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 |  Aug 30 2012, 6:02 PM

Chevrolet plans to use this weekend’s AdvoCare 500 race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway to raise money for breast cancer research.

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 |  Aug 30 2012, 5:15 PM

Toyota’s racing division (TRD) is hosting a custom vehicle build-off to raise money for charity. Continue Reading…

 |  Aug 29 2012, 3:32 PM

For the second year in a row, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart put on a show by driving something other than what the public is used to seeing. 

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 |  Aug 22 2012, 8:01 AM

NASCAR will be reaching a whole new demographic next season when Fox Deportes, the number-one US Latino Sports network, will broadcast 15 NASCAR Cup races in 2013.

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 |  Aug 13 2012, 7:33 PM

Would you rather see Tony Stewart drive a Chevrolet Astro van or a World War II tank? If you chose the tank then you’re in the majority, but that isn’t the last vehicle on the list.

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 |  Aug 13 2012, 10:28 AM

Dodge to Withdraw from NASCAR

According to several reports, Dodge is preparing to announce its withdrawal from NASCAR today


Ford C-Max Hybrid Gets 47 MPG Across the Board

Ford’s C-Max hybrid is all part of the company’s plan to triple electrified vehicle production capacity by 2013


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 |  Aug 07 2012, 3:01 PM

SRT brand boss Ralph Gilles has made it official in a video statement: Dodge will not be participating in the 2013 NASCAR season.

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 |  Aug 07 2012, 9:43 AM

According to several reports, Dodge is preparing to announce its withdrawal from NASCAR today.

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 |  Jul 26 2012, 4:31 PM

The 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series is getting a new addition to its racing lineup in the form of a Chevrolet Camaro, revealed today by the company.

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 |  Jul 26 2012, 8:31 AM

Several years ago NASCAR headed North and crossed the border into Canada, with the Nationwide series running on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in downtown Montreal. Now it appears as though NASCAR may be signing a second venue just outside the nation’s largest city.

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 |  Jul 25 2012, 9:02 AM

AJ Allmendinger has been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR, after his backup ‘B’ urine test came back positive for a banned substance. 

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 |  Jul 14 2012, 11:01 AM

Last week, Penske Racing driver AJ Allmendinger was suspended by NASCAR after failing a drug test, much to his surprise. Allmendinger now believes that an energy drink may have resulted in the failed drug test.

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 |  Jul 07 2012, 7:26 PM

AJ Allmendinger will be replaced by Sam Hornish Jr. at the upcoming Daytona race after failing a random NASCAR drug test. 

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 |  Jun 22 2012, 1:01 PM

NASCAR driver, Joey Logano is used to his Toyota Camry he drives in the Sprint and Nationwide series, but he was recently offered some lessons in drifting in the FR-S with Forumla Drift champ, Ken Gushi.

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 |  Jun 18 2012, 3:02 PM

Joey Logano, 22, took first place this weekend on the newly resurfaced track at Michigan International Speedway.

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 |  Jun 13 2012, 8:41 AM

Next year’s Daytona 500 will mark the return of the Chevy SS sedan, powered by a V8 engine and sending plenty of torque to the rear wheels.

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 |  May 25 2012, 6:45 PM

There’s much to be said about an automaker’s CEO that is seen more often in a race suit than a business suit.

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 |  May 03 2012, 12:03 PM

As the second most popular sport in America, someone from outside the country might assume that most people understand Nascar. Unfortunately, there are still quite a few of us who happen upon a race while channel surfing and see little more than a lot of left turns and the occasional explosion. 

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 |  Apr 26 2012, 3:45 PM

The NASCAR Pace Car for the Capital City 400 was previously revealed to be a new 2012 Ford Focus Electric, and now we’ve got the pictures to prove it.


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 |  Mar 25 2012, 1:02 PM

Really want to support your favorite NASCAR driver? Check out Wallhaulers, from The Real Art of Racing. They create unique, limited, one-of-a-kind racing doors of popular NASCAR drivers.

These aren’t beat up, used doors coming off of actual race cars, but rather high-quality replicas that are individually hand-made in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Measuring in at 54 inches by 29 inches and weighing in at 7 lbs, this may be the perfect work of art to put up on your wall if you’re a NASCAR fan. Each door goes through the same process NASCAR teams use to apply the vinyl decals, ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

They’re affordable too at $250. And better yet, a portion of each sale goes to the driver’s favorite charity that you’re supporting.

Watch a video of Wallhaulers showing off the door-making process after the break.

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 |  Mar 21 2012, 7:01 AM

Who ever thought the Baywatch star famous for her slow motion running on the beach scenes would ever be a race enthusiast, let alone own and run a race team.

Well you better beleive it, because Pamela Anderson has started her own race firm called Downforce1, and will have cars competing in the European Le Mans Series as well as the International GT open series.

Pam has been a long time NASCAR and F1 fan, and is taking her passion to the next level with Downforce1.  ”Fast Cars and Fast women go together and here we are surrounded by men I love it,” said Pam on the sidelines of a NASCAR race. The team will run an Aston Martin Vantage GT2 in the ELMS.

Markus Fux, the marketing chief and team coordinator is the only driver as of right now listed on the Downforce1 website, a stable which will no doubt have to be added to if the team hopes to compete in NASCAR by next year.

Pamela has also announced her intent to have a Nascar team assembled by 2013, of which she will surely be the mascot.

 |  Mar 14 2012, 7:32 AM

The Chevy Impala has become a staple in NASCAR for the past few years, having claimed the checkered flag an astonishing 79 times since 2007. Just this past week, Tony Stewart took the win at Las Vegas and was one of three Impalas in the top five when the race ended.

Impressive as that may be, Chevrolet is ready to turn the page in 2013, welcoming in the new rules from NASCAR that has already helped produce great-looking race cars including the new Ford Fusion and Dodge Charger. But unlike their fellow American automakers, Chevrolet isn’t quite yet ready to debut what they have in the works for next season.

The biggest news announced from Chevy is that their 2013 NASCAR race car will not be an Impala, rather Team Chevy will be racing a vehicle based on a new nameplate to the brand’s lineup. Exactly what that new model will be is anyone’s guess, but the rumor mill is already churning and pointing towards a return of the rear-drive Commodore sedan from Australia – last sold here as the Pontiac G8.

Chevy did promise that both cars will be unveiled sometime this year but for now we’ll just have to wait patiently.

“We are keeping the wraps on the new car for now and will continue to prepare for next season by testing camouflaged vehicles,” said Jim Campbell, vice president, Chevrolet Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “We know that Chevrolet fans are eager to see the new racecar and we hope that the prospect of being able to own one just like it will make the wait a little more bearable.”

 |  Mar 11 2012, 7:55 PM

After catching sneak photos of the new 2013 NASCAR Dodge Charger a few weeks ago, the American automaker headed to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and unveiled the real deal.

SRT Motorsports unveiled the Charger set to compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series next season and we’re pleased to see that Dodge fans won’t have a difficult time identifying the car on the track. After NASCAR changed the rules on where automakers could put the glass and solid body pieces on their race cars, Dodge’s designers and engineers were able to make their NASCAR race car closely resemble the street version.

“We know NASCAR fans are passionate about cars,” said NASCAR President Mike Helton. “We’re excited about the results of the collective efforts of NASCAR, Dodge and the other manufacturers to create the 2013 Sprint Cup cars. The 2013 Dodge Charger race car design is a great example of what we look forward to seeing on the race track next season. We thank Dodge and all the manufacturers for their efforts, as we see the results here today with the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Dodge Charger.”

SRT Brand and Motorsports President Ralph Gilles was also at the unveiling, expressing his excitement for the new Charger race car, hoping to build off their 2009 Dodge Challenger racing campaign. More importantly Gilles reminded the public that “the Dodge Charger street car is the only rear-wheel-drive model in Sprint Cup competition that is available with a V8 engine.”

Unfortunately we are going to have to wait an entire season before the 2013 Charger hits the track, but we expect it to be a formidable competitor when it does.

 |  Mar 04 2012, 1:16 PM


Dodge‘s performance department, SRT, announced its 2013 Dodge Charger will be revealed during next week’s Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. A little more than a week ago, the first images of the new race car leaked from Penske Racing.

Thanks to a 2010 NASCAR summit held with all four participating automakers, the series decided racing cars should carry a brand identity and look more similar to their production versions. Because of this, the new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 2013 Dodge Charger race car will look much closer in line and design language to the standard production Charger. According to SRT president and CEO Ralph Gilles, “The fans were like, ‘Hallelujah, finally the race cars look a lot like the cars I can buy and drive.’”

While the new 2013 Dodge Charger Sprint Cup car gets revealed next week, Penske Racing is currently the only team to field Dodge cars for the 2012 racing series and had just announced the end of its contract with Dodge after 2012 and a new partnership with Ford for 2013. Naturally, this threatens the chances of seeing the new Charger sprint car race next year

Despite the uncertainties, Penske Racing is actively participating in testing and development for the Charger. Penske Nationwide driver Sam Hornish Jr. was the first to test the new race car and said, “The car looks the best out of any of the new cars, that’s for sure. Nice sharp lines and you can see a lot of the street car in the race car. It brings the Charger’s identity back onto the racetrack.”

Look out for the new 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Dodge Charger at the upcoming Kobalt Tols 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It will be unveiled at the Neon Garage before the race begins.

GALLERY: 2013 Dodge Charger Sprint Cup Car