Rod Millen Hosts Hillclimb Event on His Newly-Paved Driveway Racetrack [Video]

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What better way to spend more time on the trace track than to build one in your own back yard. Or better still, your front yard, as your driveway, tempting you to set a new record lap every time you return home. That’s exactly what former Pikes Peak record holder Rod Millen has done at… Continue Reading...

World’s Fastest Nissan GT-R Attempts New Record

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So what exactly does the world’s fastest Nissan GT-R look like? A little bit underwhelming we have to say, but this thing is one fast machine. Ever since 2006, this R32 GT-R has been lighting up the record books running 7-second passes and taking away HKS’ title back in 2007. Based out of New Zealand,… Continue Reading...