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 |  Aug 27 2010, 9:13 AM


Apparently the adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” stuck with some Brabus engineers. The famed Mercedes-Benz tuner is apparently a huge fan of Cupertino’s prized child stuffing a modified 750-hp Mercedes-Benz S-Class with every Apple product they possibly could.

We won’t get into much details on the actual engine and aesthetic modifications since it’s run-of-the-mill Brabus and is actually old news for the S-Class, but rather the nerd in us can’t even count how many Apple components are in the vehicle. The headliner has been integrated with a 15.2-inch TFT display with screens in the back of each front headrest. USB ports are integrated into the rear compartment to allow hook-up of any other devices while UMTS and HSDPA provides wireless Internet. We’re not quite sure how that will translate over to America since T-Mobile is just now launching HSDPA+, but we’re guessing you lucky Sprint 4G users can just WiMAX your phone and provide all the passengers with fast Internet.

A paid of iPads can control the entire Brabus multimedia system along with the car’s Command system, tying-in full functionality with the factory radio, navigation and phone. And possibly taking a note out of Rolls-Royce’s design handbook, Brabus outfits the S-Class with two tablet computers with Bluetooth keyboards that fit comfortably in the Brabus rear tables. There’s plenty of space in these infinitely adjustable tables, giving room for documents, a mouse and/or keyboard.

And best of all, special compartments were designed to hide all of these Apple components from plain sight when you leave your vehicle. Brabus says that the multimedia system can be offered in any S-Class from the S350 to the S65.

GALLERY: Brabus Mercedes-Benz iBusiness S-Class

brabus_ibusiness_2.jpg brabus_ibusiness_3.jpg brabus_ibusiness_4.jpg brabus_ibusiness_5.jpg brabus_ibusiness_6.jpg brabus_ibusiness_9.jpg

Official press release available after the break:

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 |  Jul 19 2010, 8:14 PM


While Lorinser and Carlsson are staple brands for Mercedes-Benz tuning, Wald is hardly overlooked among luxury enthusiasts. The Japanese body kit specialists have revamped their Black Bison Styling Edition kit for the recently facelifted Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221 chassis and it’s looking stellar.

It’s not exactly something brilliantly new, but it’s arguably the best looking kit for the S-Class, with a sense of open-mouth aggressiveness that fits the luxury sedan. Adding sportiness with additional vents and ducts in the front bumper and fenders, the Black Bison Edition lives up to its name. The kit also comes with a new rear bumper, side skirts and a pair of spoilers, one for the trunk and one for the rear window.

On their demo car, Wald opted for 22-inch Renovatio wheels in a matte black with brown accents. Oh and at the rear you’ll find an exhaust system that is similar to what is seen on the IS-F. Very interesting indeed.

GALLERY: Wald Black Bison Mercedes-Benz W221 S-Class

wald_11.jpg wald_10.jpg wald_15.jpg wald_2.jpg wald_24.jpg wald_23.jpg

 |  Sep 14 2009, 3:53 AM


Brabus will introduce what it calls the world’s “fastest and most powerful office on wheels” at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15th.

The Brabus SV12R is based on the latest Mercedes S600 facelifted model. Brabus designers gave the SV12R a custom-tailored aluminum sport fenders with clear-coated carbon air vents.

The SV12R is powered by a Biturbo 6.3-liter twelve-cylinder engine that Brabus says can produce 750 hp and a peak torque of 995 ft-lbs. With those stats, Brabus says the SV12R can go 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.0 seconds and reach 124 mph in 11.9 seconds. The SV12R is electronically capped to a top speed of 211 mph.

The SV12R comes with a 3 ghz tablet notebook computer that docks in a drawer hidden in the trunk. A 15.2 inch monitor inside the car is fully integrated with the interior leather. Internet access is provided by a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

We’ll have more details when the car is introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show, starting Sept. 15.