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 |  Aug 31 2011, 12:00 PM

Sand. It can be tricky. Besides often being found in parts of the world where daytime temperatures can be searing hot, it also presents a few other challenges when it comes to four-wheeling.

Luckily the folks at Jeep have come up with a few tips, essentially Sand Driving 101, to help ensure you can have a blast on the soft stuff without getting stuck.

One of the biggest things concerns tires; the softer the sand, the larger the tire needed and the lower the pressure. Jeep’s own blog suggests deflating your tires to around 10-15 psi for negotiating the really soft stuff, though at the same time the blog does say to follow manufacturer recommendations. Of course once you’re done boonie bashing through the dunes, make sure you inflate your tires back to normal pressures for road duty.

Another tip when driving on sand is to place a flag on your vehicle’s antenna or whip mast, that way, others can see you as you negotiate dips and hills.

Another tip is technique. On softer sand you’ll want to engage high range four-wheel drive as maintaining momentum is crucial; sometimes turning your steering wheel to the left or right quickly can also aide traction. One thing you should not do is try to come to a stop or spin your tires while stationary. You’ll sink faster than a torpedoed ship.

If you do end up getting stuck, Jeep’s own blog says that one way to try and get out is by wetting the sand and placing your floormats in front of the tires to help them bite. And finally, though it’s really a bit of common sense this one; if you plan on driving on sand, make sure that it’s legal to drive in the area you’re thinking about.  To find out what locations are legal in the US, click on the link below:


 |  Jan 31 2011, 10:45 PM

It’s a big state and for off-road fans, boasts plenty of trails, from those that pass through giant Redwood Forests to traversing peaks on the edge of the Mojave Desert.

With so much available it can often be difficult to decide what to do. Jeep‘s Official Blog has provided a little background on some of the most popular and memorable trails in the Golden State. Here’s a sampling:

Shasta-Trinity Forest (Northern California): Although the Rubicon Trail tends to get all the glory in this part of the world, Shasta-Trinity is considered a hidden gem. There’s miles of back roads to explore in this densely wooded area and the nearby Chappie-Shasta Off-Highway Vehicle Area boasts some 52,000 acres and 200 miles of trails with which to negotiate with your Jeep. It’s also a popular spot for hiking, mountain biking and boating.

Death Valley National Park (Central California): While you would probably want to avoid this spot in the heat of summer, during the cooler months it offers some spectacular vistas as well as some challenging trail driving. There are over 1,000 miles of trails in DVNP, though one of the most recommended is the Lippincott Mine Road which climbs almost 1500 feet over the course of six miles, ending at the site of an abandoned mine. Another is the Mahogany Flats/Charcoal Kilns Road, which gives you the opportunity to view both the highest and lowest points of elevation in the US at the same time.

Joshua Tree National Park (Southern California): Made famous by U2′s 1987 album, the Joshua Tree offers plenty of opportunties to drive through canyons and picturesque desert scenery. Pinkham Canyon- Thermal Canyon Road is a 20 mile loop that ends up with some great views of Monument Mountain, with a side road en route that takes you through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire park.

For more info on these and other California trails, click on the link below:

[Source: Official Jeep Blog]

 |  Dec 03 2010, 2:37 PM

If you’ve just got to know everything about Jeep as it happens, you’re in luck! The first official blog of the Jeep brand launched Monday, November 29. Not only that, if you’re one of the first 25 to comment on the Jeep blog post entitled “Celebrating the Launch of the Jeep blog,”  you’ll receive two movie ticket vouchers to attend a film of your choice.

Venturing deeper  into the digital world, the new Jeep blog gives the company a great opportunity to connect the brand with its adventure seeking audience. With a purpose of sharing the culture and history of Jeep, the blog aims to give a new voice to fans and industry experts seeking more information about the brand. You can expect to be treated to exclusive content from designers, engineers and other key influencers that can’t be found anywhere else. The blog will showcase the latest news, consumer experiences, and will give consumer a place to voices ideas and opinions to Jeep.

Also on the blog, you’ll find instant links to Jeep’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Visistors can watch latest videos from Jeep’s YouTube page, check out the newest photos posted to Jeep’s Flickr gallery, read the latest tweets and even see Facebook updates – all without ever leaving the Jeep blog.

You can visit the Jeep blog at