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Spy Photos: Mystery BMW Partialy Revealed Ahead of Frankfurt Auto Show Debut

Is this BMW's upcoming green car concept, or a look at the next 6 Series?

 |  Aug 06 2009, 11:51 AM


These are the photos BMW doesn’t want you to see and thanks to the folks at Bimmerpost we have them to share. What exactly we are looking at is still a mystery, but the consensus seems to be that whatever it is, it looks amazing.

There are two strong possibilities for the vehicle, the first being that it’s BMW’s upcoming Sustainable Sports Car Concept, the second that it is a version of the upcoming 6 Series.

BMW board member Dr Klaus Draeger already said that the company would debut a “green” vehicle, dubbed the Sustainable Sports Car Concept, at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. This vehicle will be the embodiment of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics philosophy, using numerous fuel-saving technologies (like electric power steering, regenerative braking and a stop/start system).

It’s also appears to share a resemblance to the M1 Homage that was rumored to be the design inspiration for an upcoming “green” sports car.

Bimmerpost forum member (and presumed BMW insider) Scott26, seems to indicate that the car is a concept of the upcoming 6 Series.

Either way, we can’t wait to see more of it in Frankfurt.

GALLERY: Mystery BMW Concept



 |  Jul 29 2009, 1:20 PM


What’s the best way to get people to stop talking about how much of a failure you were in Formula One? Why, announce that you’re building an environmentally responsible sports car, of course!

That seems to be the public relations campaign being waged by BMW today as BMW board member Dr Klaus Draeger reportedly told AutoTelegraf that the German automaker is working on a sustainable sports car concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show this Fall.

Rumors of such a vehicle first came to light several months ago when a BMW insider said that the company was working on an environmentally-friendly vehicle in keeping with some of the designs from the BMW M1 Homage (pictured above).

Earlier today BMW announced that it was pulling out of Formula One, citing several reasons, including the cost and the team’s lack of success. In a press release BMW also said that “Resources freed up as a result are to be dedicated to the development of drive technologies and projects in the field of sustainability.”

BMW’s efficient sports car concept will be the technical inspiration for future BMWs and take the automaker’s Efficient Dynamics philosophy to new levels. It will incorporate technologies like an auto start/stop system, electric power steering and even use regenerative braking. As a concept we’d look for even more green technology, like a hybrid powertrain.

The car’s “green” aspects won’t be limited to the engine either as both the interior and body of the car are likely to be made of sustainable materials.

Some related rumors point to BMW offering a limited edition coupe in 2012 with all of the company’s green technologies. That may not come to fruition, but we do expect sustainable sports car’s innovations to trickle on down through the BMW lineup in the near future.

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