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 |  Jul 22 2014, 8:24 AM


Volvo’s new XC90 will be able to park itself or help its driver maneuver into a tight space more easily.

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 |  Jan 15 2013, 2:38 PM

Acura’s NSX supercar is still two years from being production-ready, but the brand brought its concept car to Detroit again this year, only this time to show its interior.

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 |  Aug 13 2012, 2:32 PM

Full-sized luxury cars like the 2013 Lexus LS have interiors isolated from road noise, something the brand took a proactive approach toward by fighting road-noise at the source. Continue Reading…

 |  Aug 09 2012, 8:31 AM

 The new Lexus LS is the brand’s flagship, and is trying to stay true to the the original LS, which launched the brand with an obsessive commitment to quality. This latest video reveals the manufacturing process of the steering wheel, and shows the tradition is alive and well. Continue Reading…

 |  Jul 24 2012, 3:47 PM

Photos of the Porsche 918 Spyder have been hitting the media like a boxer on a speed pad recently, and thanks to the latest spy photos, the German Ferrari killer’s interior is now partially visible.

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 |  May 10 2012, 3:45 PM

Forgoing its sometimes confusing naming structure, BMW decided to move its coupes away from the 3 Series badge, referring to future versions as a 4 Series instead. 

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 |  Jan 13 2012, 8:30 PM


Be warned, this is the most dangerous Infiniti ever built and it has nothing to do with safety ratings or recall notices. No, the real danger here is that once inside, you may never want to leave.

In their second, and undeniably remarkable, redesign of the Infiniti EX37 interior, Bulgarian design studio Vilner has our attention. The rich brown leather and soft black suede are seductively luxurious, while conservatively placed metal pieces emphasize the sophisticated look. Various stitching patterns on the seats, dashboard and sun visors give the sort of hand-made feel you ache for with such craftsmanship.

Aside from the rich upholstery, the special EX37 gets a steering wheel dressed up in Nappa leather and chrome. The sound system gets enhancements and the cabin is further cushioned against outside noise than other editions.

GALLERY: Vilner Infiniti EX37


 |  Jul 29 2011, 2:48 PM

The all-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class is to debut at the Frankfurt auto show this September, and the German automaker has just released interior photos of what the luxury hatchback will look like.

The interior appears to be very simple and well laid out. The B-Class interior can be outfitted with high end materials including the ARTICO man made leather featured on the dashboard. The all-new B-Class crossover will also use a front-wheel drive design and will remain a multi-purpose vehicle, meaning a higher roof and more cargo space.

A full range of four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines will be available for the new model, including start-stop technology for improved fuel economy. Mercedes has also worked hard to preserve the interior space of the current car while retaining traditional characteristics of the German automaker. After its debut, the car will go on sale at the end of 2011, hitting European dealerships in November 2011. No official statements have been made regarding B-Class sales in North America.

Gallery: 2012 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Interior


 |  Jul 05 2011, 11:11 PM


It looks as if Vilner had a light bulb go off recently, discovering that there’s a market for custom luxury interiors for various vehicles. Recently they decked out a MINI Cooper with a Bentley-styled interior package, and now they’ve added their fine touch to Infiniti’s EX and FX models. For the EX, Vilner went with a yachting theme, while the FX features your standard interior upgrades to add more luxury to the SUV.

We’re not quite sure why Vilner chose the route of outfitting the EX to address yacht owners, but a theme is better than no theme. The steering wheel has received chromium plated elements while the majority of the interior has been outfitted with Amaretta material.

For the FX37, Vilner chose to give the vehicle a more complete appearance, redoing the ceiling, front panels and upper panels in Nappa leather while the plastic decorations on the seats have been replaced with Alcantara. To Vilner, they simply wanted to add more luxury to the FX37 while the EX37 clearly got much more changes.

GALLERY: Vilner Infiniti EX 37 and FX 37

1.jpg 10.jpg 11.jpg 12.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

 |  Apr 18 2011, 1:29 PM

If you’re buying a Jaguar XKR, you are probably the kind of customer who expects to be swaddled in leather, but an Italian special edition tore the leather out and replaced with with plaid Alcantara.

The example pictured above is finished in a pattern known as “Prince of Wales check” and is a bit more subdued than the hipster style Buffalo plaid we were expecting. The car in question is actually a super-rare XKR 75, which already came with an exclusive leather interior. Guess this new material makes the car even more rare – but maybe not any more tasteful.

[Source: Autoblog]

 |  Dec 14 2010, 2:49 PM

The outgoing Chrysler 300 was a great value thanks to a number of cost cutting initiatives, like sharing a platform with Mercedes-Benz’s old E-Class and using interior materials made out of melted down children’s toys. That might have been passable five years ago, but with even small cars boasting high quality interiors, the awful tortoise shell trim and cheesy analog clock isn’t going to cut it anymore.

With most of Chrysler’s new offerings getting substantially upgraded interiors, the 300 range wasn’t going to miss out, and the first officially released photo looks pretty good, echoing products like the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and the upcoming Dodge Charger and Dodge Durango. We’ll likely get our first look at the car during the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, and you can check back starting January 10th for live shots.

[Source: Automotive News]