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 |  Nov 20 2011, 1:30 PM


Boy oh boy. We’ve seen some pretty bad project cars in our time, some of which can’t be unseen. This, however, might be the most atrocious yet. The victimized vehicle comes from Bosnia, where its owner decided to transform the Mercedes sedan with some Bugatti styling. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out very well and the result is, well… horrendous.

If you didn’t even look at the front of the vehicle, you’d probably be confused as to what the builder was trying to obtain. But the front-end is clearly Bugatti-influenced, along with the rear doors receiving a widebody treatment with the traditional Bugatti flares. Unfortunately the whole thing is just a mess, and not a hot one at that.

Source: Mercedes Turned Bugatti Galibier


[Source: Jalopnik]

 |  Jun 01 2011, 2:38 PM

Mercedes-Benz revealed the 2012 SLS AMG soft-top Roadster a few days ago, and this 563-hp sportscar demands a high price. Available later this year, the $183,000 Merc may be missing the signature gullwing doors, but it certainly does retain the coupe’s power and sex appeal.

The SLS AMG will be powered by a 6.2-liter V8 front-mid engine producing 479 lb-ft of torque, a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and an aluminum space frame body.

Amazingly, the soft-top can open and close in 11 seconds and operates at speeds of up to 31mp/h (50km/h). Three colors are available for the soft-top in red, black and beige.

“The SLS Roadster is a super sports car, cruiser and highly desirable dream-car all in one. In its distinctive way, it continues the succession of iconic and exciting sports cars from Mercedes-Benz,” said Dieter Zetsche, chairman of the board of management of Daimler AG and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

GALLERY: 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 06.jpg2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 09.jpg2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 10.jpg2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 13.jpg2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 15.jpg2012 Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster 14.jpg

 |  Apr 03 2011, 8:11 PM

A Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG is a rather nice car. It combines luxury and power in a hard-top convertible package that would please just about anyone. However, some people want more, like more power and more exclusivity. For those, renowned Mercedes-Benz tuner Carlsson has the answer. It’s newest creation is called the Super GT C25 Royale, and it’s rather special.

For a kick-off, it is based on the SL65, which is the most powerful and the most expensive version of the SL-class. Carlsson begins by re-clothing the exterior and in the process, turns this hard-top convertible into a fixed roof coupe. The new sleek coupe styling is quite stunning, even though it looks like a Mercedes-Benz and Aston Martin love child.

The interior will be familiar to any SL owner, but now its just covered in the finest materials and in any color your heart desires.

Speaking of your heart, it will certainly start racing when you put your foot down. Carlsson has worked its magic on the twin-turbo V12 motor, so now it produces 753 hp and an electronically limited 848 lb/ft of torque. That means overtaking other vehicles will not be an issue. All this power is fed to the rear-wheels via a five-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters.

This Super GT is quite a car, and it will be rare. Carlsson will be building just 25 examples of this model, one for each country it’s products are sold in, so if you want one, you better hurry to find out if you can have one where you reside. Oh, and be sure your bank balance is rather healthy also. The C25 Royale will set you back $603,000 for a base model (specialty options can raise that price by quite a lot). That is a lot of money but then again, it is a very unique and interesting car and you certainly won’t see yourself coming the other way.

 |  Mar 16 2011, 5:04 PM


You know what they say; when they don’t make what you want, go ahead and build it yourself. That’s exactly what this enthusiast did with his 2005 Mercedes CLK55 AMG Cabriolet. When the CLK Black Series was introduced from 2007-2009, this enthusiast clearly wanted one, but didn’t want to spring up the money on a whole new car. So he did what every other enthusiast would do, commission a builder to turn his ’05 CLK55 to a CLK63 Black Series equivalent… or close.

Taking his factory cabriolet, the entire body was converted to CLK63 Black Series specs, including a perfect fit on the widebody. We’re going to assume that they simply bought replacement panels straight from Mercedes to do the conversion, including AMG’s front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper. A set of 19-inch Black Series wheels were bolted on to complete the converted look.

Horsepower has apparently been bumped from 367-hp to 450-hp, a little shy of the CLK63 AMG’s 500-hp. We’re not quite sure where the additional horsepower came from, but there is a new exhaust on the car. Inside the car sports a clearly aftermarket interior, with a black and white diamond-stitched theme going on. The steering wheel is similar to the one found in an SL Black Series. For stereo, Hifonics amplifiers and a subwoofer can be seen in the trunk. Monitors were also installed in the headrests while two are seen in the trunk.

This rare CLK Black Series-converted Cabriolet is available for $96,000 including VAT or a tad over $80,700 excluding VAT. It current has 18,640 miles on it.

[Source: GTSpirit]

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series Cabriolet

clk_black_series_cabriolet_10.JPG clk_black_series_cabriolet_2.JPG clk_black_series_cabriolet_4.JPG clk_black_series_cabriolet_5.JPG clk_black_series_cabriolet_7.JPG clk_black_series_cabriolet_11.JPG

 |  Mar 02 2011, 9:22 AM


Never one to disappoint, Mansory has revealed a host of new models at the Geneva Auto Show, including this rendition of the Mercedes-Benz SLS.

With an all-new carbon fiber shell, Mansory claims the car is almost 200 lbs lighter than the stock vehicle. Rather than just replace parts, Mansory got creative with the body, adding some wild additions up front, flared fenders (by 2-inches up front and 3-inches in the rear) and a massive rear spoiler.

Also helping cut weight are the ultra-thin spoke center-lug wheels, which sit deeper in the wheel wells thanks to a suspension that has been lowered almost an inch.

Mansory says power has been upped to 651-hp, while a 789-hp package is in the works.

As for that name Cormeum, it comes from a “operatic aria” called Vide Cor meum, that’s based on Dante’s “La Vita Nuova.” (Hey, at least we avoided any references to Dante’s “Inferno”).

GALLERY: Mansory Cormeum


 |  Feb 07 2011, 2:47 PM


One solid given in life is that with every Mercedes-Benz model, there will be a Brabus variant featuring sportier styling and outfitted with a nice set of wheels. And with all the hype surrounding Mercedes’ new CLS model, it’s no surprise that Brabus isn’t be far behind with photos of their own version of the sporty luxury sedan.

No technical specs have been announced, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they are able to push the limits of the AMG’s 5.5-liter bi-turbo engine. From the factory, the CLS AMG will makes 525-hp and our guess is that Brabus will easily touch the 700-hp mark, matching its predecessor.

Given that Brabus’ Rocket (their previous generation CLS rendition) was at one time the world’s fastest sedan, we wouldn’t be one bit surprised if Brabus would try to one-up the Rocket with an even faster and better looking one.

GALLERY: 2011 Brabus Mercedes-Benz CLS

2011_brabus_cls_2.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_3.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_4.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_5.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_6.jpg 2011_brabus_cls_7.jpg

 |  Feb 03 2011, 2:33 PM


At first glance we assumed this would be another extravagant build by Mansory, this time targeting Mercedes‘ G-Class SUV. But much to our surprise, Mansory is simply announcing a new suspension option for the G-Class. Enhancing the ride comfort of Mercedes’ unique SUV, Mansory has developed an electronically controlled suspension package featuring two different shock absorber curves.

Once installed, Mansory’s suspension upgrade will allow the driver to adjust the shock absorbers from inside the vehicle depending on road conditions. The shocks feature extra large gas reservoirs, built to maintain constant pressure even at extremely high temperatures.

The Mansory suspension for the Mercedes G-Class is available for around $10,700.

GALLERY: Mansory Mercedes-Benz G-Class

mansory_mercedes_g_class_1.jpg mansory_mercedes_g_class_2.jpg mansory_mercedes_g_class_3.jpg mansory_mercedes_g_class_4.jpg

 |  Dec 22 2010, 9:02 PM


Mercedes-Benz‘s latest and greatest isn’t even out on the market yet and famed Benz-tuner Carlsson has already released renderings of what its tuning package for the styling sedan will look like. Promising to debut the CLS at the Geneva Auto Show in March, Carlsson looks to enhance the exterior and performance of the four-door coupe.

On the outside, the CLS will receive a standard treatment with an all new front bumper, a carbon fiber lip, stainless steel grille inserts, LED fog lamps, new side skirts with built-in air inlets and a new rear diffuser.

For performance, Carlsson has released specs for the CLS350 CGI, taking horsepower to 333-hp and torque to 302 ft-lbs from the factory 306-hp and 273 ft-lbs. For the CLS350 CDI, horsepower will reach 320-hp from the factory 265-hp while torque jumps from 479 ft-lbs to 575!

And as with all available Carlsson tuning packages, you’ll be able to outfit it with a variety of 19- or 20-inch wheels depending on your taste. No pricing has been announced.

GALLERY: Carlsson Mercedes-Benz CLS


If you’re a big fan of the CLS, check out AutoGuide’s video from the reveal of the CLS63 AMG model at the LA Auto Show after the jump:

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 |  Dec 07 2010, 8:22 AM

Be it for a wedding or for a high-powered executive, there’s a time and a place for a stretched Mercedes S-Class. And with MB already selling a long wheelbase version of the E-Class in China, one has to admit there’s demand for such a product. But a stretched E-Class wagon?

That’s right, Mercedes tuner Binz has just announced it will offer an XTEND version of the E-Class Estate, stretching a total of 19-feet with 12-feet of space between the wheels.

Binz will offer the conversion for E250 CDI and E350 CDI diesel models as well as the E500, with pricing starting at a rather significant €121,950 (roughly $160,000).


 |  Dec 05 2010, 8:03 AM


Well here’s something different. If you just so happen have to be stuck with a minivan, you might as well get a luxurious one that looks cool, right? Mercedes-Benz recently released the Viano Van in Europe and German tuning house A.R.T. is releasing a Viano tuning program for early next year.

The tuning program transforms the exterior of the van from mundane soccer mom to sexy soccer mom. The front lip features additional LED lights, while the side skirts and rear skirt adds a sense of sportiness to the van’s look. Making it even more aggressive is a roof spoiler and A.R.T.’s quad-tipped exhaust system.

A.R.T. also offers a lowering kit for the minivan, giving the vehicle the stance it needs for the 18-inch or 19-inch monoART1 or monoART2 wheels.

A.R.T. is also offering performance upgrades depending on which model Viano you have. The 3.0L V6 CDI receives an ECU upgrade, pushing horsepower to 268-hp and torque to 391 ft-lbs. The 3.5L V6 receives more engine mods, including cylinder head port and polishing, more aggressive cams and a new air filter. This package bumps horsepower to 327-hp with 299 ft-lbs of torque.

On the inside, A.R.T. offers a new steering wheel and accents with any combination of leather, wood and/or carbon fiber. And to keep all those kids in the van entertained? A.R.T. will be more than happy to install a multimedia DVD system, additional monitors, Playstation, business equipment and more. We’re guessing a ton of iPads wouldn’t be out of reach for A.R.T.

GALLERY: A.R.T. Mercedes-Benz Viano Tuner


[Source: eMercedesBenz]

 |  Nov 26 2010, 10:21 AM

Brabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 01.JPG

Debuting today at the Essen Motor Show in Germany, famed Mercedes tuner Brabus took the wraps off the modified SLS we’ve been waiting for. We’ve seen several modified SLS models already, but they’ve either been minor tweaks or massively overdone monstrosities.

Brabus, however, has managed to go all-out while still remaining true to the SLS. The wide-body conversion uses new carbon fiber fenders that add 20mm (almost 1-inch) to the width of the rear of the car. This allows for wider rear tires, measuring 21×11-inches with 295/25/21 tires. The fronts measure 275/30 and are wrapped around 20-inch wheels. Those wheels, a stunning new design by Brabus, are Monoblock F Platinum Edition rollers, that weight 12 percent less than the factory SLS rims.

A complete Brabus aero package has also been used and is wind-tunnel tested to reduce lift and increase downforce, with some nice custom details as well – like the air outlets on the front fenders, and Brabus logos on the side skirts, with many of the items in exposed matte-carbon.

The ride height has been dropped by 1.2-inches with Bilstein coilovers with stiffer sway bars to further reduce body roll. An integrated Ride Control function will let the drive choose a softer setting for a more relaxed ride.

While we’d like to see a big horsepower upgrade, Brabus adds just 10-hp thanks to a new exhaust system, which also cuts weight by 26 lbs and includes a pneumatic flap that can be opened or closed by the diver from the cockpit for maximum sound fro the 6.2-liter V8.

Brabus will custom tailor the interior to meet the driver’s desires and the press release includes a note about a 250-mph speedometer, that suggests a more significant power package will be available soon.

GALLERY: Barabus Widestar Mercedes SLS

Brabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 05.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 06.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 14.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 02.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 09.JPGBrabus WideStar Mercedes SLS 10.JPG

 |  Nov 21 2010, 2:42 PM

This isn’t really news, but Misha Designs has made it officially official: they are releasing a widebody kit for the Mercedes-Benz SL. In case you missed the news earlier, we revealed that iForged built an SL55 for SEMA that would sport Misha Designs’ widebody kit. Now Misha Designs has released the full specs on the styling package.

Along with the widebody kit, the aggressive front bumper sports a lower carbon fiber lip spoiler. The larger-opening on the front bumper helps keep the SL nice and cool. The fenders imitate the lovely design from the SL’s Black Series, while the hood is an original with carbon fiber vents. The side skirts were designed to match the wider rear fenders while the rear bumper sports a carbon fiber diffuser and gills. A subtle and clean rear spoiler also comes with the kit rounding it off on all edges.

The kit is available for all SL models 2003 and up, while it’s a direct bolt on for the 2009 models. For those with a previous model, you’ll need new headlights and a center grill to get it to become a full conversion. No pricing was mentioned.

 |  Nov 14 2010, 10:19 PM

Now this is how you build a luxury sports coupe. You take what Mercedes-Benz has already done oh-so-well with their AMG Black Series vehicles – this one being a CLK63 – play on the black theme some more by making the entire car matte black, outfit it with a perfectly measured set of ADV1 wheels and have those wide fenders sit properly on the rubber.

There’s no official list of modifications on the project, but it does sport a set of 19-inch brushed gunmetal ADV7 wheels, staggered of course. The CLK63 AMG Black Series also snugly fits a pair of 275 wide rubber from Michelin in the front while the rear sports a very nice pair of 305 Pilot Sport PS2 tires.

It looks like Tunerworks is based out of Canada and specialize in tuning high-end European sports coupes, sedans and exotics with a little bit of import and domestic flavor sprinkled in. Kudos to them for doing this CLK63 AMG Black Series right.

[Source: Teamspeed]

GALLERY: Tunerworks / ADV1 Wheels Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series

 |  Oct 17 2010, 5:56 PM


Vincent Wong is no stranger to building killer rides to showcase his product line: iForged Wheels. There’s just no better way to show off what you can do with your wheel line than to take some of the world’s hottest cars and widen their bodies in order to fit a real fat lip underneath those fenders. After building one of the cleanest Techart GT Porsche’s we’ve ever seen, Wong has decided that this year he’ll team up with Misha Designs and widebody-out a Mercedes-Benz SL55.

The car will debut in the iForged booth at this year’s SEMA Show and it’s looking to be an interesting project. For the most part we’re pretty interested to see how Misha Designs’ kit looks in person and we really feel that Vincent’s color choice on the project will make or break the car. Obviously we already know that a killer set of wheels will outfit it, but we’ll be interested to see how the rest of it combines to work together.

We’ll bring you plenty of photos of the finished product from the SEMA Show with live coverage starting November 2nd. Until then, check out our complete SEMA Preview here.

[Source: Vincent Wong]

GALLERY: iForged Misha Designs Mercedes-Benz SL55 Widebody

iforged_sl_10.jpg iforged_sl_14.jpg iforged_sl_3.jpg iforged_sl_8.jpg iforged_sl_4.jpg iforged_sl_11.jpg

 |  Oct 16 2010, 10:14 PM

When Mercedes-Benz first released its SLS AMG flgaship sports car, we found it hard to believe that an aftermarket tuner would have the audacity to alter its fine lines in a negative way.

Instead of keeping it subtle and clean, FAB Design outfitted this SLS AMG with an all new front bumper that sports additional vents and a front lip, neither of which seem to fit with the classic design of the SLS. The side skirts are minimal in design, but the roof scoop has got to go. The rear bumper could be worse and the rear spoiler also seems a tad out of place. FAB Design’s choice of blinged-out 20-inch wheels further shows how far off the mark the Swiss tuner is with complementing the SLS AMG’s natural lines.

The good news is, they were able to eke out another 40-hp from the already potent V8 power plant. So we guess if that option is available on its own, then we’d be all over that. That is, if we even had an SLS AMG laying around for us to ruin.

[Source: Carscoop]

GALLERY: Fab Design Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

 |  Sep 05 2010, 9:48 PM


Even though Anderson Germany is labeling its Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG project the “Black Edition,” it’s not exactly what we were hoping for. Given how nice the SL65 AMG Black Series is, we were expecting perhaps a nice and aggressive widebody setup on the CL65. But alas, it’s just a clever marketing scheme as the Black Edition CL65 AMG from Anderson Germany is merely… flat black.

That’s not to say it isn’t a killer car though. Given that the factory CL65 AMG sports 604-hp thanks to a twin-turbo V12, Anderson Germany already had a potent foundation to build off of. Through some research and design, they’ve released a power package that includes an ECU retune, air filters, a sport exhaust that includes new catalytic converters, and larger pulleys bringing horsepower output to an astonishing 670-hp figure.

As we mentioned already (and is obvious in the photos), the CL65 AMG sports a matte black finish on the exterior while carbon fiber accents are seen throughout on the mirrors, window frames, front grill, door handles and hatchback panel. Under the hood are also some carbon fiber accessories.

For shoes, Anderson Germany bolted on a set of 22-inch staggered wheels with 22×9-inches in the front and 22×10.5-inches in the rear. The wheels are of course finished off in a glossy black shade with carbon edging. And on the inside, the interior is reupholstered with diamond-patterned stitching with a ton of carbon fiber accents throughout.

It’s worth mentioning that Anderson Germany is more than happy to pick up your vehicle to customize it, no matter where you are in the world. What that costs, and why you would want to opt for that – we’re not too sure. But hey, it’s your money.

GALLERY: Anderson Germany Mercedes CL65 AMG Black Edition

anderson_cl65_1.jpg anderson_cl65_2.jpg anderson_cl65_3.jpg anderson_cl65_5.jpg anderson_cl65_6.jpg anderson_cl65_7.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Sep 03 2010, 2:10 PM

In our eyes, Mansory has become the undisputed king of building custom vehicles. From their Rolls-Royce Ghost to their Bentley Continental GT Speed, Mansory has found a way to excel in building off the excellent foundation that these luxury vehicle manufacturers have already released.

For the upcoming Paris Auto Show, Mansory has announced that they’re currently working on tuning packages for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Maserati‘s Gran Turismo model. If their Bugatti Linea Vincero is any indication of what they might have in store for the SLS AMG and Gran Turismo, it’s going to be a long month to wait until the October 2nd, 2010 event.

Currently not a whole lot is being revealed about the two projects, in typical Mansory fashion, and their website just teases that the Mansory customization based on the two models is coming soon. Mansory has been known for as many misses as hits over the past few years and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they don’t butcher either of these stunningly beautiful models.

And as always, will be there to cover all the happenings from Paris. So stay tuned.

[Source: TopSpeed]

 |  Aug 25 2010, 8:48 PM


Not to be outdone by Hamann and their SLS AMG tuning kit, famed Mercedes-Benz tuner Brabus has unleashed their rendition and we’re picking our favorite: Brabus. And while there isn’t any sort of real performance tuning being done (just yet), we’re still favoring the mild aesthetic upgrades over Hamann’s version. Or maybe we just find the sleek black more fitting to the SLS AMG’s sexy lines.

And as we all know, Brabus does some serious testing on their products prior to releasing them out on the market. Their body kit for the SLS AMG is no different, getting thorough runs through the wind tunnel prior to getting the stamp of approval. And with a car as high-profile as Mercedes-Benz’s SLS AMG, we’d expect actual aerodynamic improvements from Brabus. So up front is a carbon fiber front spoiler, new front fenders, covers for the upper air inlets and a subtle rear spoiler. The fenders feature illuminated letters that is pretty sleek.

For wheels, we’re actually digging the Monoblock F Platinum Edition mesh-design wheels they put on their demo car. Brabus states that they’re available in 20- or 21-inch variety. The demo car features a staggered 20/21 front/rear setup. Brabus is also offering suspension upgrades to either lower the vehicle 40 mm or raise it by 50 mm.

And for those that are looking for some performance, Brabus did release a titanium sport exhaust system for the SLS AMG. There’s no horsepower figures, but we’re guessing it’s significantly lighter than the factory unit with Brabus’ weighing in at a scant 26 lbs.

Official press release available after the break.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

brabus_sls_amg_12.jpg brabus_sls_amg_11.jpg brabus_sls_amg_13.jpg brabus_sls_amg_20.jpg brabus_sls_amg_23.jpg brabus_sls_amg_2.jpg

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 |  Aug 17 2010, 4:33 PM


Even though Mercedes-Benz‘s C250 CGI isn’t the most exciting of sedans, being part of its BlueEfficiency line, VÄTH has made the 1.8L model more powerful and more fun to drive. Their tuning package gives the C250 CGI the capability of hitting 270-hp, a major increase from the factory’s 204-hp.

For those looking for a nice increase in power without breaking the bank account, VÄTH offers a V25 tuning kit for around $1,535 U.S. which bumps power to 255-hp and 273 ft-lbs of torque. Max speed is also bumped up to 161 mph. But those looking for the 270-hp peak, an upgraded intercooler is available for around $1,430 and the sports exhaust system is $2,575. Those numbers are a bit pointless, however, as we don’t get the 250 model on this side of the Atlantic.

On the outside is a fine collection of carbon fiber goods: hood ($5,940), front lip ($1,815), rear diffuser ($2,270), and trunk spoiler ($425). A brake upgrade featuring 14-inch rotors in the front with 6-piston calipers and 12.5-inch rotors in the rear with 4-piston calipers can be had for around $6,860. A staggered set of 19-inch wheels complete with tires are priced at $5,180.

VÄTH mentions suspension upgrades in their press release, which sounds like a tuned coilover set of some sort, but details and pricing are left out. They close off the tuning package with some carbon fiber interior trim and Alcantara roof liner for $1,255.

GALLERY: VÄTH Mercedes-Benz C250 CGI

vath_1.jpg vath_2.jpg vath_4.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Aug 07 2010, 7:45 AM

Last month we drooled over the matte blue Porsche Panamera that Platinum Motorsports had built, but this matte-purple Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG just isn’t doing it for us. That’s not to say we hate it. We definitely give it points for being original – especially on such a unique car. The video appears to have been shot in London and consists of a collection of other “oddly” modified luxury and exotics. We’ve definitely seen a lot worse done to even more expensive and rare cars. So we’re not hating on this at all, but we’re not loving it either.

Check out video of the matte-purple Merc after the jump:

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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 |  Aug 04 2010, 9:08 PM


We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw Helvetic Motor Company’s (HMC) Hidalgo. What started with a Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG has been converted to what you’re seeing now. An interesting blend of old school styling with new school technology.

We’re not huge fans of the odd paint scheme, but the overall aesthetics of the vehicle are really cool. The throwback headlights and wheels blend nicely to the modernized shape of the vehicle. It’s still powered by the 5.5L V8 putting out 355-hp and 376 ft-lbs of torque. What would be even cooler to see is some aftermarket modifications being outfitted to make this thing a real rocket.

But we’re guessing those that can actually afford one of these at $410,000 will probably not want to be modifying it. In fact, HMC says they’ll only be creating six of these a year, so if you’ve got the funds lying around please let us know if you pick one up – and send us some more pictures too.

Move over Weisman.



hidalgo_1.jpg hidalgo_2.jpg

 |  Aug 01 2010, 7:41 AM


Now that Mercedes-Benz has released full details on the 2011 CL63 and CL65 AMG, we aren’t surprised that companies are quick to announce products for the pre-facelifted version. Expression Motorsport has conjured up a very clean widebody kit for the CL65 AMG, one that surprisingly flows with the stock body without being too gaudy. One thing we absolutely despise about widebodies is when they’re done wrong. Too wide, too boxy or just straight ugly. Luckily this one is none of the above.

A new front bumper, front lip, and side skirts are standard with any body kit, but they’ve all been designed to match the more aggressive front wheel arches that widens the stance of the CL65. Hood bulges are also a nice touch to keep things flowing evenly. The rear bumper is revised to follow the design of the kit while a trunk spoiler and carbon fiber diffuser are icing on the cake. Expression Motorsport also has a sport exhaust system available for the car, though no horsepower gains are released.

GALLERY: Expression Motorsport Widebody Mercedes-Benz CL 65 AMG

expression_cl_2.jpg expression_cl_3.jpg expression_cl_4.jpg

 |  Jul 20 2010, 8:32 PM


Instead of adorning Mercedes-Benz‘s lovely SLS AMG with a traditional body kit full of lip spoilers, Hamann decided not to mess with the SLS AMG’s natural good looks, but rather bolt-on some larger components to make it stand out.

On all four corners are larger 21-inch Design Edition Race “Anodized” wheels with 9-inch width in the front and and 11-inch width in the rear. Hamann claims these wheels are “ultra light” sporting titanium wheel bolts and a matte black anodized finish to the face. They come mounted with 245/30/21 tires in the front and 295/25/21 tires in the rear for a measly $13,550. Yikes.

And if that wasn’t luxurious enough for you, you can lower your SLS AMG by 1.2-inches with Hamann’s suspension. And lastly is a stainless steel quad-tipped exhaust system for the awesome 6.2-liter V8.

We have to admit, that we’re torn. One one side we’re glad that Hamann didn’t come out with a styling package for the SLS AMG and ruin the design of the car. On the other hand, we’d like to see what a true Hamann SLS AMG would look like.

GALLERY: Hamann Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

hamann_sls_1.jpg hamann_sls_10.jpg hamann_sls_2.jpg hamann_sls_3.jpg hamann_sls_7.jpg hamann_sls_8.jpg

Check out the official press release after the break.

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 |  Jul 19 2010, 8:14 PM


While Lorinser and Carlsson are staple brands for Mercedes-Benz tuning, Wald is hardly overlooked among luxury enthusiasts. The Japanese body kit specialists have revamped their Black Bison Styling Edition kit for the recently facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 chassis and it’s looking stellar.

It’s not exactly something brilliantly new, but it’s arguably the best looking kit for the S-Class, with a sense of open-mouth aggressiveness that fits the luxury sedan. Adding sportiness with additional vents and ducts in the front bumper and fenders, the Black Bison Edition lives up to its name. The kit also comes with a new rear bumper, side skirts and a pair of spoilers, one for the trunk and one for the rear window.

On their demo car, Wald opted for 22-inch Renovatio wheels in a matte black with brown accents. Oh and at the rear you’ll find an exhaust system that is similar to what is seen on the IS-F. Very interesting indeed.

GALLERY: Wald Black Bison Mercedes-Benz W221 S-Class

wald_11.jpg wald_10.jpg wald_15.jpg wald_2.jpg wald_24.jpg wald_23.jpg