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 |  Jan 14 2014, 3:02 PM

lamborghini Aventador J

Far more than just special edition models, Lamborghini has made headlines over the past few years by launching extremely limited edition versions of wild supercars. Like the Veneno and Sesto Elemento, there will be more hypercars to come confirms company R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani.

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 |  Apr 25 2012, 12:45 PM

Staggeringly expensive, one of only 20 Lamborghini Reventóns will be auctioned this summer in the U.K. with an expected selling price of at least €1 million.

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 |  Aug 05 2011, 12:00 PM

6 Supercars 9 Million.jpg

Ever dreamed of owning your own exotic car collection? Well, if you recently won a hefty lottery jackpot then Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale has you covered. The allocator of fine machines has assembled six of the most exotic vehicles ever made and is offering them for a lump-sum purchase of $9 million.

So what will $9 million buy you? The list is impressive, ranging from the obligatory Veyron, to the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. The Veyron is just one of 71 models built in 2008, capable of hitting 60 mph in 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 253 mph. And if you’re in to top-speed machines, one can’t overlook the Koenigsegg CCR with its twin-supercharged V8 making 806-hp. One of only 34 ever built it has just 277 miles on it.

No supercar garage would be complete without a Ferrari – an Enzo no less. This collection includes two of the prized stallions, one more exotic than the other. The first is a 2003 Enzo and is “Ferrari Classiche certified” with just 3,413 mile on the odometer. The second is not just an FXX (of which only 35 were ever made), but an FXX Evolution, meaning it is just one of 17 and makes an astonishing 850-hp.

Rounding out the list is a one-of-20 Lamborghini Reventon. In many ways a functioning design concept for the brand, this car has just 68 miles on it. And to prove you’re a car snob with taste, there’s that Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Super Sport, a road legal version of the GT1 race car, powered by a 720-hp 7.3-liter V12. It is number 17 or 25.

In total, the collection lays down 4,500 horsepower.

At $9 million for the collection of six, pricing for each model has not been given, but they are listed individually, in case yesterday’s stock tumble means you’re a little strapped for cash.

GALLERY: 6 Supercars for $9 Million

Bugatti Veyron Ferrari FXX.jpgKoenigsegg CCX Mercedes CLK GTR.jpgLamborghini Reventon Ferrari Enzo.jpg

 |  Jun 18 2011, 8:30 AM


We’d love to be the jerks and crack a joke that the Nissan Cefiro turned Lamborghini Reventon out in China has been thrown into the impound yard for being such a disgrace but we won’t kick a man while he’s down.

We first caught word of this odd project back in May, and while it looks like it’s received some more upgrades (namely an actual paint job) it looks like the poor thing has been confiscated by the local police. Why? Easy enough: It’s been driving around without license plates and… it doesn’t look like a Nissan Cefiro. Duh!

The passionate owner currently faces a $77 dollar fine for driving with no plates, but it hasn’t been determined what the additional fines yet are for driving a car that doesn’t look like the car it’s supposed to be. How the Chinese officials decide this will be interesting though, as customizing cars is clearly catching on and despite being illegal, many are already embracing it and finding ways around the regulations. But for now, it looks like this imitation Reventon won’t go away quietly into the night.

[Source: Jalopnik]

 |  Oct 26 2010, 9:29 PM


Oh my lord. There are many things on the Internet that can leave one speechless, but this thing might just top them all.

This 1994 Chevy Camaro sports 143,204 miles on the body but sports a transplanted LT-1 motor with only 36,000 miles or so. But the outside is the real reason for our disgust. The current eBay auction (yes, this bad boy is up for sale) states that it was built to “resemble million dollar exotic supercars, without the costs, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.” Oh and that it’ll “peal and smoke the tires from a stand still.”

And as offensive as the bodywork is, the builder even utilized 4-inch wheel spacers to accommodate the widebody conversion.

We’re sure it took a lot of effort and the bodywork really does resemble a Lamborghini, but if you’re any sort of car enthusiast and part of you isn’t disgusted by the idea of the creation, we have to question your passion for all things automobile.

GALLERY: Camaro Converted Lamborghini Reventon

camaro_lambo_1.jpg camaro_lambo_10.jpg camaro_lambo_12.jpg camaro_lambo_14.jpg camaro_lambo_3.jpg camaro_lambo_5.jpg

[Source: eBay via Cardomain Blog]

 |  Aug 24 2010, 2:21 AM


Couldn’t get your hands on one of the 20 Lamborghini Reventóns in the world? Or just couldn’t afford the steep $1.25 million dollar price tag? Well have no fear, you can get your hands on a Lamborghini Reventón in remote controlled form thanks to De Agostini.

The 1:10 scale RC car is powered by a two-stroke 3cc gas engine with a two-speed transmission and all-wheel drive. To give the RC car the proper performance worthy of the Lamborghini tag, independent suspension, hydraulic shocks and disc brakes are also included.

The model is amazingly close to the real life vehicle with plenty of attention to detail. No pricing has been released, but production will be limited to 65 – roughly three times more than the real deal. We’re going to guess its limited production will make it worth a pretty penny.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Reventón RC Car

lambo_2.jpg lambo_3.jpg

[Source: WorldCarFans]