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 |  Apr 15 2011, 7:13 AM


After first showcasing a line of Z-Spec accessories at the SEMA Show last year, Chevrolet has now announced it will move the new in-house aftermarkets parts lineup from concept to reality, debuting the first items on the new Sonic sub-compact.

Available parts include a new ground effects kit, exhaust tip, roof spoiler, mirror caps, grille surrounds and available 16- and 17-inch wheels. And of course there’s a tacky graphics package as well. Interior items are limited to aluminum sport pedals and sill plates, although GM has said more parts will be available in the near future.

Items will be available individually or as a complete package through dealers.

The Z-Spec line is intended to draw in younger buyers to the brand’s new Sonic sub-compact (a replacement for the Aveo), while also capitalizing on a market where individuality is something customers will pay for. The plan is similar to what Scion has done to attract younger buyers.

Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show this year, the Sonic is powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder and is expected to get 40-mpg on the highway.

Chevy will display several customized Sonic models at the NY Auto Show starting on April 20th. See AutoGuide’s coverage here for all the photos.

GALLERY: Chevrolet Sonic Z-Spec


 |  Nov 09 2010, 9:42 AM

At last week’s SEMA Show, General Motors rolled out a selection of modified vehicles hinting at more than one direction the automaker may go when it comes to performance vehicles. In an article by Automotive News the suggestion was raised that GM may look to bring back performance brands – which it cut from its lineup during the recession in an effort to both reduce development costs and to brand itself as a greener automaker (not to mention one that doesn’t use taxpayer’s dollar to build 500-hp machines).

This rumor does have legs, especially with GM recently announcing a new performance vehicles and motorsports division.

However, in an interview, Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet marketing, seemed to hint at another direction for GM, commenting that it, “might be initiatives around parts and accessories.” In other words, GM would look to leave the real performance parts business to the aftermarket (for now) while focusing on the highly profitable customization segment. At SEMA GM did introduce modified “Z-Spec” versions of its Cruze, Volt and Spark, all with bolt on parts. This would seem to hint at a more Scion-like method of offering extensive in-house customization options to buyers, especially those interested in models more attractive to the younger demographic.

[Source: Automotive News]

 |  Nov 02 2010, 5:57 PM

With the launch of the Cyber Gray show car at the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, Chevy also confirmed that it will roll out a new special edition “Synergy” model each year. Called the Synergy Series, the limited edition models are the result of the success of the Synergy Green Camaro which debuted at last year’s SEMA Show.

For 2011 the Synergy Series model won’t be available in just one color, but a choice of four: Cyber Gray, Victory Red, Summit White and Black. Chevy will also offer the car in 2SS trim, 2LT V6 trim with the RS package.

On display at the world’s largest aftermarket expo in Las Vegas, the Cyber Gray show car hints at what equipment the production model will get with a Chevy Accessory grille and ground effects package and 21-inch wheels. Interior upgrades include custom gray seats with red stitching throughout the cabin, special floor mats and Silver Ice trim kit, as well as a red instrument cluster. Plus, there’s a lowered suspension, a red engine cover, Hurst shifter and red Brembo brake calipers (SS only).

Chevy is expected to announce the official 2011 Synergy Series soon, possibly as early as the LA Auto Show in just a few weeks time.

GALLERY: Chevy Camaro Synergy Series 2011

GALLERY: Chevy Camaro Synergy Series 2011 at SEMA


Official release after the jump:

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 |  Nov 01 2010, 5:52 AM


One of the major complaints about the latest-generation Chevy Camaro is regarding the interior. Exterior styling is spot-on, and there’s no arguing the powerplant is potent, but the cockpit is most certainly lacking in terms of material quality and design. Bulgarian tuner, Vilner, has gotten their hands on the first Chevy Camaro in Bulgaria and decided to build their vision of a perfect Camaro.

It’s hardly perfect, but it’s nice to see someone has addressed the Camaro’s interior issue(s). Vilner specializes in designing vehicle interiors, and their Camaro features a reupholstered cockpit using Nubuck, aged Nappa and chrome accents.

Their choice of color accents involves brown and black with top-notch attention to detail and craftsmanship. They also did a few performance and aesthetic changes, with an 8-piston brake kit and LEDs for the headlights. The stock wheels have been accented with Camaro and Vilner scripting.

If only the SEMA Show had more cars like this.

GALLERY: Vilner Chevrolet Camaro

vilner_camaro_2.jpg vilner_camaro_3.jpg vilner_camaro_4.jpg vilner_camaro_5.jpg vilner_camaro_6.jpg vilner_camaro_7.jpg

Official press release available after the jump:

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 |  Oct 26 2010, 9:29 PM


Oh my lord. There are many things on the Internet that can leave one speechless, but this thing might just top them all.

This 1994 Chevy Camaro sports 143,204 miles on the body but sports a transplanted LT-1 motor with only 36,000 miles or so. But the outside is the real reason for our disgust. The current eBay auction (yes, this bad boy is up for sale) states that it was built to “resemble million dollar exotic supercars, without the costs, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc.” Oh and that it’ll “peal and smoke the tires from a stand still.”

And as offensive as the bodywork is, the builder even utilized 4-inch wheel spacers to accommodate the widebody conversion.

We’re sure it took a lot of effort and the bodywork really does resemble a Lamborghini, but if you’re any sort of car enthusiast and part of you isn’t disgusted by the idea of the creation, we have to question your passion for all things automobile.

GALLERY: Camaro Converted Lamborghini Reventon

camaro_lambo_1.jpg camaro_lambo_10.jpg camaro_lambo_12.jpg camaro_lambo_14.jpg camaro_lambo_3.jpg camaro_lambo_5.jpg

[Source: eBay via Cardomain Blog]

 |  Oct 15 2010, 10:07 AM

Chevy SEMA.jpg

Chevrolet has revealed on its Facebook page a selection of vehicles that will be on display at the SEMA Show in just a few weeks time. These aren’t the “official” Chevy SEMA Show cars (those ones tend to be much more tame, with a near-production look), but we have to think Chevy will again be putting the focus on these two models – although we’d really like to see some custom Cruzes.

Three Silverado HD models are being built, one as a “Utility Hauler” by Impulse Marketing, while the other two will be off-road themed trucks built by Ldrship Designs and Skyjacker Suspensions. All three will be based off the new 2011 Silverado HD.

Those three may, however, be overshadowed by what it shaping up to be another year-of-the-Camaro at SEMA. Chevy’s partners are planning a total of eight custom Camaros – which may be joined by more official Camaros, plus what will no doubt be dozens of other ones at different booths throughout the show. Five of the Camaros will be SS models, built by Delta Tech Industries (white and blue), Mummbles Marketing (chocolate), Raging Bull Marketing (red), Revolution Styling (gold), Street Concepts (purple) and All Star Performance (blue). These will be joined by two V6 models including one by GM Addition (silver) and a turbocharged V6 model from Unrestricted Motorsports (white).

We’ll await word from Chevy on just what their official cars will be, but in the mean time head over to their Facebook page and vote for your favorite. And be sure to check out AutoGuide’s SEMA Preview page, with live coverage of the 2010 SEMA Show starting November 2nd.

GALLERY: Chevy Camaro and Silverado HD SEMA Vehicles

Chevy SEMA 2.jpgChevy SEMA 3.jpgChevy SEMA 4.jpg

[Source: Chevy's Facebook Page]

 |  Oct 13 2010, 1:43 PM

As we get closer to closer to SEMA, the buzz around all the show cars making their debut has really grown. We’re expecting GM to make another huge splash with their Chevrolet Camaro out on the show floor. Having already previewed aLL STaR Performance’s Chevrolet Camaro, we’re now introduced to Raging Bull Marketing’s widebody monster, rendered by none other than Jon Sibal (who’s done a few renderings for us here at AutoGuide).

There’s no doubt in our minds that this Camaro looks pretty wicked, but pardon our skepticism in believing the finished product will look as clean and refined as the rendering. Not that Raging Bull Marketing doesn’t have the expertise or experience to build out the car – in fact they’ve done several top notch show cars in the past – we just don’t want to get our hopes too high and will be really interested in how the build team will pull off the widebody.

Along with the widebody, the car will sport a more aggressive kit from bumper to bumper and a two-tone paint job. A vented hood and rear spoiler accent the front and rear respectively while three-piece wheels, a big brake kit and suspension round off the modifications. We’ll safely assume that the interior will get a ton of custom treatment too.

[Source: Jon Sibal]

 |  Sep 01 2010, 10:09 PM

Someway, somehow this “creation” managed to fetch over $40,000 on eBay. Needless to say, this surely proves there’s absolutely no accounting for taste.

Funnier still is reading the description on eBay about this one-of-a-kind Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept replica. But we’re less amused by the fact that this replicar meant they had to destroy a perfectly good 2008 Corvette.

They even recommend that you can service the vehicle at any local shop or dealership since it’s all Corvette. Could you imagine pulling up into your local dealership with this creation and asking them to do an oil change? And best of all they even take the liberty to warn you that if you’re the owner of the car be prepared for the crowds of people that will swarm you asking for photos while valet drivers fighting over who gets to park it.

And since this company went so out of their way to deface this perfectly good Corvette, we’ll insist you to visit the eBay auction and make sure you check out the fantastic grammar, spelling and… oh just go already, we’re getting nauseous just thinking about it.

GALLERY: Z and M Customs Corvette Stingray Concept Replica

[Source: Jalopnik]

 |  Aug 30 2010, 2:00 PM

And you thought the days of high performance with a bed out back were gone. Well, according to several sources; Callaway Cars (of super fast, modified Corvette fame), is working on a hot Chevy Silverado, though the project is still very much in the design stage.

According to Callaway spokesman, Mike Vendetto, “it’s a [Chevy] Silverado powered by a 6.2-liter V8, but we’re looking at smaller displacement versions too.” If the program reaches fruition, it will mark the first true high-performance pickup since the late and much lamented Dodge Ram SRT10 (excluding the more off-road focused Ford SVT Raptor). And given some of Callaway’s past creations, including the infamous C4 Sledgehammer; Twin Turbo Speedster; C12 and more recently the SC572 Camaro (sold through select Chevrolet dealers), it promises to be quite the package.

Vendetto anticipates that the company will have a running prototype by the end of the year, with series production possible sometime in 2011, provided there aren’t any serious issue to contend with. Given that the stock Silverado 6.2 churns out 403 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque, estimates of a 550 horsepower Callaway version are not unrealistic. Stay tuned for further developments.

[Source: Pickup]

 |  Aug 15 2010, 10:17 AM


After a warm reception in Europe, Zagato has announced it will sell its Chevy Corvette-based Perana Z-One in the U.S., with the official news and the car’s North American premier taking place at Concorso Italiano. The car will be imported through Superformance out of California, with pricing sure to be significantly higher than the Vette on which its based.

A standard Corvette chassis is available, with its 436-hp 6.2-liter LS3 V8, as well as a Z06 chassis with the 505-hp 7.0-liter LS7. Both of these options are mated to a six-speed ZF limited-slip differential equipped transmission. Inside, the Perana gets reworked with Recaro seats and plenty of Alcantara.

Zagato says a limited production of 999 units will be made with a small number making it to America. The rest will be sold in Europe and the Middle-East.

GALLERY: Zagato Perana Z-One


 |  Aug 12 2010, 10:34 PM


Hurst Performance is well established for their limited edition muscle cars and their newest entry to their collection is this turbocharged Chevrolet Camaro V6. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times when even domestic vehicles are going the turbocharger route for forced induction rather than a supercharger, but it is worth noting that Hurst’s Chevy Camaro won’t be powered by your traditional turbocharger setup.

Teaming up with tire manufacturer BFGoodrich, Hurst has opted for STS’ rear-mounted turbocharger setup that has been popular among the Corvette crowd. And interestingly enough they’re starting with a V6 rather than the SS V8. But bragging rights goes to Hurst by throwing down 50% more horsepower and torque than the factory 304-hp from the 3.6L V6. All the while saving 30% more gas than the larger 6.2L V8 from the SS Camaro.

The exterior of the car receives a subtle rear deck spoiler from Hurst’s AIR-SPEED line and 18-inch Hurst T1 alloy wheels for the classic yet muscle-car inspired look. Painted graphics are the finishing touch to the classy exterior.

Handling suspension duties are Hurst / Detroit Speed coilovers while the 18-inch wheels are (obviously) wrapped with BFGoodrich’s Radial T/A Spec Redline Edition rubber. The interior receives quite the overhaul as well with Katzkin leather from Hurst with embroidered Hurst logos and contrasting stitching. Each vehicle receives a numbered plaque with Hurst announcing that only 50 of these beauties will be made each year in Irvine, CA.

Check out the official press release after the break.

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 |  Aug 05 2010, 8:12 PM


When the new Chevy Camaro surfaced, ideas immediately began brewing in many enthusiasts’ head about a return of the Pontiac Firebird. With Pontiac out of the picture, thankfully there are passionate enthusiasts like those at Classic Design Concepts.

Classic Design Concepts has unleashed their FireBreather at a retail price of $60,000. That gets you a redesigned Chevrolet Camaro featuring Firebird-style influences. It’s an odd blend of the two designs, the sharp angles that resemble a Firebird with the muscular, bulky lines of the Camaro. Classic Design Concepts also claims the Camaro’s 6.2L V8 will throw down 599-hp to the rear wheels.

We do dig the black with red highlights on the car and can’t help but think about Knight Rider when we see it. It’s also a retro alternative to the Lingenfelter Trans Am and the Kevin Morgan Designs Trans Am.

GALLERY: Classic Design Concepts FireBreather Chevrolet Camaro

camaro_2.jpg camaro_3.jpg camaro_4.jpg camaro_5.jpg camaro_6.jpg camaro_8.jpg

[Source: FireBreatherCar]

 |  Jul 19 2010, 8:14 PM

It’s that time of the year again, when car’s are handed out like candy bars to select companies and builders for the 2010 SEMA Show. Last year Chevrolet made a huge splash with a massive display of Camaros, having a diverse variety of builders designing and creating their own unique creations. And this year it looks like Chevy isn’t stopping, with some Camaro build previews already being released for SEMA.

First on our list is intake and exhaust manufacturer CGS Performance Products. Having done several Fords and GMs in years past, CGS is no stranger to building beautiful, high quality show cars. This Camaro however will be sticking to its true roots with a custom paint job, ACS body kit and a ZR1-influenced hood. From CGS themselves will be custom handmade chrome moldings and their signature exhaust system, while Whipple Industries will be supplying their twin-screw supercharger in order to pump out 500-hp.

A rendering of the Camaro show car has some serious hot rod-influenced, with a staggered set of 22- and 24-inch Genuine Boyd wheels. The rear rollers will be a ridiculous 15-inches wide wheel with Pirelli’s all new 405/25/24 tire – that’s a lot of rubber! CGS claims they’ll be stuffing these without any fender modifications, but merely by swapping out the rear suspension with Chris Alston’s Fab 9 rear end with a latter bar and coil over suspension. We are definitely curious on the finished product and will be sure to report back, with extensive SEMA coverage when the show takes place in early November.

 |  Jul 18 2010, 4:43 PM


If you’ve never heard of Zagato’s Perana Z-One (what a mouthful), it’s OK, we understand. The original intention of Zagato for the Perana Z-One was for it to be strictly sold in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Based on a Chevrolet Corvette chassis, the Perana Z-One has garnered enough attention that Zagato has decided to import it to America.

Two successful showings by Zagato at the Geneva Auto Show and Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este in Italy was all the automaker needed to push forward on producing the car. But now a partnership has been struck with Superformance out of California to import the vehicle to the U.S.

Those interested in purchasing the Perana Z-One will have several options similar to what they could choose from a Corvette. Powerplants include the 6.2L V8 LS3 (436-hp), or the Z06′s popular 7.0L LS7 V8 (505-hp). Both of these options are mated to a six-speed ZF limited-slip differential equipped transmission.

Inside the car, the fortunate driver will be greeted with Recaro sport seats reupholstered in leather and Alcantara. Basic technology is standard with built-in navigation and power accessories.

The outside clearly has plenty of influences from American classics such as a Shelby Cobra and Daytona Coupe with a bit of Italian spices mixed in. Zagato says a limited production of 999 units will be made with a small number making it to America. So for those looking for something truly unique, get ready to shell out under $100,000 for it. Just how under, we’re not sure. But here’s to hoping it’s not $99,999.

AutoGuide will be sure to check one out in person at next month’s Concorso Italiano!

GALLERY: Zagato Perana Z-One

zegato_perana_2.jpg zegato_perana_3.jpg

[Source: Motor Trend]

 |  May 18 2010, 12:29 PM


In a perfect example of a good concept with poor execution, this brand new Chevy Camaro sports a retro-style 1969 Camaro SS front end. Sure the idea behind it is interesting, giving the Camaro more of a traditional, old school hot-rod look to the new-style body. But let’s face it; modern car design lines often just don’t mesh with the classics that inspired them.

The whole project reminds us of when in the late ’90s the import world got scarily overwhelmed with body kits that incorporated different headlights or even taillights to the fold. Civics with Acura CL headlights, or entire Integra front ends; some sporting Supra taillights and headlights. The variations were so random in combining body components from other cars that we all breathed a sigh of relief when the fad ended.

But now it’s just a pure oddity to see this showing up with traditional domestic tuners and hot-rodders, taking the perfectly fine looking new generation Camaro and squeezing on a completely disproportional front end that from a classic ’69 Camaro SS.

The car in question was spotted at the recent Carlisle Performance & Sound show, which is mostly full of domestics and hot rods. The whole project is sort of an interesting idea to us, paying homage to a real classic, but if another company is going to step up to the plate to offer another retro-style kit, they better execute with better flowing lines and elongate the front end a bit more. Post your thoughts in the comments!

[Source: CarDomain Blog]

GALLERY: Retro-Style New Camaro


 |  Nov 10 2009, 12:00 PM


A big part of the SEMA Show each year (both in terms of quantity and, well, size) is the truck and off-road industry. Some trucks get lowered suspensions and some lifted, some run on supercharged 4-cylinders, while others rely on massive turbocharged diesel units. Yet despite all that divides some truck lovers from others, they all seem to equally love to modify their rigs – often to the extreme.

We’ve gathered together a collection of all (or almost all) of the trucks at the 2009 SEMA Show for you to peruse. We also explored some of the trucks in more detail, including the Dodge Ram Bianco, DeWALT 2011 F-Series Super Duty, the new 411-hp F-150 SVT Raptor, the Toyota Tundra Hot Rod and the Chevy Silverado ZR2. You can find more on those trucks after the jump.

GALLERY: Trucks of the 2009 SEMA Show


For more on the Dodge Ram Bianco, DeWALT 2011 F-Series Super Duty, the new 411-hp F-150 SVT Raptor and the Chevy Silverado ZR2, see after the jump:

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