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 |  Feb 06 2012, 1:31 PM

This year, Mercedes-Benz‘s uber-luxury brand Maybach will go extinct, as the German brand could not see the potential for making a profit in the ultra high-end luxury car segment.

However, that does not mean the brand will vanish off the face of the Earth, thanks to a coach-building company called Xenatec. They take a four-door Maybach 57S and get rid of two of its doors. Since they kept the wheelbase the same as the donor car, they gave it longer doors  and a sleek coupe body to fill in the gap.

Mechanically the car remains standard because Xenatec wanted the car to be servicable by any Maybach dealer around the world. So while you’ll have the standard cars 6.0-liter, twin-turbo, V12 engine that produces 621-hp, you’ll now also have a sportier looking body to travel around in.

And how much would it cost to have this conversion done? It’ll cost as much as the original donor car. A Xenatec 57S Coupe will cost you a cool $940,000. That’s very nearly Bugatti Veyron money.

Despite the stratospheric price tag, Xenatec has sold quite a few of these uber-coupes through their three main distributors; the factory itself in Germany, a dealer in Saudi Arabia and an armor car firm in Russia.

Finding one of these rare exotics would thus be hard, but we have. A Xenatec Coupe is looking for a new home. It is listed for sale at an exotic car dealership in Dubai, U.A.E. According to the advert, it has no mileage on it. While it is sitting at a used exotic car store, the car is still new.

So while you can still get in touch with Xenatec and pay them to build you a coupe out of your donor 57S, a fully finished example is awaiting you in a desert oasis.

Afterall, we at AutoGuide get a fuzzy good feeling by uniting the rich with expensive cars.

GALLERY: Xenatec Coupe

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[Source: Alain Class]

 |  Feb 17 2009, 4:02 PM


FAB Design, a German tuner shop famous for West Coast Customs-style rapper-trash modifications on Mercedes vehicles, has outdone itself by blinging out a Maybach 57 S. Notice we said, “ruin” in the headline.. with quotes… as Maybach models aren’t exactly gems to begin with.

Other than the obvious blue paint, the car features ASMA-like fenders that extend the width of the car by 30cm – essentially one foot (although that sounds like an exaggeration based on the photos). Up front a new bumper has some large square cutouts that match the rear exhaust outlets.

Inside the wheel wells are 20-inch rims, with some extra wider rubber that measures 265/30/20 up front and 325/25/20 out back.


FAB Design says that thanks to their engine tuning the car now makes 650hp and 756 ft-lbs of torque and can hit 62 mph in just 4.9 seconds. Top speed is rated at 186 mph – the same speed the Brabus modified Maybach achieved to set a record for the world’s fastest Maybach. Again, it sounds like FAB Design is embellishing.

The interior of the car features white leather and gobs and gobs of blue Alcantara.


On a positive note, the company did make use of some nice carbon fiber details around the door handles and other areas.

FAB Design says just 15 version of this vehicle will be built for customers and while we can see some of them being ordered, with Maybach’s low sales volume 15 sounds like wishful thinking.

FAB Design is usually at the Geneva Auto Show so we’ll be sure to get more info if we can. And if you thought this was over the top, we’re certain Mansory has something just as even more ridiculous in store for Geneva.


[Source: WorldCarFans via Auto Motor Und Sport]