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 |  Sep 06 2010, 11:41 AM


Back in May, we discovered Onyx Concept based out of Dublin, Ireland. They had done an interesting package for the Land Rover that we had mixed opinions about. But we noticed on their website that they also tinker with a plethora of other makes and manufacturers, but for the most part preferred to stick with SUVs. Whether SUVs are just too boring, or Onyx Concept realized there’s some money to be had with sporty coupes, the tuning house has decided to release a package for BMW‘s ever-popular E92 M3.

And much like the kit that they produced for the Land Rover, we’re a little unsure about the total package. We’re digging the modified front bumper with carbon fiber front lip that makes the M3 extra aggressive, but the rear of the car just looks way too bulky and busy, especially with the funky trunk lid going on. We have to credit them for using high quality carbon fiber and somewhat stepping outside the box in terms of design, but yet again we have a love/hate relationship with Onyx.

We don’t see any photos of the interior or engine bay, but Onyx has reupholstered the interior with buffalo hide and carbon fiber trim. The 4.0L V8 gets a big boost to 621-hp from the factory 414-hp, so we’re guessing that it’s a complete blast to drive. They didn’t specify how they got to that point, but we’re going to safely assume it involves forced induction (probably a supercharger) with your typical ECU reflash, intake and exhaust. The package will be available on October 31st, so we’ll keep our eyes out for pricing and performance specs.

Official press release available after the break.


onyx_m3_2.jpg onyx_m3_3.jpg

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 |  Jun 10 2010, 10:03 PM

Oh boy – it looks like the gauntlet has been thrown down and G-Power now has a true challenger. We first showed off GTHaus’ Meisterschaft Widebody E92 BMW M3 and then G-Power’s Pair of Clubsport M3s available to the public. Probably given the hype that G-Power’s parts produced, GTHaus didn’t sit around to be overtaken. They refreshed the decals of their demo car to reflect more of the M-moniker (cyan, blue, red vs. black, orange and red) and scored themselves some wicked photos by Jeremy Cliff. All in hopes of marketing the widebody kit to the public – yes, it’ll be available!

As we covered earlier, the BMW E92 M3 has been custom widebodied and sports massive 20-inch wheels, KW suspension and Brembo’s big brakes. The widebody will apparently be available for $12,500 in full carbon fiber. Now will that include Meisterschaft’s exhaust? Who knows. But in case you need a refresher, the widebody kit comes complete with a new front bumper with splitter, flared fenders, side skirts with triple winglets and the rear widebody arches.

Check out the video and gallery after the jump – GTHaus is on a rampage!

[Source: MyCreative via WorldCarFans]

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 |  Jun 08 2010, 9:56 PM

Almost two months ago we debuted Vorsteiner’s GT3RS Widebody M3 and now we have much better photos of the vehicle they used to demo the kit. The project vehicle is actually VF Engineering’s, a company that specializes in manufacturing superchargers. Their BMW M3 kit has been highly successful within the market and a huge hit amongst fans. EAS (European Auto Source) recently had the vehicle after Bimmerfest, so they decided to do a photoshoot paired with their own project BMW M3.

The photos are a great example of how enthusiasts can really contrast the builds of the cars. The widebody M3 from VF Engineering is clearly the more aggressive one while EAS’ own is a nice, clean street car. At the same time though, but are to die for and very worth of eye candy.

VF Engineering has taken the widebody M3 and adopted a nice “stealth fighter” theme to it. And that’s really what comes to our mind when we see the car. It’s mean, aggressive and ready to drop a bomb on any unsuspecting victim. The graphics on the car is a nice and subtle contrast on the matte green paint and does its job well. We can only imagine how well it performs with that blower under the hood!

[Source: European Auto Source]

GALLERY: EAS / VF Engineering BMW E92 M3s

 |  Jun 03 2010, 12:25 PM


Showing that the economy is truly turning around, the aftermarket industry (fueled by disposable income) continues to pick up steam. Recently ARKYM announced its AeroRace Kit for the BMW E92 M3. With yet another entry to the BMW E92 M3 segment for body styling options, we groaned when we saw that ARKYM’s slogan is “The Ultimate Aerodynamic Experience.” Surprisingly ARKYM’s take on the BMW E92 M3 is a splendid one.

Based out of California, ARKYM does its own original design work in-house, priding itself on “combining form, function and aerodynamic theory with industry standard materials and production efficiency.” Again, not something entirely novel for body kit companies to make these claims, but taking a look at ARKYM’s product shows that the proof is in the pudding.

The AeroRace Kit includes full double-sided carbon fiber on the hood and the trunk, freeing up weight while giving it a nice and fresh aggressive design. The vents are subtle enough to not be gaudy and the fitment looks fantastic based on the photos. There’s a price to pay for the products though, with the MSRP on the hood set at $1,999.00 while the trunk will set you back $1,249.00.

We’ re just thrilled that some companies are still kicking strong and thinking outside the box instead of simply replicating what’s existing at a cheaper price.



[Source: BMW Blog]

 |  Apr 14 2010, 2:36 PM


GTHaus, manufacturers and distributors of Meisterschaft exhausts systems, designed and built a widebody E92 BMW M3 to showcase their brand and products. Meisterschaft has had huge success over the last years designing, developing and building high quality exhaust systems for popular sport-luxury cars such as the Nissan GT-R and the BMW M3.

There’s no better way to garner attention to your brand than with a show-stopper like this. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no arguing the quality and attention to detail on the build. Anyone that has ever been involved with building a custom widebody for any chassis knows the difficulty with making it work from bumper to bumper. The project is clearly modeled after the ALMS GT BMWs with a race-inspired look.

The car sports a custom set of Savini wheels, but definitely could use a more aggressive fitment or a lower stance to really complete the race look. Rumor has it that the car has undergone some more transformations, so we’ll be keeping our eyes out for the updated look.

[Source: Luxury4Play]

GALERY: GTHaus / Meisterschaft Widebody E92 BMW M3