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 |  Apr 29 2012, 3:02 PM

The Lancia Stratos isn’t just one of the world’s rarest cars, but one with an iconic cult following like no other. In total, 492 Stratos are believed to have been built, with the majority of them being competition or Rally race cars.

The Stradale variant of the Stratos was built for the street, a requirement Lancia had to do for rally homologation. Lancia reported that 200 street cars were built in a 12 month period but it’s widely believed that no more than 140 actually made it off the factory assembly line for public consumption.

Regardless on how many are actually on the street today, the Stratos is undoubtedly rare and now one is heading to RM Auctions with an estimated price of $330,000 to $400,000. Powered by a 2.4-liter Ferrari V6 engine, the Stratos Stradale has 190-hp mated to a five-speed manual transmission. The rally-inspired street variant features Carrozzeria Bertone’s futuristic styling by Marcello Gandini, sporting dramatic and sharp body lines.

This particular example that is heading to RM Auctions was originally sold in 1976 to a gentleman in Austria before it was sold to its second owner in 1999. It has around 26,700 miles on the odometer, and was recently restored. Here’s your chance to get your hands on one of the most important sports cars of the 1970s.

GALLERY: 1976 Lancia Stratos Stradale


 |  Jun 23 2011, 4:49 PM

We should be thankful that millionaire Michael Stroschek hasn’t sealed away his priceless Lancia Stratos recreation; instead, he races it regularly, as seen here in this video.

In a rousing example of bringing public art to the masses, Stroschek races his Stratos at 2011′s Sachsen Rallye with co-driver Dieter Hawranke, in front of a camera-toting crowd on closed-down city streets. After the race, Stroschek went back to his underground cave to resume his lifelong goal of defeating the Joker.

Click the video to experience the wailing Stratos in all of its glory. Continue Reading…

 |  Feb 14 2011, 4:16 PM

The original Lancia Stratos was a very successful rally car, but the car’s continued popularity undoubtedly stems from its stunning body and its Ferrari engine.

Fast forward nearly 40 years since the first Stratos was produced, and a new Stratos has come among us. This one too has a Ferrari engine and even the underpinnings of the Ferrari F430 as its basis.

While the original was designed by the design house of Bertone, the new Stratos is penned by Pininfarina.

Interestingly, the new Stratos has no direct Lancia link. The prototype was commissioned by Michael Stoschek, a German businessman who loved the Stratos and wanted a modern interpretation of it.

While the new Stratos was supposed to have been a one-off, it now seems  that 40 people have come forward who want one of their own. According to reports, this 540-hp supercar will cost around $545,000 (or just over $10,000 per horsepower). For that price, the donor F430 is included.

So if you’ve got the means and the desire to own a modern day Stratos, join the queue.

(Source: Carscoop)

 |  Dec 14 2010, 5:27 PM

We at Autoguide have a theory that the best race car liveries are all for products that aren’t so great; cigarettes, vermouth, oil companies and cramped airlines with good food – such as the New Stratos, decked out in Alitalia livery.

The original Stratos, known for its rally prowess, proudly wore the Alitalia livery during its competition heyday, competing in such storied races as the Monte Carlo rally. The chances of seeing one of these mega-buck limited editions tearing up a WRC course is almost certainly zero, but it’s not a bad homage to the car’s history.

[Source: Carscoop]

 |  Aug 16 2010, 1:38 PM

The Lancia Stratos prototype seen scurrying around an unknown European test track has been the subject of much speculation in the automotive blogosphere, and the non-stop rumors can finally come to a close as official word leaks out about this wonderful creation.

It turns out that the Stratos will be a one-off after all, with the much-rumored “wealthy industrialist” commission coming from German auto parts magnate Michale  Stoschek. Taking roughly two years to build at Pininfarina’s design studio, with an eight-cylinder engine rumored to be coming from a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The Stratos is rumored to be getting an official reveal in November at the Paul Ricard circuit in France.

[Source: World Car Fans]

 |  Aug 10 2010, 5:22 PM

The recently spied Lancia Stratos is apparently heading for production, and not just a one-off creating intended for a wealthy collector. Car and Driver magazine reports that Jason Castriota, the man responsible for the Bertone Mantide and Ferrari 599, has penned the project. Castriota is now Saab’s new design chief, indicating that the Stratos was under development for some time prior to his departure.

Technical details are scarce, but expect something wild, as this will almost certainly be a halo car for the FIAT group as a whole, and not just the Lancia brand. Initial rumors that the Stratos is the private plaything of a wealthy customer were only half-true. While outside investment was courted to make the Stratos a reality, the car will be produced in limited numbers ala the Alfa Romeo 8C.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but if you haven’t already been invited to buy the car, you likely will never be able to.

[Source: Car and Driver]

 |  Aug 03 2010, 12:37 PM

The rumored Abarth sports car, based on KTM’s X-Bow trackday car could end up taking a very different form by reviving the legendary Lancia Stratos nameplate.

On the same day that rumors of a KTM-based Abarth surfaced, spy photos of a new car that looks nearly identical to the Stratos appeared on various blogs, showing the car testing at a Fiat facility in Europe.

While there is some doubt as to the authenticity of the photos, a revised Stratos is not too much of a stretch. Body panels can easily be fitted around an X-Bow chassis, and news that Fiat will jettison the X-Bow’s Volkswagen TSFI powerplant in favour of a Multiair 1.8L four cylinder lend credence to the idea. If Fiat were truly interested in an authentic Stratos, the engine would have to be a V6, but if the vehicle were badged as an Abarth, this oversight could be justified.

[Source: World Car Fans]