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 |  May 20 2011, 5:27 PM


This is hardly the first time we’ve uttered words about G-Power’s BMW M3 GTS, but we all have a sense of relief now that it’s officially official – pricing and all.

For those living under a rock, the BMW M3 GTS is a high-powered and lighter weight (220-lbs lighter) M3 variant just full of race-inspired goodies including adjustable front and rear aerodynamic components, modified suspension and brakes, and a power increase to 450-hp from the factory 420-hp.  Only 150 units of the GTS would be made and it took until late last year for the first deliveries to take place.

And almost immediately upon the first batch of deliveries, three GTS cars found their way over to G-Power for more power enhancements to compete against Porsche’s 911 GT3 RS. G-Power took their “Sporty Drive” supercharger system and adapted it to the M3 GTS taking power output to an astonishing 635-hp with 465 ft-lbs of torque.

In addition to the supercharger is an all-titanium lightweight exhaust system fully equipped with 100 cpsi metal catalytic converters. G-Power also remaps the ECU to put it all in-tune. And those with extra bucks to spend, the G-Power airbox can be had in carbon fiber.

The price for all the G-Power goods for the M3 GTS? A little over $33,000 excluding tax.

GALLERY: G-Power Supercharged BMW M3 GTS

g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_1.jpg g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_10.jpg g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_12.jpg g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_2.jpg g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_4.jpg g_power_bmw_m3_gts_official_6.jpg

 |  Mar 31 2011, 8:28 PM


As if improving on BMW‘s M3 wasn’t enough with the M3 GTS, German tuner G-Power has gone on to improve the raw and track-ready machine further. G-Power is proud to announce the arrival of their first three G-Power BMW M3 GTS models, pumping up the 4.4L V8 from 450-hp to all new heights: 720-hp.

Stroking the motor and increasing its displacement by 10-percent was only the beginning for G-Power, as they went on to install a modified SK II CS Sporty Drive supercharger to the larger powerplant. And to keep up with the abuse the supercharger provides, G-Power also shoves in low compression pistons into the block while they’re in there increasing the displacement.

No pricing was announced but you can bet the combined package costs as much as a stock M3.



[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Jan 30 2011, 11:21 PM


G-Power has gotten their hands dirty with BMW‘s ultra-rare, limited edition M3 GTS, teasing the world with an upcoming tuning package that is sure to make the Ultimate Driving Machine even more… ultimate. The focus of G-Power’s build with the GTS is to give BMW enthusiasts a rightful competitor to Porsche’s GT3 RS.

Mods included in the tuning package start with a SK II CS supercharger system with plans of taking the stock horsepower rating of 450-hp to a figure above 600-hp. While G-Power still doesn’t have the complete specs yet, they do mention that a titanium exhaust system, racing suspension, roll cage and racing seats with six-point harnesses will be available.

Looking for the ultimate driving machine on the track? G-Power may be able to fulfill your needs soon.

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 |  Nov 09 2009, 11:28 AM

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After unveiling the high-performance, European-only M3 GTS last week, BMW has now released several videos of the higher-performance clubsport M3.

Weighing just 3,300 lbs, the M3 GTS features carbon fiber for the center console and door linings, a titanium exhaust system and reduced insulation. What it doesn’t have are rear seats, air conditioning or an audio system. Inside there are also mounts for six point harness seat belts and a roll cage. The M3 GTS, after all, is designed specifically for club racing and track days.

Under the hood, the 4.0-liter V8 gets an increase in displacement to 4.4-liters and a bump in power to 450-hp – up from 416. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission also gets more aggressive settings for quicker shifting.  Other race-ready components include six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers with a more performance oriented DSC setup and a set of 19-inch M aluminum rims.

Outside, there’s a new carbon fiber front splitter and adjustable rear spoiler, while inside, along with the carbon fiber goodies, there’s plenty of Alcantara and an M sport steering wheel.



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