the Top 10 things you must know about this exciting new McLaren before it takes the stage next week.

 |  Feb 26 2013, 9:32 AM

Volkswagen has announced that it will unveil a plug-in hybrid variant of the 2014 Golf during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

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 |  Feb 19 2013, 3:32 PM

Fine folks in Europe will get a gift from Land Rover soon: a diesel hybrid version of the 2013 Range Rover. But it won’t be marketed to Americans… for now.

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 |  Feb 19 2013, 10:31 AM

It’s no secret Fisker Automotive is in trouble. The maker of premium electric cars is clinging to life by its fingernails. One more setback could send them plummeting into the fiery abyss of financial ruin. Still, even if they roll snake eyes the firm’s founder has more than a few thoughts on what future transportation will be like.

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 |  Feb 15 2013, 1:32 PM

Fisker seems to be falling on hard times, and a new report suggests the brand might be on the market with Chinese firm Dongfeng Motor Corp tossing a $350 million offer into the ring.

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 |  Feb 12 2013, 4:01 PM

Ford’s COO Mark Fields says the brand is following EPA rules in certifying its vehicles fuel mileage.

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 |  Feb 07 2013, 9:52 AM

Swooping in to save the world from evil, or at least this week’s Chicago Auto Show from boredom, Kia’s Superman-inspired Optima Hybrid is an interesting concept car to say the least.

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 |  Jan 18 2013, 3:32 PM

Production of the Fisker Karma luxury plug-in hybrid has been on hold for longer than six months, but the brand says its supply is still sufficient. 

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 |  Jan 17 2013, 5:02 PM

The Nissan Resonance concept has won the EyesOn Design Award for Best Concept Vehicle at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

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 |  Jan 17 2013, 1:51 PM

Debuting its new naming structure, Infiniti just unveiled its Q50 sport sedan during the 2013 Detroit Auto Show this week. 

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 |  Jan 15 2013, 4:47 PM

The Chinese are running at redline to develop, improve and promote their domestic automotive industry. Brands like FAW, Chang’an Motors and SAIC may be totally obscure to the typical American car buyer, but they may become household names in just a few years. One company that’s pushing hard is the GAC group.

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 |  Jan 15 2013, 2:38 PM

Acura’s NSX supercar is still two years from being production-ready, but the brand brought its concept car to Detroit again this year, only this time to show its interior.

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 |  Jan 15 2013, 8:15 AM

The future is today at Nissan’s Auto Show display in Detroit. Just minutes ago the Japanese carmaker rolled out a swoopy-looking crossover concept called the Resonance.

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 |  Jan 14 2013, 11:56 AM

They don’t call it the Motor City for nothin’! The whole industry is on display this week as automakers from across the country and around the world descend on Detroit. Looking to steal some of the limelight, Mercedes-Benz just revealed its latest E-Class lineup.

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 |  Jan 14 2013, 10:50 AM

Infiniti unveiled its 2014 Q50 sport sedan today during the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, introducing it as the first of what will be a larger global push by the brand. 

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 |  Jan 11 2013, 6:32 PM

More than half of the alternative-fuel cars bought by government agencies last year were built by Asian automakers.

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 |  Dec 19 2012, 2:15 PM

It’s already a heavy car, but Nissan might be taking the hybrid plunge with its GT-R supercar killer in the future.

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 |  Dec 17 2012, 3:01 PM

Ford’s C-Max Hybrid only has two months of reported sales under its belt and it’s already outpacing the first two months of Toyota Camry Hybrid sales, making it the fastest selling hybrid at launch.

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 |  Dec 14 2012, 10:39 AM

Teaser images of the Ferrari Enzo successor, thus far called the F70, has been thoroughly shrouded until recently when the teaser images below leaked from a presentation.

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 |  Dec 10 2012, 7:15 PM

BMW’s new halo car, the i8, ran past our spy photographers today looking the closest to its auto show-going counterparts to date.

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 |  Dec 10 2012, 2:02 PM

Top 10 Most Important Cars You’ve Never Heard Of

Everyone’s heard of the Ford Model T and Toyota Prius. They’re two of the most significant – and best-known – vehicles produced by the automotive industry. Introduced at opposite ends of the last century they were each revolutionary in their own way, bringing about important changes that shaped the car business for years to come. But if you believe that’s the limit of automotive innovation think again.

There are literally dozens of other pioneering products that have changed the landscape of the car business – at least 10 of them in fact – some of which you’ve probably never even heard of. Take flight like an eagle and allow your friends at AutoGuide to introduce you to a goddess, and so much more.