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 |  May 13 2011, 3:47 PM


Lexus‘ IS-F hasn’t quite become the popular performance sedan many of initially thought it would and the IS-F’s minimal presence in motorsports proves that it may not be the best platform to begin with. There are many enthusiasts out there that are open to proving all the skeptics wrong however, including MN Motorsports who built an IS-F for the Superstars International Series. Now another contender has thrown their hat in the ring as Maurer Motorsport has revealed their widebody IS-F race car to the world.

Not many details have been released yet on this particular IS-F race car, but Maurer Motorsport is no stranger to competitive racing. They currently participate in the Chevrolet Cruze spec-series ADAC Cruze Cup, though the IS-F is clearly a change in both size and power.

The widebody IS-F is undoubtedly awesome in the aesthetics department but with little details on everything else, we’llreserve judgement until it hits the track. Rumor has it that Maurer Motorsport hopes to campaign a total of three new IS-Fs and right now they are still debating whether they’ll participate in the European Production Series or V8 Superstars Series.

GALLERY: Maurer Motorsport Lexus IS-F

maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_10.jpg maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_11.jpg maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_12.jpg maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_6.jpg maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_9.jpg maurer_motorsport_lexus_is_f_8.jpg

[Source: Facebook via My.IS]