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 |  May 24 2013, 7:38 PM


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a study that shows younger women are far more likely to die than men in an equivalent car crash.

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 |  Nov 02 2011, 11:00 AM

Because seatbelts and other safety devices found in vehicles aren’t designed for a woman’s body, female drives are more likely to get hurt or die when involved in a car accident, says a new report by the American Journal of Public Health.

When compared to men, women are shorter, lighter, sit differently and tend to drive newer passenger cars, and because of these factors, they are 47 percent more likely to suffer an injury while wearing a seatbelt than men. Why are they more likely to be hurt, you may ask? This is because these safety systems are designed for men, and men are three times more likely to be involved in a car crash, leaving women with the short end of the safety stick.

The researchers that conducted this report studied cashes that took place between 1998 and 2008, with the average car age at six. But with today’s cars offering advanced safety systems, this study doesn’t necessarily apply to newer vehicles.

“The average life of a car is around 12 years,” said Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety. “The study would have a lot more value if it were limited to 2000 and later model year vehicles to make sure all vehicles had female friendly airbags,” he said.

Even though the study uses older vehicles in its findings, it’s important to note the risks for female drivers and the safety equipment provided in these vehicles, and to take them into account when shopping for a new family car.

[Source: ABC News]

 |  Jul 30 2010, 7:34 AM

What scares the bejesus out of you? Spiders? Clowns? Garden gnomes? If you’re a man, chances are you’re afraid of your wife’s or girlfriend’s driving.

So it’s a bit of a stereotype, but a recent poll taken by, an online market research firm, asked 3,000 men a series of questions about how they felt being a passenger riding along with a female driver. The results found that a third of men are afraid in the passenger seat. Around one-fifth of those polled often grip the seat cushion in fear and one in ten said they had been forced to grab the steering wheel as their partner took her eyes off the road. spokesperson said that most men “feel they are better drivers than the women in their lives,” as well as “believe they concentrate a lot better, read road situations more quickly and clearly and have better reactions.” Some of the respondents even went on to say they could never relax when their other half was driving.

Hit the jump for a list of the top 10 complaints made about women’s driving:

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