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 |  Nov 11 2011, 11:15 AM


Infiniti’s FX is clearly evolving to become a real winner, first with the Sebastian Vettel Edition and now world-famous Mercedes-Benz tuner turning their attention to the Japanese crossover. It’s rather surprising to see Lorinser working on a Japanese vehicle, with their portfolio of tuning programs almost strictly covering only Mercedes vehicles.

Even more surprising though is probably how good the package looks on the FX, giving it a clear European-inspired styling to the vehicle. The new front bumper features daytime LED running lights with some really aggressive styling. The rear bumper has also been redesigned along with a roof spoiler that reduces downforce. A pair of new side skirts finish off the styling package while a set of 22-inch wheels were paired with Continental Cross Contact rubber and bolted onto the FX.

Lorinser will also offer bespoke interior upgrades from personalized floor mats to complete leather furnishings. The package will initially launch in Russia with other markets being considered, but it will be shown off at the upcoming Essen Motor Show.

GALLERY: Lorinser Infiniti FX


 |  Jul 19 2011, 9:15 PM


Lorinser has finally sent out previews for their upcoming styling package for the new-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS. There’s never a doubt that Lorinser wouldn’t be offering something for the new CLS, we’re just surprised it took this long  - Lorinser originally released sketches over a year ago.

No exact details were released with the photos, but it’s clear to see Lorinser has added a full kit to the CLS, with front and rear bumper changes, side air vents, side skirts and rear boot lid and roof spoilers. For their demo car, Lorinser also gave the CLS a matte gray finish, suspension changes and outfit the CLS with a set of their own wheels.

We’re more excited to see what performance upgrades Lorinser has up their sleeve, so we’ll stay tuned for the official release.

GALLERY: Lorinser Mercedes-Benz CLS

lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_1.jpg lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_2.jpg lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_3.jpg lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_4.jpg lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_5.jpg lorinser_mercedes_benz_cls_6.jpg

 |  May 01 2011, 9:53 PM

While the majority of Americans are cutting back and looking for cars that save money while delivering maximum mpgs, the affluent in China continue to ignore price tags on vehicles they really, really want.

Lorinser, a premium Mercedes-Benz tuner, decided to get their feet wet in the Chinese market by taking their new S-Class-based S70 flagship to Auto Shanghai in China. They also decided to attach a $740,000 price tag to the 810-hp S-Class and of course, it sold.

Even though many have wondered how aftermarket manufacturers will do in China, it’s clear that it shouldn’t be that big of a concern. What will be even more interesting to see is whether more aftermarket tuners follow Lorinser’s path by reaching out to Chinese consumers directly with fully built automobiles complete extravagant price tags.

[Source: China Car Times]

 |  Mar 30 2011, 10:12 PM


Some find it really hard to mess with perfection. But one thing we all know, no matter how expensive a vehicle is, or how exotic or luxurious it was built to be, it’s never perfect rolling off the lot. Compromises have to be made in order to appeal to a certain demographic, and that’s where the aftermarket always steps in.

For Mercedes-Benz‘s SLS AMG, many consider it to be a near perfect vehicle. And perhaps that’s true, given that the majority of the aftermarket has done minimal modifications to it in their offerings. Lorinser has also joined the fray, but by simply only offering a staggered set of wheels for the SLS.

The RSK8 design wheels comes in a staggered fitment with 20×9.5-inchers up front while the rear packs a 21×11-inch pair. Lorinser recommends to match the front wheels with a 275/30/20 tires while the rears should be paired with 295/25/21 tires.

Lorinser is also quick to announce that the RSK8 wheels are one of the lightest wheels on the market, reducing weight and rotational mass on the vehicle; improving handling and acceleration as a positive side effect. Plus, they look pretty sweet.

GALLERY: Lorinser RSK8 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

lorinser_rsk8_mercedes_sls_amg_1.jpg lorinser_rsk8_mercedes_sls_amg_2.jpg lorinser_rsk8_mercedes_sls_amg_3.jpg

 |  Nov 28 2010, 9:18 PM


Mercedes-tuner Lorinser is hopping onto the “go green” bandwagon with an innovative new product: an aftermarket hybrid drivetrain.

This year at the Essen Motorshow, Lorinser has on display its new Easybrid on Smart‘s Fortwo. The electric motor produces around 41-hp and transforms the Fortwo into a hybrid vehicle. Lorinser promises added power and improved fuel economy with a driver-selectable drive mode so you can choose electric power, gasoline/diesel power or a combination of both. The electric battery pack is recharged by regenerative braking and Lorinser claims a 30 km (18.6 miles) of pure electric range.

A drivable prototype was on display in Essen and Lorinser is hoping to have the system working with Volkswagen’s Polo, Renault’s Twingo, and Fiat’s 500.

Lorinser is also hoping to work with utility companies to bring the cost down on the conversion, and they’re hoping to get it around the $6,700 range. We’re fairly excited about the prospects of a future hybrid Fiat 500.

GALLERY: Lorinser Easybrid Smart Fortwo

lorinser_smart_car_22.jpg lorinser_smart_car_1.jpg lorinser_smart_car_10.jpg lorinser_smart_car_20.jpg lorinser_smart_car_7.jpg lorinser_smart_car_21.jpg

Full details available after the jump:

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 |  Jun 07 2010, 10:04 AM

Lorinser just sent us a “first glance” at what the German tuner’s program for the next-generation Mercedes CLS might look like. This immediately stuck us as strange, as it’s rather hard to design an aero it for a car when you don’t even know what it looks like in the first place.

That got us thinking: perhaps the designers at Lorinser do know exactly what the next-gen CLS looks like. It’s no surprise that German tuning firms and automakers often have close working relationships, with many of the tuning folks having formerly worked at the OEMs. So we decided to ask our source at Lorinser who responded by saying that “officially” the Lorinser designers haven’t seen that CLS, but that numerous spy photos inspired the design. He also added that Lorinser is just a stones throw away from the Mercedes factory in Untertuerkheim, which is near the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart.

With the CLS set to debut either later this year at the Paris Auto Show or early next year in Geneva, we’ll find out then exactly how close the ties between Lorinser and Mercedes are.

Find out more about the Lorinser CLS design after the jump:

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 |  Apr 13 2010, 2:46 PM


For close to three decades, Lorinser has been fine-tuning, refining and perfecting nearly every Mercedes-Benz model that has rolled off the factory assembly line. With the recently facelifted Mercedes S-Class (from 2010-on) Lorinser naturally had to produce their own variant of the luxury sedan. Being conveniently located in Germany clearly defines Lorinser’s heavily European-influenced styling which is more subtle than flamboyant (at least by North American standards).

This tuning kit begins with the aesthetics, an aerodynamic kit offering that complements the front and rear bumpers while the rear trunk and roof spoiler flows with the natural curves of the S-Class. The side skirts are subtle, just aiding in the flow from front to rear. Overall the design of the Lorinser aerodynamic kit for the facelifted Mercedes S-Class is simply giving the sedan a slightly more aggressive profile.

For engine performance, Lorinser has packages for every model of the S-Class with the V-12 biturbo receiving modified turbos, fuel management, upgraded ECU and a new exhaust system. This bumps up the already potent 6.0L V-12 powerplant by 110-hp breaking the 700-hp mark. The S65 AMG will also be able to achieve a top speed of 205 mph with the speed limiter removed.

While not the most popular option for Mercedes-Benz aftermarket wheels in North America, Lorinser continues to offer new models including the 22-inch RS9. This mono-block design is accented with five-slotted spokes with 22×10-inch applications for all four corners. Lastly, optional interior upgrades include chrome-plated pedals and door locking knobs, leather-edged floor mat set (with embroidered Lorinser logo) and illuminated doorsills. For the extra ambitious with customization, Lorinser does offer a completely hand-made leather interior package.

GALLERY: 2010 Lorinser Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Mercedes-Tuner Lorinser Now Modifying Lexus Vehicles

Flagship LS model first to undergo German-tuner's transformation

 |  Jun 15 2009, 10:14 AM


Mercedes tuner Lorinser has just announced that it is now tuning Lexus vehicles and the first of the Japanese Mercs to get a German makeover is the flagship LS sedan.

While Lorinser offers more cutting-edge designs for Mercedes vehicles (compared to more traditional tuners like Brabus), it has gone the conservative route with this Lexus. The package includes a new aero kit that features a front bumper with integrated fog lights, as well as side skirts and a rear bumper. The new rear bumper also features integrated exhaust pipes, much like the ones found on the IS-F sports sedan. The final piece is a subtle trunk lid spoiler.

Lorinser will also offer wheels for Lexus vehicles, such as the light alloy RS9 models shown above.

Currently no performance upgrades are available for the LS and while that is certainly a pssibility in the future, Lorinser is really more about aesthetic modifications than power-adders.

With the popularity of Lexus vehicles its not surprising that Lorinser has chosen to abandon its “just-Mercedes” policy, especially during these economic hard-times when the company’s botton-line is sure to be hurting. Still, if any Mercedes tuner is to get into the Japanese luxury segment, the Lorinser brand (focused more on style than performance) makes the most sense.

GALLERY: Lorinser Lexus LS460