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 |  Jan 26 2011, 9:36 AM


Everytime we feel that Mansory can’t top its previous creation, it looks like the out-of-the-box vehicle builders have no end of out-of-the-box thoughts. Most recently, they’ve taken their already modified Porsche Panamera creation and have decided to splash a highlighter-bright yellow to its exterior.

Prestige Cars in in the United Arab Emirates will be offering the Bright Yellow Edition Porsche Panamera by Mansory that sports blue carbon fiber accents to contrast the bright yellow. The yellow/blue theme doesn’t stop there either, spreading to the engine bay and the interior.

Just like all the previous Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo creations, this one received upgraded turbos and an exhaust system, bringing horsepower up to 690-hp and torque to 590 ft-lbs.

GALLERY: Mansory Bright Yellow Porsche Panamera

mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_1.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_2.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_3.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_4.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_5.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_7.jpg

 |  Jun 07 2010, 9:11 AM

Mansory Panamera Turbo1.jpg

No one has ever accused the Porsche Panamera Turbo of being a beauty queen, but German tuner Mansory has just given the car a makeover that will have you running to the nearest eye wash station.

Still, Mansory has your attention and that’s just what they want, because the German exotic car tuner isn’t looking to sell you a widebody kit painted blue – not today. Instead, Mansory is using this “exciting” looking Panamera to introduce its new Power Pack for the car, which increases power to 690-hp and 516 ft-lbs of torque. That’s enough to scoot the swoopy sedan to 62 mph in 4.0 seconds and on to a top speed of 204 mph.

And hey, if you’re in the market for a crazy custom interior and some 22-inch wheels, Mansory can do that too.

GALLERY: Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo

Mansory Panamera Turbo1.jpgMansory Panamera Turbo2.jpgMansory Panamera Turbo3.jpgMansory Panamera Turbo4.jpgMansory Panamera Turbo.jpg

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 |  Mar 03 2010, 8:37 AM


We knew exotic car tuner Mansory was set to debut a fabulously hideous blue and gold Rolls-Royce Ghost at the Geneva Auto Show, but what surprised us was its equally outrageous co-stars. Sitting next to the Ghost, there’s also a widebody Porsche Panamera (which doesn’t look all that bad), the Cyrus carbon widebody Aston Martin DB9 and another carbon fiber clad beast, a Mercedes G Class.

The Rolls is still the main attraction, however, with gaudy gold wheels and detailing (including the grille). We particularly detest the gold fender vents sitting right next to the gold Rolls-Royce emblems.

What we do like is what Mansory has done under the massive hood, taking the twin-turbo V12 to 720-hp thanks to some larger turbos and other upgrades. Torque is rated at 750 lbs and Mansory estimates the car’s new top speed to be 193 mph. Ugly has never been so fast.

Be sure to check out the gallery below, for more pics of the Mansory Ghost and of the other Mansory-tuned cars at the Geneva Auto Show.

GALLERY: Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost