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 |  Jul 22 2011, 7:00 PM

Everything is coming cartoon with ToyToyota’s Backseat Driver app, made just for kids. Designed to make any road trip go smoothly, Backseat Driver will keep kids occupied and let you keep your sanity.

A new brand from Toyota, ToyToyota’s first offering uses a GPS and accelerometer to match  the game play to what’s going on while you’re driving. Basically, your child is following your vehicle (called the Papa Car) in their own car. The idea is to pick up stuff along the way by driving over them. Let’s just say you pass a restaurant – your child is able to pull over in their virtual car, grab something to eat and get some points.

There’s a social aspect to the game as well – players can post their high scores on Twitter, and can compete with others via the game’s online ranking system. And as you collection more points, you’re able to use them towards pimping out your vitual ride.

If you’ve got an iPhone (3GS and 4), iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation models), or iPad, you can download Backseat Driver for free at the iTunes store. If you want to see it in action before downloading, you can watch the video after the jump.

[Source: All Car Tech]

 |  Jul 12 2011, 11:46 AM

The constant bathroom, stops, the sibling fighting, the obligatory wailing of “Are we there yet.” It makes you just want to forgo the summer road trip and stay home. But Road Trip Bingo App may have you packing up the family to head across the country.

If you’ve got an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, the Road Trip Bingo app may keep you sane this summer. Think of a regular bingo board, but instead of letters and numbers, it features travel icon. And just like regular bingo, the name of the game is to mark off squares until you get five in a row – up, down, across or diagonally.

Road Trip Bingo’s squares feature things you’d typically see on a road trip, so when you see one of the items, you just touch the screen (it marks it off with a purple dot). Just a few of the things to keep an eye out for include cows, trucks, various street signs and bicycles.

If two people are playing, the iPad screen is split into two boards, so you play simultaneously. When you’ve finally reached bingo, the app selects the winner and shuffles though the icons to give you a new board.

The Road Trip Bingo app costs 99 cents in the iTunes App Store (a small price to pay for your sanity, right?).

[Source: Consumer Reports]

 |  May 10 2011, 12:12 PM

It’s spring, and it’s time to do a little spring cleaning to your garage. You need to get rid of your old ride to make room for new toys. But you don’t want the hassle of putting up a listing, fielding calls all day from people who are looking for that type of vehicle, just in another color, and waiting around all day for interested buyers who never show. What are you going to do? For starters, you can download the new Copart app.

An online auction company, Copart sells over 1 million cars each year, and they are making it super easy to sell your vehicle with the Copart Sell My Car app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This free app lets you fill in contact and vehicle information details and upload photos. Once all those details are taken care of, a Copart rep will send you follow-up questions or even offer to purchase the vehicle right then and there.

Once all the details of the sale are finalized, you just drop off your car at one of the 100-plus Copart locations nationwide. This whole transaction can take place in just one day and you get your money instantly. For added convenience, they will even arrange to pick up your car from your house.

If you drive a hard bargain, sell your through the company’s Copart Direct division. This online auction can be accessed by a worldwide base of registered buyers, and it usually takes about a week to get offer on your vehicle.

[Source: Insideline]

 |  Mar 22 2011, 4:16 PM


iSupercar Sounds has developed an app for various Apple iOS products featuring sound clips and high resolution wallpapers for various luxury and exotic cars out there. From Ferrari to Lexus, iSupercar Sounds has you covered if listening to supercars is your source of pleasure. Hey, we’re not judging.

Currently there’s a free version of the app up on the store, featuring 30 minutes of ad-supported sound clips. Those that have $0.99 to spend can grab the full version which comes with 30 additional sounds. iSupercar Sounds is also promising weekly updates with additional cars. Not too shabby for under a buck, save yourself a trip to McDonald’s and you can stop using that juvenile fart app. OK who are we kidding, fart sounds are still hilarious.

[Source: DUB Daily]

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