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 |  Jan 06 2011, 3:40 PM

Fiat 500 Mopar 05.jpg

Having already announced almost an entirely new lineup of vehicles in 2010, Chrysler is planning to put the focus on accessories at the Detroit Auto Show next week.

Among the list of Moparized vehicles will be the new 2012 Fiat 500. Painted matte-black, the small Italian runabout gets a double blue stripe package, as well as chrome exterior accents including the exhaust tip, mirror covers, fuel door and grille surround. Other accessories include gloss black wheels, a strut tower brace, Katzkin leather interior (black with blue accents), as well as a carbon fiber ‘style’ shift knob and e-brake.

In addition to the Fiat 500, Mopar will also display versions of the Chrysler 200, Dodge Durango, the Ram Outdoorsman, Ram Runner the Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition.

Having revamped its entire line of products, Chrysler is looking to attract more customers though in-house aftermarket accessories. “More than 30 percent of the people who are in the market for a new vehicle are influenced by the breadth and availability of aftermarket accessories,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar. “With our company’s launch of 16 new vehicles, Mopar is coming to the party with a truck-load of accessories that will fit a variety of lifestyles.”

Chrysler hasn’t confirmed if the Fiat Mopar accessories will be offered, but it’s likely.

Look for live photos with the kick-off of the Detroit Auto Show next Monday, January 10th. Until then, see AutoGuide’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show preview here.

GALLERY: Mopar-Equipped Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Mopar 05.jpgFiat 500 Mopar 04.jpgFiat 500 Mopar 03.jpgFiat 500 Mopar 02.jpgFiat 500 Mopar 01.jpg

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 |  Nov 29 2010, 3:34 PM


With Fiat’s 500 about to hit dealers in North America, we’re about to see an influx of aftermarket tuners producing products for the Italian car and all its many variants.

Novitec, a famed Ferrari tuner, has taken the Italian hatch and added its own twist. Starting with Abarth’s high-performance version, Novitec is offering several different tuning packages that offer horsepower upgrades from 164-hp to 212-hp.

The packages are available for the 1.4L T-Jet 4-cylinder powerplant with their NT4-Corse taking center stage. Priced at close to $4,000 the kit comes complete with a new turbo, air filter and air intake box on the intake side. On the exhaust side, Novitec provides a new exhaust system. For fuel, bigger injectors and a fuel pressure regulator are included. And of course the ECU is upgraded with Novitec’s Powerjet 2 unit. The exhaust system is offered separately for those wanting just that for their Abarth 500.

Suspension upgrades are also available from Novitec from sport springs (that lowers the Abarth 500 approximately 1.37-inches) or full coilovers that come with stiffer shocks. For wheels, Novitec offers 17-inch or 18-inch N10 wheels in either silver polished or matte black finishes. The wheels start at $1,460. Those wanting an extra-aggressive setup, Novitec will accompany an 18×8-inch package for Abarth’s 500.

On the outside, Novitec has also developed a new front lip spoiler made of carbon fiber and the turn signals are tinted in black.

GALLERY: Novitec Abarth 500

novitec_abarth_500_10.JPG novitec_abarth_500_11.jpg novitec_abarth_500_14.JPG novitec_abarth_500_3.JPG novitec_abarth_500_18.JPG novitec_abarth_500_20.JPG

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 |  Nov 23 2010, 2:37 PM


With the Fiat 500 having just launched at the LA Auto Show, the aftermarket has already started releasing plenty of toys for the Italian economy car. Set to debut at the Essen Motorshow in Germany later this month, Hamann and H&R have teamed up to release their Fiat 500 rendition and there’s quite the surprise under the hood.

Hamann has taken the little Fiat 500 and turned it into a potent street machine, taking the stock 135-hp to an impressive 275-hp. Move over MINI Cooper! The horsepower bump is attributed to an ECU retune and a new exhaust. Worth noting however is that the horsepower jump comes from the 1.4L turbocharged powerplant – so the ECU retune obviously shoves in a ton more boost and fuel.

Along with the performance upgrades, Hamann has come up with an entire kit with new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and wheels. Braking has also been enhanced through Hamann. All of this means nothing if the car is still rocking a stock ride height. Thankfully H&R has already developed a lowering kit for the Fiat 500 and a set of their billet wheel spacers gave the wheels a more aggressive fitment.

GALLERY: Hamann and H&R Fiat 500

hamann_fiat_2.jpg hamann_fiat_3.jpg hamann_fiat_4.jpg

[Source: Topspeed]

 |  Oct 13 2010, 12:10 PM


Here’s yet another example that money can’t buy taste. This little Italian number is garnering quite a bit of attention on JamesList where a limited number of these Fiat 500 La Dolce Vitas are up for sale in Deep Red Sportiva or Golden Pearl White Classica. Italian tuner Felice Milano aims to do the outlandish and gaudy… and we’re guessing some people still want it.

Felice Milano has taken a perfectly fine Fiat 500 and tossed 24k gold inserts all over the car. We’re talking side mirrors, headlights, pillars and other detailed accents on the exterior. The exhaust tip is full on gold and so are those stylish 17-inch wheels.

Now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen the 24k gold trend on cars. There are quite a handful of modified imports out there that have sported 24k wheels or valve covers, but never anything this extreme – or gaudy. We guess the lesson to be learned here is that gold on cars is best done in moderation.

[Source: JamesList Blog]

GALLERY: Felice Milano Fiat 500 La Dolce Vita

fenice_fiat_500_2.jpg fenice_fiat_500_3.jpg

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 |  Jun 25 2010, 11:08 AM

When we first set our eyes (in person) on the Fiat 500 in Abarth form at Tokyo Auto Salon, we couldn’t help but wonder how awesome it would be to see the Fiat 500 on American soil. And now that we’ve spotted it in Detroit and know it’ll be making its way to dealerships by the end of the year we’re always excited for Fiat news. We think this hot hatch will appeal to a huge crowd from budget, economy car owners to an affluent Ferrari owner looking for a daily driver.

But clearly this story isn’t about the Fiat 500 that we know. Far from it actually. Out in Germany, an unsuspecting blogger was just cruising along the road one day when his eyes spotted something he’s never seen before; something we’ve never seen before – and we’ve seen quite a lot. Staring back at him was a stretched previous-generation Fiat 500 limousine. Yep, while we’re used to seeing stretched Hummers or Escalades cruising the streets, some crazy German(s) took the most iconic Italian city car and added plenty of extra windows to it.

Hopefully we won’t be seeing any of this nonsense once the new Fiat 500 makes it to North America. At the end of the day though, if someone did it we’d still think it’s cool. Terrible, but cool.

[Source: The Italian Junkyard via Fiat on Facebook]

GALLERY: Stretched Fiat 500 Limousine

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 |  May 04 2010, 7:01 AM


What’s faster, greener, has more traction, and cheaper to run than a “normal” Fiat 500 Abarth? Well, the title of this post and photo have given away the answer.

What does Atomik Cars do for you that Fiat doesn’t? First, they install some lithium ion batteries into the cuter-than-Hello Kitty Fiat 500. Then they install two electric motors, with direct drive to each wheel — making it all-wheel-drive. To top it off? Full carbon fiber bodywork. Oh yes. Zero to 60 is gone in 5.6 seconds, and top speed is just above 110 mph.

The body kit is cool, but we’d buy it only for its retro-look alloy wheels.

Price? How much do you think a limited-run (only 50 will be made) hand built all-electric carbon fiber car goes for these days? In a word: more money than would fit inside the 500.