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 |  Jan 15 2012, 2:30 PM


With the launch of the CR-Z, Honda wanted to emphasize that hybrids can in fact be sporty, now the automaker is continuing to promote the idea in its home market with the Honda Sports & Eco Program.

Essentially an amateur racing series it lets drivers compete using spec CR-Zs (outfitted with Mugen wheels and an aero kit) on track. Each car also features a complete roll cage and Recaro driver’s seat with racing harnesses.

Running at Honda company tracks like Suzuki and Twin Ring Motegi, drivers get to feel just how much fun driving green can be. Exactly how fuel efficient a CR-Z at wide-open-throttle is, well…



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 |  Jan 14 2012, 3:00 PM


Known for modifying wagons like the Honda Odyssey and Nisaan Stegea, Japanese tuner Takero’s recently expanded its product offering to include the Honda Fit – with impressive results. First came aerodynamic components, followed by suspension parts, now Takero’s has revealed a wide body kit for the Fit at the Tokyo Auto Salon, plus a turbocharger setup.

Head-on the Takero’s Fit still looks impressive, but the widebody sub-compact looks a little absurd from any other angle. The obvious advantage, however, is the ability to fit wider tires for more grip, with some massive 225/35/18 rubber on this machine. And that extra tire is no doubt necessary to help put down the extra power generated by the new turbocharger setup. Unfortunately, Takero’s hasn’t released any specs on the kit, but we’d expect something close to the 180 hp mark.

GALLERY: Takeros Honda Fit Turbo


 |  Jul 02 2011, 8:21 PM


It looks like Mugen isn’t stopping with its CR-Z Concept. Along with that 200-hp supercharged hybrid the famed Honda tuner is rolling out a motorsports-inspired CR-Z at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Honda CR-Z Mugen RR Concept represents Mugen’s racing spirit and is intended to give a look at the brand’s future design language. The aggressive CR-Z RR features a whole new front end, fully equipped with a new bumper, wider front fenders, new side skirts, aggressive rear bumper, rear spoiler and 18-inch wheels. Gone is the mundane styling that many expect from a hybrid and the CR-Z RR really shows off what Mugen is all about. We’re also loving the shade Mugen paired up with the RR concept. On the inside, the orange theme continues, accented with various carbon fiber components.

From the official press release it sounds like Mugen will move ahead with this kit. Paired with performance upgrades it’s already developed, this could make quite an impressive hybrid tuner package.

GALLERY: Mugen Honda CR-Z RR Concept

honda_cr_z_mugen_r_r_concept_1.jpg honda_cr_z_mugen_r_r_concept_2.jpg

[Source: JonSibal]

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 |  Jun 22 2011, 10:18 AM


It’s been quite a while since Mugen and Honda had this much buzz surrounding a car. And while some are still rolling their eyes at the thought of a modified hybrid, Mugen is definitely poised to prove that you can have your cake and eat it too, finally announcing full specs of its supercharged CR-Z.

At the core of it all, Mugen has taken the CR-Z’s standard 1.5L and rebuilt it with upgraded internal components. The iCF system, which stands for Integrated Centrifugal Forced-induction (aka, supercharged), works flawlessly on the electric motor-engine combination. The result is an impressive increase in horsepower and torque, with 197-hp and 158 lb-ft, up from the factory’s 122-hp and 128 ft-lbs.

Even more impressive is Mugen’s comparison of the CR-Z to the infamous Honda Civic Type-R, stating that its 0-62 mph time is very close at 6.6 seconds. Mugen is looking to shave off even more weight from the CR-Z, hoping to make it quicker than the Civic Type-R was.

For those wondering what the impact is on fuel consumption, it’s fairly impressive to hear that the CR-Z in “eco” mode still retains 42-mpg while in “Mugen” mode it consumes 29.4-mpg. Overall, still not too shabby given the performance numbers it’s boasting.

And of course the Mugen CR-Z wouldn’t be a complete package if it solely focused on what’s underneath the hood. Mugen also outfits the CR-Z with a complete aero package, 17-inch Mugen GP wheels, carbon fiber hood and doors. For suspension, five-way adjustable dampers were added while braking was enhanced through larger rotors and 4-piston calipers. The Mugen CR-Z is also equipped with a different limited slip differential to help get all the extra power to the ground.

On the inside, Mugen tosses in a set of Recaro sport seats alongside a new shift knob, carbon fiber rear view mirror cover and a trio of Mugen gauges displaying water, oil temperature and pressure. This may be one of the finest offerings Mugen has yet to offer in the recent years, and we’re excited to see it up close and personal.

GALLERY: Mugen Honda CR-Z

mugen_honda_cr_z_10.jpg mugen_honda_cr_z_11.jpg mugen_honda_cr_z_12.jpg mugen_honda_cr_z_13.jpg mugen_honda_cr_z_15.jpg mugen_honda_cr_z_18.jpg

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 |  Apr 28 2011, 8:41 AM

The CR-Z that Honda fanboys have been begging for is on its way thanks to Mugen. The European division of the tuner has just released new details on its high-performance version of the sporty hybrid coupe, with the big news being a supercharger under the hood to deliver 200-hp.

Mugen Euro hasn’t released exact specs but says the supercharger mated to the 1.5-liter engine (which retains the hybrid electric system) will make “around 200PS” with 181 lb-ft of torque. That’s roughly an increase of 50 percent over the standard CR-Z.

“The idea was to use the significant advantage of the early torque provided by the Honda IMA electric motor, then increase the torque available from the petrol engine gradually, to first maintain and then increase this,” says Colin Whittamore from Mugen Euro. “A supercharger and complementary electronics allow us to very neatly map the IMA to the extra power and torque of the engine in a unique package, giving a smooth and integrated powerful driving experience.”

In addition to the added power, the Mugen CR-Z will also sport 5-way adjustable dampers, a wider track and lower weight. New 17-inch forged wheels will cut unsprung mass while bigger brakes are also a part of the package. Plus, there’s going to be a typically wild Mugen aero kit.

Alas…. there’s a gray cloud to this silver lining. Yes, the Mugen CR-Z, set to debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, is just a one off. Will they offer production versions or sell the supercharger kit solo? They damn well better!

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 |  Feb 17 2011, 1:36 PM

Accord Remix 01.JPG

Honda is well aware that it has a strong following of enthusiasts who love to modify their cars and with the launch of the 9th generation Civic expected later this year, the Japanese automaker is catering to its fan base, displaying a few tuner cars at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto.

Flanking the new Civic Si Concept and Civic Sedan Concept are what Honda is calling the REMIX CR-Z and REMIX Accord Coupe, built in association with Performance Auto & Sound Magazine (PASMAG).

As expected with PASMAG, both cars have big audio systems, but otherwise the builds are surprisingly clean, both using matte white and matte black paint, with tame aero kits, suspension drops and some nice Enkei wheels. For all the details, hit the jump for the press release, and check out the galleries below.

GALLERY: Honda REMIX Accord Coupe

Accord Remix 02.JPGAccord Remix 03.JPGAccord Remix 04.JPGAccord Remix 05.JPGAccord Remix 06.JPGAccord Remix 01.JPG


CR-Z Remix 03.JPGCR-Z Remix 01.JPGCR-Z Remix 02.JPGCR-Z Remix 06.JPGCR-Z Remix 05.JPGCR-Z Remix 03.JPG

Official release after the jump:

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 |  Feb 02 2011, 9:31 PM


Modifying hybrids has turned into a solid market out in Japan, and one of the oldest aero kit designers has joined in on the fun. In the late 1990s, C-West had immersed itself into the American market with its popular Honda and Acura body kits but recently the buzz for C-West’s infamous styling had subsided. We did report last year in April that C-West would be developing a kit for the CR-Z and now we’re finally able to enjoy the finished (and real) product.

C-West is offering two different front ends for the hybrid CR-Z; one which is a front half spoiler (add-on lip) and the other being a full bumper replacement that sports traditional C-West styling. Fitting with either front end is a pair of side skirts and a rear half spoiler that makes the CR-Z quite a bit more aggressive.

In addition to the four piece body kit, C-West also offers a rear spoiler and a hood for the CR-Z.

Overall the CR-Z market is shaping up to be very attractive – perhaps it’ll do a better job than the Fit did in bringing Honda back to becoming popular among the sport compact enthusiasts.

GALLERY: C-West Honda CR-Z

c_west_honda_cr_z_2.jpg c_west_honda_cr_z_3.jpg c_west_honda_cr_z_4.jpg c_west_honda_cr_z_5.jpg c_west_honda_cr_z_1.jpg

[Source: Farm of Minds]

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 |  Jan 25 2011, 11:08 AM

The old age debate of imports vs. domestics, four-cylinders vs. V8s, high-revving horsepower vs. low-end torque… the argument continues to rage on despite a whole new era of simple hybrids. And while we won’t see many GM enthusiasts swapping in a Honda S2000 powerplant into their domestic machine, there have been plenty of import enthusiasts taking big V8 muscle and shoving it into their engine bays.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of engine-swapped hybrids from the Honda camp, from GS-R B18′s into Civics to Prelude H22′s into CRXs. Of course with the only popular RWD application from Honda being the S2000, it would only be a matter of time before enthusiasts began swapping in American V8s under the hood of the high-strung two-seater.

So here’s one of the cleanest builds we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Jason, the owner of this Honda S2000 on S2ki, did one hell of a project from the bottom up. Under the hood is a V8 LS1 powerplant while the rest of the car gets subtle upgrades to kept it extremely clean and functional. While some enthusiasts would probably go overboard with the aesthetics, this S2000 is conservative, giving no indication at what’s underneath the hood.

The initial dyno run turned out 317-hp and 333 ft-lbs of torque, a serious increase in power and more than double the factory block’s torque. Plus, it sounds like a beast.

GALLERY: LS1 Powered Honda S2000


[Photo Credit: Chad Lunn, Source: S2ki]

Check out two videos of the S2000 after the jump.

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 |  Nov 01 2010, 8:41 PM


Technically the SEMA Show doesn’t start until tomorrow but thanks to our spies inside we have these snap shots of just what potential Honda‘s new CR-Z has. The Honda Performance Development CR-Z Racer looks like a true racing machine and likely is with a fully stripped-down body, a lowered suspension, functional aero and some big 17-inch wheels with meaty racing slicks.

But the truly exciting mods are found under the hood, where Honda strapped a Borg Warner turbo to the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder to pump out 175-hp and 155 ft-lbs of torque. But that’s not all, Honda also rejigged the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid setup to produce added power that’s available with a Indy Car styled push-to-pass button. When pressed, the CR-Z makes a total of 200-hp and 175 ft-lbs of torque.

Other mods include an LSD and some big brake upgrades.

Hopefully Honda is serious about taking this car racing and we’ll be at the press conference tomorrow to find out.

GALLERY: Honda Performance Development CR-Z Racer


Hit the jump to view Honda’s SEMA Press conference:

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 |  Sep 21 2010, 1:46 AM


Customized hybrids look to be gaining popularity, as is evidenced by this AMS Honda CR-Z. Overall it’s pretty clean but just a tad too aggressive for our tastes. The center exit dual exhaust with a wickedly designed carbon fiber diffuser features more sharp lines and angles than we care to count. The rear spoiler on the trunk is pretty clean though and rounds off the CR-Z’s natural shape pretty well.

The front three-quarter view of the car really shows off AMS’ goal of making this CR-Z aggressive. The kit is headed in the right direction but still looks a bit too busy. We could also do with a different set of wheels – those babies look way too big on that CR-Z’s body.

While this may be the most aggressively tuned CR-Z to date, it’s certain to be outdone soon with Honda having shipped several of its new hybrid coupes do tuners throughout the U.S. to build show cars for the upcoming SEMA Show. We’ve already provided teasers on a few of them and will be sure to report back with full coverage of the 2010 SEMA Show starting in early November.


terra_crz_2.jpg terra_crz_3.jpg terra_crz_4.jpg terra_crz_5.jpg

[Source: Farm of Minds]

 |  Sep 15 2010, 10:11 PM

Looks like HKS isn’t the only kid on the block looking for big horsepower gains with Honda‘s newest cool hybrid, the CR-Z. And perhaps this really solidifies a changing of the times considering Top Secret is well known for their wicked drift cars and high horsepower 350Zs and Supras. They’re also well known for their blistering high-speed test runs, so to see Smoky Nagata of Top Secret working away on Honda’s ZF1 hybrid powerplant shows that hybrids and tuning are going to go hand-in-hand for decades to come.

Aftermarket manufacturers are going crazy out in Japan over hybrids and seeing what Top Secret is developing for the CR-Z is slightly astonishing. We can’t quite decipher what’s going on from the magazine snippet – and would love if someone could offer us a translation – but Top Secret is definitely underway in producing a single turbo upgrade and even has a titanium induction kit, oil catch tank and tow hook out to the public now. The stuff comes at a price though, with $995.00 as the MSRP for the Ti Induction kit straight from Japan.

We’re sure many enthusiasts are still rolling their eyes about the idea of a hybrid being turbocharged or supercharged. But let’s face it: every automotive manufacturer will be working on developing hybrids for the future to fill out their lineup with mpg-friendly cars. It’s only natural that the aftermarket will find ways to make these eco cars more fun.

GALLERY: Top Secret Honda CR-Z Parts

[Source: CRZ Forum]

 |  Sep 15 2010, 9:29 PM

For whatever strange reason, North America has never been blessed with receiving any of the Type-R versions of the Honda Civic, and given the huge success of the Integra Type-R, we still sit and scratch our heads on that decision. Nonetheless, the hot Civic Type-R has caught our eyes since day one, and now we’ve got a real look at its potential thank to the genius tuners at J’s Racing.

J’s Racing is notorious for bringing out some of the baddest Hondas over the years, like their trademark Honda S2000 and wickedly-fast Honda Fit. So when we spotted this Euro Honda Civic Type-R we felt inclined to share it.

Hopefully this will inspire some enthusiasts to build their own renditions, but clearly J’s Racing is utilizing this Civic Type-R as a marketing tool for their Hyper ECU line of products. But really, when you take a look at the finished product it’s more or less what we’d expect from any JDM tuner. Clean cut conservative lines, with carbon fiber mixed in and a set of tasteful wheels.

Make sure to check out a video of the car after the break that highlights a lot of the car’s features.

GALLERY: J’s Racing Euro Honda Civic Type-R

js_euro_r_1.jpg js_euro_r_2.jpg js_euro_r_3.jpg js_euro_r_4.jpg

[Source: JDM Ego's Weblog]

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 |  Sep 02 2010, 8:24 PM


RJ De Vera and Hondas have become synonymous with streetable performance for over the past decade. De Vera is one of Honda’s most avid enthusiasts, building some of the cleanest, daily-driven projects we’ve seen over the years. So it’s no surprise that Honda has partnered up with RJ yet again for their newest and greatest creation, the Honda CR-Z.

We’ve been preaching since the Tokyo Auto Salon that the hybrid tuning craze is inevitably going to take off in America. While it may never reach the heights of what Japan has done in the last couple of years, the release of Honda’s CR-Z could help shape the new trend.

For SEMA this year, Honda has given away several Honda CR-Zs to car builders around the nation to show off what can be done to the fun, hot hatch. We’ve already teased the Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition’s build, and now we’re getting a sneak preview of what RJ De Vera has planned for his CR-Z build.

We spoke to RJ briefly and he stressed to us the focus of the CR-Z is to be a clean and fully functional street car that is fun, hence the name CR-Z Type-F. Naturally the CR-Z wouldn’t quite pull its own weight (for now) as a Type-R model, and naming it as such would just be foolish and downright silly. De Vera told us that he wants it to be fully functional so it can compete in the Source Interlink Super Lap Battle shortly after the show.

The CR-Z will be showcasing Wraptivo’s brand of products, a new division of Meguiar’s that focuses on custom car wraps. On the outside will be a matte black wrap with glossy black accents to contrast. Carbon fiber film wrap will be used on the roof, hood and part of the center section of the front bumper to show off just what Wraptivo can do for you.

Naturally a clean aero kit will be utilized along with a set of lightweight Volk Racing TE-37s in an awesome F-Zero Red color. Suspension looks like it’ll come from TEIN while Brembo will be handling the aftermarket brakes. De Vera disclosed to us that he is working closely with HKS on getting a supercharger for the hybrid, while Hondata has been working hard on cracking the ECU to eke out every bit of power.

As always, AutoGuide will be on hand at the 2010 SEMA Show in early November to bring you complete coverage.

Get more Honda CR-Z News and Info at

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Aug 09 2010, 4:58 PM


With the Honda CR-Z just hitting dealerships, plenty of excitement is brewing with all the aftermarket goodies that have already been designed and developed over in Japan. HKS has been producing high quality products for a variety of Japanese vehicles for decades and now they’re focusing on their line of GT Superchargers. And what better way to make the news than to manufacture a supercharger for the upcoming Honda CR-Z hybrid?

Currently HKS’s supercharged CR-Z makes around 170-hp, which is more than respectable for a hybrid. How it affects gas mileage, we’re not sure, since no numbers have been released. But given that it’s all in its infancy, we can expect tuners both in Japan and America to really take advantage of HKS’s GT Supercharger to push power beyond 200 while maintaining mpg when power isn’t needed.

Check out the video of the CR-Z on the dyno after the break. It’s clearly in a fast forward frame rate, but you still get the idea.

Video available after the break.

GALLERY: HKS Supercharged Honda CR-Z

hks_crz_2.jpg hks_crz_3.jpg

[Source: Luxury4Play]

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 |  Aug 06 2010, 2:27 PM


Even though it seems like the glory days of modifying Hondas and Acuras are over, the Fit has done a surprisingly good job at ushering in a new era of Honda tuning. Out in Japan, the Fit is actually a very popular platform among the tuning community and Axis Styling’s Fit is one we really dig.

Playing off of a Type-R style build, Axis Styling’s Fit sports a real clean body kit (from Axis Styling of course) that is definitely something we could see from Honda as a Type-R model. It’s clean and not overdone, though the rear spoiler is sort of odd. The taillights have been tinted and the car sits nicely on a set of 17-inch Work Emotion XT7 wheels, also in white.

Though it may sound weird to ever see or hear of a Fit Type-R, it’d be interesting to see Honda pack a bigger punch in the eco-car with some stylish good lucks and better handling.

GALLERY: Axis Styling Honda Fit

axis_fit_2.jpg axis_fit_3.jpg

[Source: Farm of Minds]

 |  Aug 03 2010, 9:44 AM

Hybrid tuning is about to take on a whole new face now that Honda‘s CR-Z has hit the market. Tjin Edition has been building plenty of SEMA showpieces including their most recent Chevrolet Camaro, and this year they have teamed up with Fortune Motorsports out of Miami, Florida and American Honda Motor Corporation for this year’s SEMA show.

Proving that Honda is adamant in pushing CR-Z sales to the masses, including tuners and builders, Fortune Motorsports and Tjin Edition have already teased their upcoming project well in advance of November’s SEMA Show. From what we can gather, the CR-Z will be sporting ADV1 wheels with Falken Tires, Status Racing seats and Air Lift suspension. With how successful the Prius and Insight are doing in Japan, we can only imagine the potential of the CR-Z. Will this generation of tuning catch on in America? We sure hope so, it’s always refreshing to see something new and exciting.

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Jun 25 2010, 12:00 PM

Driver Will Chan and his twincharged Enmo Racing Honda Civic turned the Time Attack world on its ear with a dominating performance at the Redline Time Attack Autobahn Country Club event (near Chicago), where Chan won the Street FWD class by 5-seconds over the nearest competitor and reset the class track record by over 3-seconds. In fact, Chan’s car was so fast his time was just 0.2-seconds off the Street AWD record.

Proving that racing is often a fickle mistress, the Enmo Racing Civic was then unceremoniously rear-ended by a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII that slid off the track in the same puddle of oil that the little Honda encountered just moments before. As the pictures available after the jump show, this left the oil-spewing Honda S2000 that started the unfortunate chain reaction and the Enmo Civic sitting in a dangerous spot on the outside of an oil-covered corner, and before the corner workers could throw a red flag to warn the oncoming Mitsubishi, it too hit the slick patch and careened off the track into both Hondas.

Enmo Racing hasn’t let this cruel twist of fate slow them down though, so expect to see this amazing turbocharged and supercharged old school Honda tearing it up at an upcoming Redline Time Attack event, perhaps even at the legendary Sebring road course in August as well as the series finals in November.

[Source: Enmo Racing]

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 |  Jun 15 2010, 8:46 AM


Like here in North American, Mugen parts have long been available to hard-core Honda fans through tuner shops and online resources. But Honda fanboys in the United Kingdom can now get those same parts right from their local Honda dealer. That’s right, eight Honda dealers have just signed on to officially sell Mugen parts for both the Civic and the new CR-Z.

And the best part is, the parts are factory backed, meaning they won’t void the factory warranty.

Included int he list of parts at items like body kits, spoilers, springs, shocks, wheels and brake upgrades. See more of the parts available for the CR-Z here, and the Civic here.

[Source: AutoCar]

 |  Jun 09 2010, 10:15 PM

Gosh, it’s hard to believe the Honda B-Series engine is still kicking strong after all these years. Sure, it’ll always be one of the most cost-effective engines out there for power to dollar output, but one would think by now the K-Series would be overwhelming the B-Series in popularity. But no way, Honda and Acura enthusiasts say. We love the B-Series, will stick by the B-Series and the K-Series can kiss our proven performance.

Skunk2 has proven just how strong the B-Series market still is, continuing to develop and market products for the popular Honda engine. But while all the other aftermarket manufacturers are chugging out black-powdercoated parts, Skunk2 bucks the trend with a nice red finish on their intake manifolds that match the crinkle red found on JDM B-Series valve covers.

It’s one of those situations where we sit back and wonder – why did it even take this long for someone to do this? The clean red valve cover is probably more popular than the factory black one, and the intake manifold is one of those components that would be a perfect match. So forget chroming or polishing your intake manifold. Get in line for one of these bad boys – they’ll be limited in quantity and if we had a B-Series lying around we’d for sure get one.

GALLERY: Skunk2 Red Pro Series Intake Manifolds

[Source: Skunk2 Blog]

 |  Feb 26 2010, 12:59 PM


Famed Honda tuner Mugen has just released a full line of aesthetic and “performance” accessories for the new CR-Z. While in stock form the CR-Z doesn’t seem overly sporty with just 122-hp, Mugen is hoping to improve on that with a new stainless steel exhaust system which will be good for maybe a pony or two. New brake pads are also offered, as well as a completely new suspension. Also helping in the handling department are two new wheel designs in several finishes, which will no doubt be larger and lighter than the stock rollers with the ability to handle some slightly wider and lower profile tires.

As for the Mugen dress-up parts, they really give the CR-Z an aggressive side, although we’re not quite sure about the LED bumper insert. Oh, and that rear spoiler seems a bit much too. We do, however, particularly like the triangle-shaped exhaust finisher.

Other accessories include a Mugen shift knob (already being copied and sold on eBay, no doubt), as well as Mugen floor mats and a three-gauge cluster.

Have a look at the full gallery below and download your Mugen CR-Z wallaper here.



 |  Nov 05 2009, 7:06 PM


Situated right across the isle from Honda’s official SEMA Show booth we found a modified Honda Insight at the ENEOS Oil booth. Owned by member Xtremeview, the car features a custom aero kit and a lowered suspension.

Other modifications include a set of Rays wheels with Yokohama Parada tires, a Tanabe exhaust and some Bride racing seats. The car also features a new audio system with light weight components that are also designed to use less power.

The project is based on the idea of blending high performance with efficiency. As cool as it may look, we have to admit, considering the reputation the Insight has earned, we’re not sure it’s the poster boy for either.

GALLERY: ENEOS Honda Insight


 |  Nov 03 2009, 6:16 PM


Honda used the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Show to announce the introduction of a new line of Mugen Accessories for the 2010 Accord. Mugen has long been known as a performance parts company, building special edition cars for Honda as well as assisting in the company’s motorsports programs.

The list of Mugen parts for the Accord include: 18-inch wheels, a new front grille and front lip spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper valance, as well as floor mats, a machined aluminum oil ca and a special front emblem. The parts will be available through authorized Honda dealers and all body panels will come pre-painted in one of five Accord factor colors: Polished Metal Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, White Diamond Pearl and Taffeta White.

“With a growing accessory lineup, now including Mugen kits for the Accord sedan and Fit, Honda is committed to supporting personalization of our vehicles into the future,” said Bruce Smith, VP of Parts Operations for American Honda Motor Co.

The complete lineup of Mugen Accessories for the 2010 Accord will be available starting November 11th.

GALLERY: 2010 Honda Accord with Mugen Accessories


 |  Jun 22 2009, 10:54 AM


We recently reported that Honda tuner Mugen was planning a version of the Euro-spec Civic Type-R and now that story has essentially been confirmed as Mugen has released photos and a short video of its front-drive hot-hatch.

Mugen still hasn’t release any details on the model, but it is expected to follow the format set by the 4-door Honda Civic Mugen RR. That means output from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder will be massaged to 237hp at 8000 rpm and 160 ft-lbs of torque at a lofty 7000 rpm.

The photos confirm a aggressive body kit, a dual-exhaust setup and what appear to be 18-inch wheels. What we don’t know is if the rear seats will be deleted, as reported.

Also up in the air are the Brembo brakes. We would expect to see them on this car (like on the RR), but in a short video of the car that Mugen released they appear to be absent.

It does appear as though that the car will be only offered as a right-hand drive U.K.-spec model, and while that is unfortunate for the rest of Europe, it is expected as the Honda following in Briton is much higher than on the continent.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

GALLERY: Mugen U.K.-Spec Civic Type-R


[Source: 4WheelsNews]

Mugen Planning RR-Version of Euro-Spec Civic Type-R

Overhaul will include 237hp upgrade and the removal of the rear seats

 |  Jun 12 2009, 2:59 PM


Honda’s odd-looking Euro-spec Civic Type-R hatchback is about to get the Mugen treatment. With the success of the Honda Civic Mugen RR sedan, the Japanese Honda-tuner wants to take on the latest Type-R, adding power, dropping weight and making an already amazing package that much better.

Mugen isn’t releasing any hard and fast facts yet, but the car is expected to rely heavily on the Mugen RR sedan, so we should expect to see the 2.0-liter engine upped to 237hp at 8000 rpm and 160 ft-lbs of torque at a lofty 7000 rpm.

The light-weight 18-inch forged alloy wheels, Brembo brakes and amazing Recaro seats will also be a part of the package. And as for those rear seats, they’ll be tossed entirely for maximum weight savings.

The real trick will be if Mugen can design an aero kit that not only works (we have no doubt of that), but which can actually make the car look good.

EVO magazine estimates the price to be in the £35,000-range – which equates to roughly $58,000.

GALLERY: Civic Mugen RR Sedan


[Source: EVO]