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 |  Nov 22 2011, 7:00 PM


Mercedes-Benz promises that we’ll see the next-generation SL in all its glory before the year is over, and more details have been released as they work towards their goal. The revamped SL roadster will feature a body shell made of 89-percent aluminum, making it almost 310-lbs lighter than its predecessor.

In addition to the lightweight body, the new SL will also feature Magic Vision Control, a new intelligent, high-efficiency windscreen wiper/washer system. The system channels water to the windscreen just in front of the wiper blade lip in the direction the wiper is moving. The result will probably be something revolutionary when we witness it in person; we’ll no longer have to see water splashing on the windshield while it cleans itself.

Mercedes will also be utilizing the free spaces in the aluminum structures in front of the footwell as resonance spaces for bass loudspeakers, giving the new SL a unique FrontBass system. The result will give the SL a concert hall ambience even with the top down.

The aluminum body won’t just be lighter, it’ll also be safer and more rigid. Mercedes employed different processes to make different various types of aluminum based on what the component’s function would be. In a complete breakdown, the body shell features 44-percent cast aluminum, 17-percent aluminum sections, 28-percent aluminum sheet metal, 8-percent steel and 3-percent of other materials. Mercedes also addressed the potential sound issues of aluminum with plenty of consistent sound insulation.

GALLERY: 2013 Mercedes SL Concept


 |  Jul 22 2011, 4:00 PM


Prior Design is now giving owners of Mercedes-Benz‘s SL-class the option to convert their model to mimic that of an AMG SL Black Series body. The bold, widebody and aggressive design that has made the Black Series famous can now be had from Prior Design in the form of their Black Edition aerodynamic kit. Though no pricing was announced, the kit does come complete with everything required to do the transformation.

Doing the conversion will involve swapping out a majority of the factory body parts, outfitting the SL’s body with all new front fenders, front bumper, front lip spoiler, hood, side skirts, rear fender arches, rear bumper and diffuser and rear trunk spoiler. Lastly, a replacement windshield water tank is included to fit with the new front end.

GALLERY: Prior Design Mercedes-Benz SL R230FL PD Black Edition

prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_10.jpg prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_11.jpg prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_12.jpg prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_15.jpg prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_20.jpg prior_design_mercedes_benz_sl_r230fl_black_edition_22.jpg