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 |  Apr 17 2012, 5:45 PM

The extravagant MINI Goodwood sports an exorbitant price tag and is now on display at Harrods in London.

London’s world famous department store will have a MINI Goodwood on display from April 8 to April 22, celebrating the delivery of the first customer cars. Co-developed by the infamous Rolls-Royce design team, the car features luxurious amenities that would normally be seen in a Rolls-Royce.

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 |  Aug 21 2011, 4:33 PM

MINI Goodwood 04.JPG

Take the new MINI Cooper Goodwood to any other car show and its price tag will send potential customers running, but not at Pebble Beach. With some of the wealthiest people in the world on hand to check out the historic automobiles, you’re likely to find that the MINI’s $52,000 sticker isn’t far off what the attendees would drop on a watch.

Just 1,000 of these rare machines will be produced, with 140 earmarked for the U.S., sporting Rolls-Royce goodies like burr walnut veneer. Other highlights include a custom Lounge Leather, lambswood floor mats (that look far worse in person that we had ever imagined) and a cashmere headliner. Outside, the car comes in a Diamond Black metallic color (formerly exclusive to Rolls-Royce) and 17-inch multi-spoke light alloy rims.

The Goodwood model comes with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine from the 2011 MINI Cooper S producing 181-hp.

Deliveries are scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2012.

GALLERY: MINI Cooper Goodwood

MINI Goodwood 05.JPGMINI Goodwood 10.JPGMINI Goodwood 01.JPGMINI Goodwood 02.JPGMINI Goodwood 03.JPGMINI Goodwood 11.JPG

 |  Apr 29 2011, 7:23 AM

MINI Inspired by Goodwood 03.jpg

MINI‘s new limited edition Rolls-Royce-inspired Goodwood model, introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show, will inspire a line of luxury models in the future according to a new report. Similar to how the John Cooper Works name has become synonymous with added performance for MINIs, the Goodwood name will be tied to future luxury models. Likely to all be limited edition cars, the Goodwood MINIs will feature high-grade interior trims and paint, often built to customer specifications. And like the Goodwood car are likely to come with a hefty price tag (the Goodwood model is rumored to cost around $50,000).

Build with input and expertise from Rolls-Royce the Goodwood car uses high-grade black leather on the instrument panel and a Cornsilk hid  on the dashboard, seats, headliner, and door panels. In addition, the dash features a Walnut Burr wood previously only used in Rolls-Royce models. Even the smallest details are carefully crafted with new black dials for the instruments that feature numbers in the same typceface as their Rolls-Royce counterparts, while piano black is used for other instrument surrounds. Outside the car gets painted in a special Rolls-Royce shade ‘Diamond Black’ with 17-inch wheels. Also of note is the lack of a hood scoop, despite this being a 181-hp turbocharged Cooper S model, to give a sleeker appearance to the car’s shape.


MINI Inspired by Goodwood 01.jpgMINI Inspired by Goodwood 02.jpgMINI Inspired by Goodwood 04.jpgMINI Inspired by Goodwood 07.jpgMINI Inspired by Goodwood 09.jpgMINI Inspired by Goodwood 12.jpg

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 |  Apr 15 2011, 3:06 PM

The ultra-posh Mini Goodwood (sorry, “Mini Inspired by Goodwood) can start impressing unsuspecting neighbors in Germany, where it will start at 50,000 Euros.

With French-stitched leather, deep carpets, and wood that is burled to the max, the luxury Mini is aimed at those whose manservants have given up parallel-parking their Rolls-Royces in narrow city streets, and who see the Aston Martin Cygnet for its plebeian underpinnings. The €50,000 figure is similar to how much the Goodwood will sell for in America, when it arrives to our shores.

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 |  Mar 16 2011, 10:52 AM

Mini has released a few details on a new concept they have dubbed “Goodwood,” after the spiritual home of Rolls-Royce, the auto festival at the Goodwood Estate, and to British luxury in general.

The Goodwood concept will be the 21st-century version of the Radford Mini, a luxury, bespoke version aimed at the wealthier ends of the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets. With the Goodwood, Mini aims to pay tribute to legendary Rolls-Royce and Bentley coachbuilder Mulliner Park Ward and an era of handbuilt luxury, no matter how small the car.

Of course, it’s slightly easier to do so when both Rolls and Mini are owned by the same company (BMW). Look forward to this mini baller at Shanghai next month.

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