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 |  Jul 30 2011, 11:28 AM


Anderson Germany’s newest creation is a menacing, flat black Maserati Gran Turismo S that they’ve dubbed the Superior Black Edition. The only parts remaining on this Gran Turismo S that aren’t matte are the window frames, grille and rear logo. And they’re all gloss back.

The dark theme continues with a tinted shade on the headlights and taillights. Plus, to complement the matte black Anderson Germany outfitted the Gran Turismo S with a new hood and a selection of carbon fiber components – the mirrors, tailgate, roof ledges, left and right air inlets are all in carbon.

To finish off the exterior modifications, Anderson Germany also equips the Maserati with subtle front and rear aprons while 21-inch wheels adorn all four corners. The car was then lowered to give it the proper stance it needs to match the rest of the package. Horsepower has been increased to a respectable 492-hp, up from the factory 440-hp, thanks to a new exhaust system with racing catalytic converters and an ECU retune. There is also a weight savings of about 29-lbs from the new exhaust.

The interior receives plenty of carbon fiber accents while in car electronics has been decked out with plenty of monitors and a Playstation3. Reupholstery consists of black carbon leather and Alcantara, contrasted with red stitching.

GALLERY: Anderson Germany Maserati Gran Turismo S Superior Black Edition

anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_2.jpg anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_3.jpg anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_4.jpg anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_6.jpg anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_8.jpg anderson_germany_maserati_gran_turismo_s_11.jpg

 |  Sep 08 2010, 7:23 AM


Always thinking outside the box (for better or worse) the team at Mansory has just released its first ever tuning package for a Maserati. Designed for the GranTurismo and GranTurismo S models, there are actually some nice carbon fiber parts buried beneath all the more-red-than-Ferrari paint.

Along with a new suspension setup the lowers the car by 30-mm, the Gran Turismo also looks lower thanks to a complete carbon fiber aero kit that includes side skirts, a carbon fiber lip spoiler, carbon inlay for the exhaust pipe surround, plus a carbon diffuser. A custom-for-Maserati set of wheels has also been designed with 20-inch rollers up front and 21s in the rear.

As for power, Mansory offers a performance pack with a modified ECU, air filter and sports exhaust that bumps power by 30-hp and 30 ft-lbs of torque for both the Gran Turismo and Gran Turismo S.

And on the inside, there’s an extremely custom interior job that would no doubt look far better were it not shockingly red.

AutoGuide will bring you more pics of the Mansory Maserati GranTurismo when it makes its official debut at the Paris Auto Show in just a few week.

GALLERY: Mansory Maserati GranTurismo


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 |  Jul 21 2010, 11:02 AM


Ferrari tuner Novitec has just released a new tuning package for the Maserati Quattroporte under its Tridente brand, adding even more sex appeal to the looks of the Italian sedan plus a supercharger to deliver a total of 590-hp!

The Novitec Tridente Sport package is available for both the Quattroporte S and Quattroporte Sport GT S models, increasing power from 430-hp to 590-hp, while torque jumps from 361 to 422 ft-lbs. Novitec claims a 0-62 mph time of 4.6 seconds.

Additional upgrades include 21-inch alloy wheels, a sport suspension and a carbon fiber rear spoiler.

GALLERY: Novitec Tridente Maserati Quattroporte


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 |  May 12 2009, 11:54 AM

NOVITEC TRIDENTE GTS Kompressor Pic05.jpg

Last week we brought you a story about the 600hp Novitec Tridente Maserati GranTurismo S. The details were limited and the photos grainy and out of focus. Now we have all the official specs and a huge gallery of glorious photos.

What you need to know, other than the fact that the 4.7-liter Italian V8 now makes 600hp thanks to a supercharger, is that torque grows from a factory 361 ft-lbs to 434 ft-lbs. Novitec says this equates to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds – 0.4 seconds faster than the factory car. But with that much power on-tap, the real improvements come up top as the Novitec monster hits 124 mph in 14.6 seconds and tops out at 196 mph.

To help put all that power to the ground the Novitec engineers equipped the Maserati with some new wheels capable of handling massive pieces of rubber. Up front the 20×9-inch wheels get sizable 275/30/20 Pirelli tires while out back the GranTurismo S has been fitted with 21×12.5-inch wheels with enormous 355/25/21 tires.

NOVITEC TRIDENTE GTS Kompressor Pic24.jpg

GALLERY: Novitec Tridente Maserrati GranTurismo S

NOVITEC TRIDENTE GTS Kompressor Pic01.jpgNOVITEC TRIDENTE GTS Kompressor Pic02.jpgNOVITEC TRIDENTE GTS Kompressor Pic27.jpg

Complete details on the Novitec Maserati Tridente after the jump:

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 |  May 06 2009, 12:04 PM


Several years ago Ferrari tuner Novitec released it’s first line of parts for the Maserati brand under the name Novitec Tridente. The minor modifications made available for the Quattroporte model didn’t, however, generate much excitement. The opposite will no doubt be true of the new Novitec Tridente line for the Maserati GranTurismo S…. due mostly to the car’s 600hp output.

With a supercharger, exhaust system and ECU tune the Italian tuning experts at the German Novitec facility have managed to increase output of the 4.7-liter V8 by 160hp. Other upgrades include a set of staggered wheels with an original set of 20×9-inch Novitec NM3 wheels up front and 12×12.5-inch wheels in the rear.


Other highlights include the Novitec//KW suspension system as well as a full aero kit, designed to keep the exotic Maserati planted on the autobahn at high speeds. The kit includes a front splitter, rear diffuser, side skirts and a subtle trunklid spoiler – all made from carbon fiber.

Novitec hasn’t officially released full details on the car so we’ll keep you updated on what else this package entails and just how fast it can go.

GALLERY: Novitec Tridente Maserati GranTurismo S


[Source: WorldCarFans]