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 |  Jul 01 2012, 7:01 PM

The Prince of Monaco, Albert II, is deciding to reorganize the car collection his late father so painstakingly assembled and will begin by auctioning off 38 of them with no reserve.

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 |  May 11 2012, 6:02 PM

That was exactly the question being posed at the Historic Racing Forum, hosted by the Credit Suisse Drives’ Club, ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix de Monaco Historique.

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 |  Mar 30 2012, 10:01 AM


Money goes a long way in this word, but having a title (and money) goes even further. We’re not taking about Doctor, or CEO. No, special privileges really abound when you’re royalty.

Case in point, Prince Albert II of Monaco, who recently havd the unique opportunity to drive the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC, a race car loosely based on the world’s first mainstream electric vehicle. The Prince, an avid proponent of alternative powertrain vehicles (he even ordered a bespoke convertible Lexus LS600hL for his wedding) took the nearly-silent race car for a spin around tiny principality, leaving his palace and arriving at the Grimaldi Forum on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Seeing the video its hard not to imagine a field full of electric race cars hitting the world-famous Monaco F1 circuit.

GALLERY: Prince Albert II and the NISMO Leaf RC


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 |  Mar 19 2012, 4:45 PM

You don’t want to leave watermarks on the coffee table, but you don’t want to lose your street cred by putting down a coaster. We’ve got a solution – use Race Track Coasters and preserve your furniture (and cool status).

The Race Track Coasters are machined from layered HDPE and are adorned with six of the most well-known racing tracks from around the world: Laguna Seca, Monaco, Nürburgring, Road America, Spa, and Watkins Glen. And these coasters will perfectly match your décor, as they come in black and silver.

The set of six costs $40 and can be purchased at Groit’s Garage.

[Source: Uncrate]

 |  May 30 2011, 2:51 PM

Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton, who finished sixth in the chaotic Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday has apologized to the FIA Stewards for his controversial remarks. After being punished three times in two days, Lewis criticized the stewards in a BBC interview. He also made a reference to Ali G, the comedy character created by Sascha Baron Cohen. Lewis said the way he had been treated this season was “an absolute frickin’ joke” and described his treatment as “stupid”. Asked why that was the case, Hamilton said: “Maybe it’s because I’m black! That’s what (British comic character) Ali G says.”

During the early part of the race, Hamilton was given a ‘drive-through’ penalty for a brush with Brazilian Felipe Massa of Ferrari. He was then called in again by the stewards after a late clash with Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado of Williams, as he passed him at the tail end of the race for which he received a 20 sec penalty which did not affect his final placing. Hamilton said he felt he had done nothing wrong in both cases.

Hamilton said that he felt victimized by events at recent races, complaining that he had done his best to provide entertainment by going for over-taking opportunities. “People want to see racing,” he said.

[Source: Autoweek]

 |  Feb 01 2011, 10:54 AM

You’ve seen them on TV, and perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to see them up close in person – or even drive one one of them. And now you can bring your favorite racing circuits into your home with Race Tracks of the World.

These works of art can be hung on your walls and are made from high quality Baltic birch plywood and matte black Formica. Cut by a CNC machine for a precise design, they boast smooth edges and all the curves, turns and straightaways are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Race Tracks of the World measure in at around 36” (depending on the track shape) and they even come with a simple mounting process that doesn’t require nails or hooks.

You can pick from almost every track around the world – including better-known circuits like Monaco, Laguna Seca and Nurburgring – and hang them individually or create a wall of track art. Prices for the Race Tracks range from $200-$220, and you can order yours here.

[Source: Uncrate]

 |  Jan 06 2011, 11:48 AM

Take your own island out with you on your next cruise. The next step in uber-luxe living is here with this superyacht concept that has recreated a small section of the Principality of Monaco (the part that’s known for its Formula One track and the Monaco Yacht Show). And one of the coolest features this superyacht boasts has to be a fully functional go-kart circuit.

The brainchild of Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Gee, the 155-meter “The Streets of Monaco” yacht is like a floating island that incorporates land-based architecture into its design. It can reach a top speed of 15 knots, and can pamper 16 guests and hold 70 crew members.

Once onboard The Streets of Monaco, you’ll see that it’s been divided into four major external deck spaces.

On the upper deck is where you’ll find the main swimming pool with swim-in Jacuzzi/bar and the Casino Square, as well as a large glass-bottomed fountain. You can challenge your friends to a game of hoops on the multi-purpose courtyard (which also doubles as a helipad). When you want to enjoy some down time, take it easy on the open sundecks or cook up some burgers using the BBQ facilities.

But if you’re still not impressed, head on over to “The Oasis” and “The Grand Atrium” communal areas. The Oasis is inspired by gardens outside the Monaco Casino, and features a central waterfall. It also comes with a spa with manicure and hair salon, sauna/steam rooms, a relaxation lounge with a spa pool and a bar, and a gym and café bar with underwater views.

The Grad Atrium sections connects the upper and lower living areas, and features seven guest suites, library, a communal office, a communal balcony, cinema, entertainment area and the owner’s suite.

[Source: Born Rich]

 |  Nov 09 2010, 12:48 PM

Karting is one of the most fun things you can do with an engine and four wheels, but it takes a toll on your body even in the best cases. Without any springs or shocks, your body is basically the suspension, and if you’re unfortunate enough to crash, well, there’s nothing there to protect you either.

This kart race in M0naco is an extreme example of what happens in a kart crash – absolute mayhem thanks to wet weather and no seatbelts. But we still laughed.

[Source: The Garage Blog]

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