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 |  Sep 11 2013, 9:35 AM


The folks at Daimler’s smart division revealed a new concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Supposedly their forjoy design study is a forerunner to a next-generation car.

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 |  Jun 18 2013, 5:31 PM

E for Electricity


As fuel prices continue to test the limits of infinity, small cars are becoming more appealing to more new car shoppers; this downward spiral is evident. Many people that used to drive full-size SUVs a decade ago have opted for more efficient crossovers. Large-sedan buyers have traded in their tugboats for midsize models and compact-car owners are thinking even smaller, or outside the box all together. Schwinn is a great way to save money, both on gas and gym memberships.

2013-Fiat-500e-08.jpgAlong with diesels and hybrids, pure-electric vehicles are a great way to avoid getting “pump palpitations” brought on by astronomical fuel prices. Naturally, EVs are the best remedy for this ailment because they use no fuel at all, unless you count all the coal burned at the cross-town powerplant.

But for all of their potential savings electrics tend to be pretty dreary, not to mention expensive. Adding a big dash of excitement to this perpetually overcast vehicle segment is the Fiat 500e, an amped-up A-Segment car with design flair only an Italian could deliver.

 |  Jun 17 2013, 8:02 AM


Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the U.S. company responsible for developing product safety tests, is revamping the lithium-ion battery standards.

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 |  Oct 31 2012, 12:30 PM

BMW’s i sub-brand is focused on sustainable mobility by offering purpose-built electric vehicles. The company has already revealed two amped-up concepts with the i3 and i8, but rumor has it another model is on the way.

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 |  Jul 21 2011, 8:45 PM

The AAA is taking the first steps to diversify its offerings by providing a “range anxiety solution” for electric vehicles. The new trucks will roll out in a limited pilot program over the next year to offer a standard service for EV recharging. The trucks have a 4.5 kWh lithium-ion battery on board that can give a stranded EV anywhere between 3-15 miles of power.

The range is dependent on the type of charger the car has. If the EV can take a DC fast charge using CHAdeMo, it can get around 15 miles of power in a 15 minute charge. The AAA truck can recharge it’s pack from the grid or it’s gasoline-powered engine. The first six test trucks will see duty this August in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Knoxville and Tampa/St. Petersburg. AAA members will not be charged an added price for the EV recharge service

[Source: Autoblog Green]