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 |  Jul 06 2010, 12:01 PM

2009 lexus ls600hl 2275c

A recall of more than 100,000 Toyota and Lexus vehicles this past week was originally known about in 2007, after complaints regarding the defective valve springs began to surface at that time.

So far, Toyota has only listed a vague explanation for the defect, with a company spokeswoman stating that “The problem occurs when foreign substances enter the material used to make the part, causing the spring to weaken and break.” According Monika Saito, Toyota’s spokeswoman, the company implemented a re-designed valve spring once the problem was discovered, but felt that a recall was unnecessary.

The recall may affect as many as 270,000 cars world wide, with the Lexus GS, IS and LS models comprising the bulk of the problem vehicles. Toyota is also recalling the Lexus HS250h hybrid sedan for an unrelated safety defect.

[Source: Automotive News]