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 |  May 02 2013, 2:32 PM


Land Rover has released an iPhone and iPad app for its all-new Range Rover that allows consumers to explore the new SUV through an eight-stage interactive journey from four synced camera angles.

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 |  Nov 14 2012, 3:31 PM

Subaru has released an iPad app for its 2013 XV Crosstrek model, which AutoGuide recently reviewed, trying to show off the all-new crossover in a fun and interactive way.

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 |  Aug 22 2012, 9:15 AM

The all-new 2013 Lexus ES receives impressive upgrades for the Japanese automaker’s most-popular sedan, and now the Lexus has accompanied it with an interactive Apple iPad app.

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 |  Feb 14 2012, 2:43 PM


Can you handle the curves of this track? Lexus created a track based on the curves of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Tori Praver – va, va, va, vroom!

Photographs were taken of Tori’s body, and using the photos as a guide, a track that was based on a one inch to one hundred foot scale ratio was created. The fun didn’t stop there – in fact, it was just getting started. It was time for the “Tori 500” – two drivers, two laps. And to the winner, the spoils – a victory lap with the inspiration for the track, Tori herself.

Professional race car driver Scott Pruett and professional stunt driver Greg Tracy took to the track in a Lexus GS F Sport. We’re not going to tell you the outcome – you can see for yourself in the making-of video after the jump.

Do you want to try your luck racing the “Tori 500” or take a custom photo of you and this hot model? Download the two new apps for iPhone and iPad from Lexus’s website.

GALLERY: Tori Praver and Lexus


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 |  Jan 30 2012, 8:30 AM

Buick has launched an app for iOS and Android smartphones to help raise MPG awareness. A trio of eAssist Fuel Efficiency smartphone games are packaged into a single app that’s now available to download for free and offers a fun way to hone your driving techniques in order to maximize fuel economy.

The three games are titled “Regeneration Road”, “Roll and Boost”, and “Wind Tunnel Tester.” Regeneration Road focuses on the regenerative braking featured found on Buick eAssist vehicles which helps capture and store energy when a vehicle is braking in order to recharge the lithium-ion battery. Players must make it through the town without running out of fuel while avoiding pedestrians along the way.

The second game, Roll and Boost, has a focus of distance and not speed with battery management being the main priority. By using the energy stored from braking strategically, an emissions-free boost of acceleration can be had and using that energy at optimal times is key to Roll and Boost.

Lastly, Wind Tunnel Tester allows players to put on their automotive engineering hat. Sit there and tweak the vehicle’s length and width on the screen, understanding how the sleek and modern shapes of Buick vehicles help maximize aerodynamics and ultimately fuel efficiency.

eAssist can be found on the Buick LaCrosse and Regal models and aids the performance of a fuel-efficient 2.4L gas engine to achieve 36-mpg. eAssist also allows the gas engine to turn off completely while the car is sitting idle.

“The driving force behind eAssist’s development was to make great vehicles like the LaCrosse and Regal even better,” said Dan Cottrell, General Motors assistant chief engineer for the eAssist powertrain. “With eAssist we can improve both vehicle performance as well as fuel economy.”

 |  Jan 18 2012, 9:00 PM


With the Volkswagen Golf R hitting US dealerships this month, the German automaker has decided to release the “Golf R Drivers Forever” app to bring Golf R information to the masses.

The iPad app will provide access to everything anyone would ever want to know about the iconic performance model and features stories told through the perspective of VW enthusiasts and drivers that helped bring the coveted variant to America. It’ll include a mini-documentary about the world of Volkswagen, an exclusive interview with designer Chip Foose and accounts from key members of the Volkswagen of America Product Marketing team.

“The Golf R app was created to celebrate and thank the Volkswagen brand’s community of enthusiasts because they represent what makes the Golf R special,” said Jon Browning, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “The app will help build awareness around the Volkswagen brand heritage and we are excited to offer this innovative approach that illustrates the performance of the Golf R.”

The 2012 Golf R is the most powerful Volkswagen sports performance vehicle ever sold on American soil. It packs 256-hp and 243 lb-ft of torque through a 2.0L TSI engine. The app is free to download.

Check out a video after the break highlighting what the app is all about.

GALLERY: Volkswagen Golf R Drivers Forever App


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 |  Jan 03 2012, 7:00 PM

There are some great auto magazines available for your Apple iPad, but they can be a little pricey. You’ll be glad to hear about Porsche‘s new magazine called Christophorus, and this iPad app is totally free to download.

And just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean that Porsche scrimped when it comes to what’s in this magazine. You’ll be pleased with the amount of interactive content, impressive photos, cool animation and informative stories. There are also exclusive interviews and technical features from the world of Porsche.

If you’ve got an iPad, download the Porsche Christophorus magazine app for free.

[Source: Top Speed]

 |  Oct 20 2011, 12:45 PM

Nissan is coming to your iPad with its new Nissan Global app. Available for free download now, the Nissan Global app puts a wealth of news and information right at your fingertips. You’ll get the latest on Nissan from around the world, as well as the company’s history and info about its advanced technologies.

In the Latest News section, you’ll find out what’s going on from the Nissan Global Site, other Nissan sites around the world, and from social media channels that use videos and text. This information is streamed to you on one screen for convenient access.

To get info that’s being released by Nissan from any country around the world, just go to the Map section. Just touch the country on the map and all the information you need from that region will pop up.

To find out what other Nissan customers are talking about, use the Explorer function. Select topics that interest you and they will automatically be displayed one after the other, making it quick and easy to get the information you need.

You can download the Nissan Global app for free at the iTunes Store. And Nissan is working on getting this app ready for iPhone use as well.

 |  Oct 04 2011, 5:15 PM

It’s not too early to start thinking about Christmas shopping – it is October, after all. And getting a head start on the must-have list for toys this holiday season are Disney-Pixar Cars 2 AppMATes, a line of toys that digitally come to life when used with an iPad.

The brainchild of Disney and Spin Master, AppMATes feature your favorite Disney-Pixar Cars 2 characters. Available in packs of two, these toy cars come equipped with sensors on its base that identifies them to the iPad. To start these toy’s engines, just download the free app and put the cars on the iPad screen. You child is taken to Radiator Springs, where they can explore, race, and perform secret missions as they move their car around.

A pack of two Disney-Pixar Cars 2 AppMATes costs $19.99 and will be on store shelves starting in October (you’ll find them at Apple stores and other major retailers). The toys themselves may be inexpensive, but you’ll have to shell out cash for the iPad. To see how AppMATes works, watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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 |  Sep 06 2011, 4:15 PM

You can never have enough racing games on your iPhone or iPad, so it’s a good thing the new Mercedes-AMG 0-100-0 Challenge is ready to be downloaded. This app puts you behind the wheel of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster, so you can tear up the track and test your mad racing skills.

Available for free on iTunes, the Mercedes-AMG 0-100-0 Challenge game puts you on a closed course and challenges you to go from stop to 100 mph and stop again in the shortest time possible. This game is more than just speed – it’s about control and reaction time. How long will it take you to clamp down on those six piston caliper brakes to bring your Mercedes-AMG to a complete stop?  Your acceleration and deceleration times will be combined with your reaction times to give you a total score and determine your position on the leaderboard. After a few test runs, you can brag to all your friends via Facebook or Twitter by posting your times and see if any of them can beat it.

You can download the Mercedes-AMG 0-100-0 Challenge for free at the iTunes store.

 |  Aug 17 2011, 5:45 PM

If you loved playing Continental Tire’s ContiTireRace, you’ll want to check out the sequel, ContiTireRace2. Available to play on Facebook or as an app for iPhone and iPad, ContiTireRace2 lets you tear up two new tracks – the Norway and Sunshine State.

The object of the game is to complete the track as quickly as possible, all while collecting “Speed-ups,” a feature that you can collect along the track that will briefly speed up your tires. As you’re racing your ContiSportContact 5 (a high-performance summer tire), you need to complete two laps while avoiding obstacles. To make your way up the leader board, your must take the ideal racing line through the bends wherever you can.

Along with the new game comes a new contest. The ContiTireRace Summer Edition Sweepstakes is on now through September 30, 2011, and two lucky participants will win a set of four brand-new tires from Continental. There’s also a second prize of a 250GB Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Microsoft Game System. You can register to win by clicking on the “Sweeps” button on the ContiTireRace menu – just enter your first name, last name and email address, and agree to the official rules.

To play the game or enter the contest, visit Continental Tire’s Facebook page or official site, or search for “Continental Tire” in the iTunes App Store.

 |  Jul 22 2011, 7:00 PM

Everything is coming cartoon with ToyToyota’s Backseat Driver app, made just for kids. Designed to make any road trip go smoothly, Backseat Driver will keep kids occupied and let you keep your sanity.

A new brand from Toyota, ToyToyota’s first offering uses a GPS and accelerometer to match  the game play to what’s going on while you’re driving. Basically, your child is following your vehicle (called the Papa Car) in their own car. The idea is to pick up stuff along the way by driving over them. Let’s just say you pass a restaurant – your child is able to pull over in their virtual car, grab something to eat and get some points.

There’s a social aspect to the game as well – players can post their high scores on Twitter, and can compete with others via the game’s online ranking system. And as you collection more points, you’re able to use them towards pimping out your vitual ride.

If you’ve got an iPhone (3GS and 4), iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation models), or iPad, you can download Backseat Driver for free at the iTunes store. If you want to see it in action before downloading, you can watch the video after the jump.

[Source: All Car Tech]

 |  Jul 12 2011, 11:46 AM

The constant bathroom, stops, the sibling fighting, the obligatory wailing of “Are we there yet.” It makes you just want to forgo the summer road trip and stay home. But Road Trip Bingo App may have you packing up the family to head across the country.

If you’ve got an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, the Road Trip Bingo app may keep you sane this summer. Think of a regular bingo board, but instead of letters and numbers, it features travel icon. And just like regular bingo, the name of the game is to mark off squares until you get five in a row – up, down, across or diagonally.

Road Trip Bingo’s squares feature things you’d typically see on a road trip, so when you see one of the items, you just touch the screen (it marks it off with a purple dot). Just a few of the things to keep an eye out for include cows, trucks, various street signs and bicycles.

If two people are playing, the iPad screen is split into two boards, so you play simultaneously. When you’ve finally reached bingo, the app selects the winner and shuffles though the icons to give you a new board.

The Road Trip Bingo app costs 99 cents in the iTunes App Store (a small price to pay for your sanity, right?).

[Source: Consumer Reports]

 |  Jun 01 2011, 4:05 PM

Does the thought of going into a dealership to negotiate the price of a car send you into a panic? Be prepared with a new a smartphone app that helps you wrap your head around the numbers.

The latest in a growing list of car-buying apps, the Car Negotiator for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad throws its hat into this ring. This handy app offers you the information you need when purchasing a vehicle without overwhelming users with too many fancy-schmancy add-ons.

It comes with a three-tab layout and intuitive user interface that makes it fairly simple to use. The three tabs – Calculator, My Cars and Game Plan – are found along the bottom of the screen.

The Calculator tab helps you figure out what you’re going to be paying, and this includes the sales tax for each state, destination charges and document and registration fees. There’s also an information button to help you out with the stuff you may not understand.

The Game Plan tab features a seven-step plan for purchasing a car. Just tap on a step and it gives you advice, goals and tips.

The My Cars tab keeps track of the vehicles you’re researching. There’s also an email icon so you can send the info to yourself or someone else if you think they would be interesting in it.

A great tool for car shoppers, the Car Negotiator app costs $1.99 and is available for download at the iTunes app store.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

 |  May 25 2011, 3:30 PM

Hey buddy, going my way? Forget sticking out your thumb to hitch a ride. It’s 2011 and that’s not how we doing things in this social media and phone app world anymore. Give your thumb a rest a download Avego Driver, the first on-demand real-time ride-sharing application for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

So how does this handy app work? After you download the app, you have to input your phone number and credit card. This is for two reasons: 1.) so Avego can verify you’re a real person; 2)  so the driver gets some compensation for gas (and of course, a little something for Avego for setting up the whole deal).  Once a driver uploads their route on Avego, you can request a ride if they are going your way, and the driver is notified of your interest.

There’s no need to pull out a calculator, as Avego Driver figures out how much you should be paying the driver. Once both driver and passenger agree on a price, the passenger is directed to an agreed upon pick-up location. They are also given a unique PIN number in order to verify identity. And just so passengers aren’t stuck on the corner wondering where their ride is, Avego Driver provides real-time info to determine arrival times.

Once the passenger is dropped off at their location, drivers and riders can rate each other. You can vote from one to five. This rating system allows you to pick exactly who you want to be matched up with (for example, women can ride with just women.)

Don’t get too excited – the app isn’t available for download just yet. The developers are testing it out in Seattle right now, so once we get word that it’s good to go, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

 |  May 11 2011, 3:17 PM

There’s nothing the iPad can’t do. In fact, it’s so ambitious, it’s even selling Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Starting this month, if you go into a Mercedes-Benz dealership, you’ll be greeted by a salesperson armed with an Apple iPad. And on that iPad, they will be giving you a virtual tour, showing you vehicle customization options and giving you a demo of the vehicle’s latest features, all thanks to the CLS-Class iPad app.

The CLS-Class iPad app was developed by All Things Media for Mercedes-Benz USA, and it’s a sneak peek as to what to expect in the future in the way of sales materials. The app gives dealers a media-rich, eco-friendly approach that they can share with their customers. And the best part about the app is that salespeople can customize the sales experience to meet what their customers are looking for.

But the CLS-Class iPad app works for more than just salespeople – customers can use it as well. The smart, user-friendly experience is made possible by logical placement and smart navigation, and it’s easy for customers to take a virtual tour of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. There’s also an “Explore” section where you can customize your new 2012 CLS-Class, as well as a range of videos that take you through technical innovations of Mercedes-Benz.

 |  May 10 2011, 12:12 PM

It’s spring, and it’s time to do a little spring cleaning to your garage. You need to get rid of your old ride to make room for new toys. But you don’t want the hassle of putting up a listing, fielding calls all day from people who are looking for that type of vehicle, just in another color, and waiting around all day for interested buyers who never show. What are you going to do? For starters, you can download the new Copart app.

An online auction company, Copart sells over 1 million cars each year, and they are making it super easy to sell your vehicle with the Copart Sell My Car app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This free app lets you fill in contact and vehicle information details and upload photos. Once all those details are taken care of, a Copart rep will send you follow-up questions or even offer to purchase the vehicle right then and there.

Once all the details of the sale are finalized, you just drop off your car at one of the 100-plus Copart locations nationwide. This whole transaction can take place in just one day and you get your money instantly. For added convenience, they will even arrange to pick up your car from your house.

If you drive a hard bargain, sell your through the company’s Copart Direct division. This online auction can be accessed by a worldwide base of registered buyers, and it usually takes about a week to get offer on your vehicle.

[Source: Insideline]

 |  Mar 22 2011, 4:16 PM


iSupercar Sounds has developed an app for various Apple iOS products featuring sound clips and high resolution wallpapers for various luxury and exotic cars out there. From Ferrari to Lexus, iSupercar Sounds has you covered if listening to supercars is your source of pleasure. Hey, we’re not judging.

Currently there’s a free version of the app up on the store, featuring 30 minutes of ad-supported sound clips. Those that have $0.99 to spend can grab the full version which comes with 30 additional sounds. iSupercar Sounds is also promising weekly updates with additional cars. Not too shabby for under a buck, save yourself a trip to McDonald’s and you can stop using that juvenile fart app. OK who are we kidding, fart sounds are still hilarious.

[Source: DUB Daily]

GALLERY: iSupercar Sounds App


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 |  Mar 04 2011, 6:37 PM

Not to be left behind, Yokohama Tire is jumping on the iPad app craze in a big way. They launched their new free iPad app at the recent LA Auto Show and now it is available to download now on iTunes.

“iPad apps are a new and unique way for consumers to get information,” said Alan Holtschneider, Yokohama manager, advertising, promotions and events. “Yokohama’s app takes advantage of the iPad’s touch gesture technology and provides consumers an interactive, graphically-appealing way to learn about our tires.”

The beauty of this app is that it offers users of the app videos and information behind the technology behind Yokohama’s tires. You can explore sections such as ADVAN, GEOLANDAR, AVID ENVigor, and dB Super E-spec to learn all about the cool innovations these tires feature.

“There’s information on tire compounds, tread design and construction, along with a ‘Tireology’ section and fun facts about tires. We hope consumers will find the Yokohama app an engaging tool, especially as they begin to consider replacement tires for their vehicle,” said Holtschneider.

 |  Jan 04 2011, 1:11 PM

You can help write the story of the world as you see it using the brand-new Smart iPad app. Now available for download at the iTunes store, this Smart iPad app, called “Ideas in Motion,” offers an interactive history of great visions and visionaries, and it allows you to add your own contributions so you can help write the story with Smart. Then, you story will be added to this eBook so other iPad users can read what you think.

There are 17 topics that you can read and write about that focus on visionary people and revolutionary events. These include society, politics, philosophy, science, lifestyle, communication, film, fashion, architecture, environment and mobility. You can add your two cents on what you think about ideas and thoughts that move you and share them with others around the world.  The end result will be an eBook that reflects the ideas that move people today.

“We want to use the new smart iPad app to create a platform where people can examine the world in a creative way, write down their views and share and discuss them with others. This will create a unique kaleidoscope which reflects the diversity of people and their ideas,” says Dr. Annette Winkler, head of Smart.

The Smart eBook is updated with new contributions every two months, and the free “Ideas in Motion” iPad app is now available at

 |  Oct 30 2010, 2:08 PM

Following the news of Google’s self-driving car, there’s news that the German’s have been working on a pretty cool idea – an autonomous car controlled by an iPad.

This latest addition to the market, brought to you by the AutoNOMOS Labs project at Germany’s Freire University, combines a modified Volkswagen Passat that is equipped with sensors, GPS, radar and scanners, along with an iPad app that relays coordinates and other user information to the car. The test vehicle in question is a taxi – no word on why this type of technology is being used on a taxi service, but it is an interesting concept.

Watch the video after the jump.

[Source: Mashable]

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 |  Oct 13 2010, 7:43 PM

Apple’s iPad has certainly become a huge success and now every company in the world has jumped on the bandwagon to reach out to as many potential consumers as possible. Bentley is one of those companies, releasing an iPad app for their new 2011 Bentley Continental GT.

The app features plenty of high-res photos of the 2011 Bentley Continental GT, with the ability to zoom in and out in order to admire the new Continental GT’s body lines. And of course, all the images are easily sharable through the iPad with a simple push of your finger.

Even though the app centers around the new Continental GT, users can also check out the new flagship Mulsanne and learn a little bit more on the history of Bentley. Tons of multimedia has been packed in a quick and easily downloadable app – get to it, we know you have a few minutes to kill.

GALLERY: Bentley Continental GT iPad App

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Sep 17 2010, 10:57 AM

Ford has launched an iPad app focused (no pun intended) on the 2011 Fiesta subcompact. The app is intended to act as a brochure for the car, as a way of taking advantage of the multimedia features of Apple’s tablet computer.

With manufacturers increasingly going to electronic brochures, the iPad app is a novel way to promote your new vehicle – although we will always love the tactile elements of a paper brochure, and would be a little upset if they went the way of the dodo. But for Fiesta buyers, most of whom have lived their entire lives with digital devices, the iPad app is likely going to appeal to their target demographic.

Hit the jump to read the official press release

[Source: Ford]

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