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 |  Mar 06 2012, 11:11 AM

Mercedes-Benz revealed its refreshed 2013 A Class lineup today at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to an enthusiastic mob of gawkers and dignitaries.

The scene was something you might normally expect around an outrageous car like the Lamborghini Aventador J, but it wasn’t. Instead, the Euro folk were jazzed about Mercedes’ new line of small cars that have yet to make it stateside despite repeated promises by the brand to do so.

Those fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where these baby-Benzes cruise the streets can look forward to choosing between a 1.6- and 1.8-liter gasoline engines ranging from 107 to 154 horsepower and a diesel option.

The new A Class is also 6.3 inches lower than the previous model and is available in an AMG-engineered 250 Sport package.

A Class buyers will also probably appreciate the significant advances in technology integration, including native iPhone support that offers Siri connectivity (Apple’s voice command software).

Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche said while addressing the crowd that the latest integration makes using your iPhone’s features safer while driving by offering use of the device via the car’s controls and a bigger screen.

Safety doesn’t stop there — the car can also have collision prevention and Mercedes’ “pre-safe” system.

While there still isn’t word on the fabled U.S. release, Zetsche said pricing wouldn’t increase on the new model.

Watch our A-Class first look video below.

GALLERY: 2013 Mercedes-Benz A Class


GALLERY: 2013 Mercedes-Benz A Class


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 |  Mar 05 2012, 4:45 PM

While the smallest Mercedes-Benz badged vehicle on sale in America might be the C-class, elsewhere in the world, you can buy even smaller models.

Our Canadian friends get to buy the B-class, while in Europe and Asia, you can buy an A-class. The A-class has been on sale for over a decade now, and at this years Geneva Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz will be launching the third-generation model of its smallest car.

This new model is based on Merc’s latest platform dubbed MFA (modular front architecture). Powering this new hatchback will be a range of petrol and diesel engines of 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter displacements (mostly carried over from the larger B-class), with power output ranging from 107-hp to 154-hp. That means, the new A-class will have much more performance than any outgoing model.

With this new A-class, Mercedes-Benz hopes to really take the fight to other premium-brand rivals who offer luxurious compact cars. Mercedes has also confirmed it intends to finally bring the A-Class to North America

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz A Class


 |  Sep 27 2011, 3:45 PM

It was only a few months ago, when talks of an engagement between Aston Martin and Maybach was making headlines. This partnership would have seen the two uber-luxury brands sharing technology and platforms.

Now according to sources, the union has broken before it even started, citing money issues. If the deal had stayed intact, Aston Martin would have built the next generation models of the Maybach 57 and 62. In return, Aston Martin would have benefited from Mercedes-Benz‘s hybrid technology, the 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 and platforms for the 2012 M-class and 2013 S-class.

Sources say Aston Martin wanted too much money to build cars for Maybach. Nothing is confirmed yet, but if this deal really does go sour, it might lead to an end for Maybach, which is currently owned by Mercedes-Benz. With no Maybach, one has to wonder, what car will any future, self-respecting hip-hop artist choose to hacksaw for the amusement of their fans?

[Source: World Car Fans]

 |  May 07 2010, 5:48 PM


Sometimes it’s not enough to drive a fine, luxury automobile. You need everyone to know what you drive (or what you wish you did drive) by bringing a piece of it with you wherever you go.

When you’re heading out of town, you can let the world know that your luggage fits perfectly in your Porsche with the new Porsche Design Driver’s Selection line of luggage. Just as sleek and cool as the car itself, this line of luggage was designed to fit in the storage spaces of the Boxster, 911, Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera.

There are three different types in this collection, they all come in a variety of sizes and come in a choice of the original Porsche vehicle exterior colors: the “Ultralight,” which sport a classic design and is made of light polycarbonate; the Porsche Carfit series that is made with “AluFrame”-trolleys; and the Panamera leather series.

If you really want to OP (Over Porsche) it, consider accessorizing with the company’s new collection of line of jackets, wallets, handbags, and sunglasses.


Looking to put a little extra bling in your outfit? Consider picking up a metallic purse embellished with a Cadillac hood ornament. You’ll get plenty of interior room (just like a Caddy) and you’ll definitely make a fashion statement (again, just like a Caddy). These gems were spotted in Santee Alley in LA’s garment district, but you could probably do this yourself with an ordinary bag, a needle and thread or a glue gun, and a hood ornament from a car of your choice. Bam – instant fashion statement!

[Source:  TopSpeed and CarDomain]