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 |  Mar 01 2014, 8:45 AM


Louis Vuitton has created a unique luggage set made specifically for the BMW i8.

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 |  Sep 13 2011, 10:27 AM

There are some people who are really attached to a brand. If fact, they love it so much, that it has to be displayed on everything they own… including their car’s interior. And to show their apprication for luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry, they’ve had their vehicle’s interior styled like it just stepped off the runway.

These car interiors were shot by photographer Luis Gispert, who for two years, traveled around the U.S. searching for people who dressed up their cars in luxury brands such as Vuitton, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. His photos will be on display next month as part of an exhibition titled “Luis Gispert: Decepcion.”

From Detroit to Los Angeles, Gispert took photos of the logo-heavy interiors, and even shot the owners, who also wore hand-made clothes or accessories to match their cars. In one of the pictures, called “Burberry BMW” (2011), a car’s interior is adorned with the signature Burberry pattern. There’s also another interior that boasts emerald green throughout, and cartoonish green-on-black text spelling “Louis Vuitton Paris” over and over again (just in case you’d ever forget). On another, the seats and visors are covered in powder blue, along with a mosaic of colorful Fendi logos that coat the ceiling.

If you want to have these photographs hanging in your home, you can purchase a set of six for $25,000. For that price, it may just be cheaper to take a few old handbags and reupholster your own car seats.

[Source: Born Rich]

 |  Feb 10 2011, 10:00 PM

Have you ever said to yourself: “Gee, I wish my MINI matched my super cute Louis Vuitton hand bag”? And because too much of a good thing is never a bad idea, there’s a MINI that looks like the designer brand just puked all over it.

CoverEFX, a German tuning company, has put subtly aside to come up with this classic Louis Vuitton-inspired MINI. Just like the famous handbag, this little Cooper sports the black leather and gold metallic look. But to complete the authenticity of the style, it comes adorned with thousands of small gold logos glued individually by hand, mimicking the signature Louis Vuitton foil embossing technique. Finishing it off are its OZ LM rims in matte black and matte gold metallic.

We’re not sure how much this LV Mini will run you, but we are sure that it will carry plenty of those little purse dogs.

[Source: Born Rich]