Toyota Racing Pilot Alex Wurz Drives the Lexus LFA at Estoril – Video

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After driving an F1 car in competition, it would be hard not to have an unrealistic set of expectations for any car after that. So you would think that an F1 driver could never sit in a production car and still become enthralled with its performance capabilities. Well, according to Alex Wurz, the former F1… Continue Reading...

Lexus Re-Creates Champagne Glass Stunt 21 Years Later [Video]

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To launch Toyota’s luxury brand in America, Lexus‘ brilliant marketing team made a now infamous commercial with an LS400, a dyno and a fine collection of champagne glasses. Over two decades later, an avid Lexus enthusiast tried to reenact the ad with his own LS460. Unfortunately his video had some very different results with the… Continue Reading...