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 |  Dec 17 2010, 7:24 PM


With all the flashiness and gaudiness of Fenice Milano’s recent entries to the aftermarket world, it’s refreshing to see that Romeo Ferraris was able to tame the tuner down a built to introduce a nice Abarth 500 to the world. Paying tribute to the legendary race circuit, the Monza edition adds a bit more sport to the Abarth 500 while keeping it mild and clean on the outside.

At quick glance, the aesthetics of the Abarth 500 has most noticeably changed thanks to red and blue racing stripes uniquely placed on the body. The white interior also receives the same-styled stripe treatment. Giving it a little bit more race appeal is a set of 17-inch mesh wheels wrapped with 205/40/17 Yokohama rubber.

Romeo Ferraris’ contribution takes the stock horsepower from 135-hp to a fun-filled 260-hp. Combine that with larger 11-inch Brembo brakes and a full body kit and you’ve got yourself a real winner. But in true Fenice Milano style, each of the 10 Abarth 500 Monzas will receive a brass plaque with the owner’s name, while the interior features an edition number on the shifter and Monza logos throughout.

GALLERY: Abarth 500 Monza

abarth_500_monza_1.jpg abarth_500_monza_11.jpg abarth_500_monza_3.jpg abarth_500_monza_6.jpg abarth_500_monza_2.jpg abarth_500_monza_13.jpg

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 |  Jul 24 2010, 7:38 AM

Fiat frenzy is on the horizon and we’re excited for the Fiat 500 to finally come over to America. We imagine it won’t be too long before Abarth renditions are released, regardless, it’s time to shine the spotlight on Fiat/Abarth tuners worldwide.

G-Tech has taken the already hopped-up Abarth 500 and converted it to a 207-hp, 229 ft-lbs of torque street machine. The 1.4L has been beefed up with a Garrett turbo, larger injectors, new spark plugs and cat-back exhaust system. Considering the stock powerplant puts out a meager 135-hp and 152 ft-lbs of torque, we imagine G-Tech’s RS-S Kitted Abarth 500 is a blast to drive.

In addition to the engine mods, G-Tech outfitted their model with some green accents (not our cup of tea, red would definitely be more fitting), 17-inch wheels from OZ Racing and coilovers to adjust the suspension. The only pricing we caught whim of is $37,745 for the complete car as shown here, but we reckon you can order the parts individually.

Check out the video of G-Tech’s Abarth 500 after the break.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

GALLERY: G-Tech Abarth 500 With RS-S Kit

abarth_1.jpg abarth_10.jpg abarth_11.jpg abarth_7.jpg abarth_4.jpg abarth_9.jpg

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