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 |  Sep 09 2011, 3:30 PM


Back in 2010, Mugen introduced its first version of the current generation Honda Civic Type-R with just a limited production of 20 units. And perhaps because they still have four of them left over, Mugen Euro decided to go back to the drawing board, finding new ways to entice owners to scoop up this version of the Civic Type-R.

This time, performance is increased to 256-hp and 177 lb-ft of torque, a 30-percent increase over factory. The “2.2″ in the name pretty much hints on what was done by Mugen, increasing the cylinder bore and stroke to 2,156-cc, essentially a 2.2-liter engine.

Despite the K20′s death in Japan, tuners all around the world still love it for its naturally aspirated performance potential. Mugen is hoping its 2.2 variant will breathe new life to their Civic Type-R model, possibly outfitting the remaining four units from 2010 with the new power plant. And even though nothing is confirmed, Mugen is considering allowing current 2010 model owners to bring their vehicles in for an upgrade. No plans of the 2.2 version have been finalized yet, which includes how many Mugen plans on selling to the public.

Here’s hoping Mugen gets a hold of the new 2012 Civic Si.

GALLERY: Mugen Honda Civic Type-R 2.2

mugen_honda_civic_type_r_2_2_1.jpg mugen_honda_civic_type_r_2_2_2.jpg mugen_honda_civic_type_r_2_2_3.jpg mugen_honda_civic_type_r_2_2_4.jpg

 |  Jun 15 2010, 8:46 AM


Like here in North American, Mugen parts have long been available to hard-core Honda fans through tuner shops and online resources. But Honda fanboys in the United Kingdom can now get those same parts right from their local Honda dealer. That’s right, eight Honda dealers have just signed on to officially sell Mugen parts for both the Civic and the new CR-Z.

And the best part is, the parts are factory backed, meaning they won’t void the factory warranty.

Included int he list of parts at items like body kits, spoilers, springs, shocks, wheels and brake upgrades. See more of the parts available for the CR-Z here, and the Civic here.

[Source: AutoCar]

 |  Jun 22 2009, 10:54 AM


We recently reported that Honda tuner Mugen was planning a version of the Euro-spec Civic Type-R and now that story has essentially been confirmed as Mugen has released photos and a short video of its front-drive hot-hatch.

Mugen still hasn’t release any details on the model, but it is expected to follow the format set by the 4-door Honda Civic Mugen RR. That means output from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder will be massaged to 237hp at 8000 rpm and 160 ft-lbs of torque at a lofty 7000 rpm.

The photos confirm a aggressive body kit, a dual-exhaust setup and what appear to be 18-inch wheels. What we don’t know is if the rear seats will be deleted, as reported.

Also up in the air are the Brembo brakes. We would expect to see them on this car (like on the RR), but in a short video of the car that Mugen released they appear to be absent.

It does appear as though that the car will be only offered as a right-hand drive U.K.-spec model, and while that is unfortunate for the rest of Europe, it is expected as the Honda following in Briton is much higher than on the continent.

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GALLERY: Mugen U.K.-Spec Civic Type-R


[Source: 4WheelsNews]