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 |  Jul 12 2011, 9:00 AM


Want to own a piece of Porsche history? Now you can. The record setting Porsche GT2 RS that was piloted by Jeff Zwart at Pikes Peak is currently for sale at Champion Motorsport in sunny South Florida. Champion’s Porsche dealership, the largest Porsche dealership year after year, currently has the GT2 RS sitting in their showroom looking for a new owner.

Earlier this week, Porsche released a video of Zwart’s record setting run up Pikes Peak after driving 1,132 miles from California. The GT2 RS mostly has interior modifications, being a race car and all, and currently sports only a driver’s seat, OMP steering wheel and safety cage. Hopefully whoever purchases it will preserve it as a race car rather than letting it sit in the garage as some sort of collectible.

GALLERY: Pikes Peak Porsche GT2 RS

jeff_zwart_porsche_911_gt2_for_sale_1.jpg jeff_zwart_porsche_911_gt2_for_sale_2.jpg jeff_zwart_porsche_911_gt2_for_sale_3.jpg

[Source: 9 Magazine]

And in case you missed it, watch the video of the Pikes Peak run after the jump:

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 |  Jul 11 2011, 11:00 AM


For Pikes Peak this year, Porsche looked to reset the record books by throwing seven-time Pikes Peak Champion Jeff Zwart behind the wheel of the 911 GT2 RS. But to make it even more exciting, they had Zwart pick up the car from Porsche Motorsport in Santa Ana, CA and drive it 1,132 miles to the start line of America’s second oldest race in anticipation of setting new records.

While the achievement of besting his 2010 record setting run by 10 seconds and setting the fastest street-legal car ever at Pikes Peak is amazing enough, the video that Porsche produced of the journey is simply one-of-a-kind. From the adventure of getting to Pikes Peak to the actual car footage of it setting the record is simply incredible. Porsche did a fantastic job of capturing the elegance and beauty of Pikes Peak, while showing the exhilaration and danger of racing up the famed mountain.

Check out the video after the jump:

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 |  Jun 27 2011, 5:31 PM

While Nobuhiro Tajima’s record-breaking run at Pikes Peak has been capturing all the attention after finally breaking the sub-1o minute mark for the first time ever, but another record was set at the famed Colorado mountain this weekend in something much more accessible to mere mortals.

Legendary Porsche shoe Jeff Zwart took a 911 GT2 RS up the mountain in 11:07.869, setting a new record for street legal cars. Zwart’s time was 6 seconds behind Rod Millen’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe race car, which took the overall win in 2WD Time Attack. Zwart noted that “we fell three seconds short of beating an all-out race car that is hundreds of pounds lighter with no street safety or emission equipment,” and felt confident that the record would stand for years to come.

[Source: Motor Trend]

 |  Aug 27 2010, 3:00 PM

2009 cadillac cts v 56

Cadillac‘s record-setting 7:59 lap of the Nurburgring was set 2 years ago, but that’s not stopping Cadillac from belatedly celebrating by filming a commercial that gives viewers a taste of what it’s like to lap the ‘Ring at a fast pace.

The ad is being filmed at the ‘Ring with a bevy of pro, drivers, camera cars and fastidious auto detailers. The creative genius behind the ad is none other than Jeff Zwart, film director by day, Pikes Peak racer by night. Zwart recently won his class at Pikes Peak, and if anyone can fuse visual arts with driving, he should be it.

The ad isn’t out yet, but Cadillac’s got a behind the scenes video on the web. Check it out after the jump.

[Source: Cadillac]

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 |  Jul 29 2010, 3:50 PM

Porsche aficionado Jeff Zwart has done much to publicize his efforts at Pikes Peak with his 911 GT3, but really, what more do you need than a professional quality video to tell you what Zwart and the 911 are all about?

Hustling the 911 up Pikes Peak’s 12.42 mile hill took Zwart 11:31.095 with an average speed of over 65 mph. Those numbers may not mean much to you now, but once you see the video, you’ll understand.

[Source: Will Roegge]

 |  Jun 29 2010, 1:04 PM

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb veteran Jeff Zwart put on an awesome display of RWD car control on his record-breaking assent of Pikes Peak this weekend, taking his Luminox Watch Porsche GT3 Cup car up the 14,115 ft mountain in a Time Attack RWD class record time of 11-minutes and 31.1-seconds.

Zwart’s time up the mountain shattered the RWD Time Attack 12-minute 2-second record time set last year by Rhys Millen in his FormulaD Hyundai Genesis. Zwart’s pace up the mountain in his Porsche was also 1-minute 50-seconds quicker than his nearest competitor this year, making his performance all the more impressive.

For proof of this record-breaking trip up Pikes Peak, check out the video after the jump.

[Source: Porsche]

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