Porsche Beats MINI at its Own Game, MINI Still Comes Out On Top

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With Porsche refusing to take part in MINI‘s challenge to race at Road Atlanta (which was neither a real race, nor actually on the track at Road Atlanta), MINI decided to go ahead and stage the comparo anyway. And the plucky British automaker… lost? That’s right, the MINI Cooper S couldn’t best the German juggernaut… Continue Reading...

MINI Re-Challenges Porsche to Road Atlanta Race: Puts Justin Bieber Tickets on the Line

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Exploiting social media for all it’s worth, MINI isn’t about to let up on its David vs Golliath challenge. As we’re sure you recall, MINI recently challenged Porsche to a race at Road Atlanta. Porsche subsequently declined, trading MINI’s fun jabs for biting disdain of the fun British brand. (Funny, we always thought German’s were… Continue Reading...