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 |  Nov 24 2012, 12:01 PM

For decades, Nissan has been creating some of Japan’s finest sports cars. Both the 370Z and the GT-R are well respected for the performance they deliver, especially for the price, but there’s no arguing Nissan lacks a real sports car under $30,000.

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 |  Apr 08 2012, 5:01 PM

While Nissan is clearly enjoying great success with its 370Z and GT-R models, the Japanese automaker is missing a viable competitor to the upcoming Scion FR-S.

Even though America never got the chance to enjoy a true Silvia 200SX (powered by a SR20DET), enthusiasts have taken the 240SXs we’ve gotten in America and swapped in the potent 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder. Now Nissan is considering producing a lighter, smaller sports car that could see a revival of the Silvia model.

Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s design boss, recently said in an interview, “I much prefer smaller sports car. It is the time to look at that. With 370Z, we still don’t know next generation will have a larger or smaller engine.” The designer went on to elaborate that reducing the weight of the next-generation Nissan sports car is a priority.

Given the price range of the FR-S, it would make much more sense for Nissan to revive the SX moniker than to offer a less powerful Z.

“Sports car is a core of Nissan. We … really we have to sit down and work out what the future sports car should be for us,” Nakamura said.

Regardless of whether or not a new model is on the horizon, Nissan is working to lighten its current Z and GT-R models even more. But hey, we would welcome a smaller, lighter, and cheaper Nissan sports car with open arms.

[Source: Drive - Sydney Morning Herald]

 |  Dec 15 2010, 5:42 PM

Tim Aldrich, a Florida resident and Nissan 240SX owner, passed away in early August, 2010. Although I never knew Tim personally, he was a larger than life presence on Ziptied, an online forum that I’ve frequented for a number of years, where Tim’s ribald humor and offline friendships with a number of other Ziptied members provided fodder for countless memes, vulgar jokes and spirited arguments. Nearly all of Tim’s comments are too explicit to print, but his username, “EAT S**T, DIE SLOW” should provide you with ample indication of Tim’s sense of humor.

Offline, Tim was known as a true stand-up guy, who loved animals and shied away from drinking alcohol and other indulgences. Tim’s death at age 30 hit hard precisely because so many members had a personal relationship with him that extended beyond a keyboard. Shortly after he passed away, one member announced that Tim’s father had given permission to some of Tim’s friends to crush his Nissan 240SX.

The genesis of the idea came from Tim’s repeated distaste for the idea that his car, or any part of it, should fall into the hands of a teenaged wannabe drifter who would defile his car by crashing it during a lame attempt at emulating their D1 heroes, or modifying it in a way that Tim would find offensive. Rather than sell the car and have it end up in the wrong hands, Tim’s friends decided to crush the car and videotape the proceedings.

A variety of ideas were bounced around Ziptied, with some suggesting the car be chopped into pieces, others commenting that Tim’s long standing wish of being “f***ing buried in this car” be honored. In the end, one member’s idea of having a backhoe trample the car won out.

Yes, the car was crushed with the RP-F1′s on it, but again, it was done in accordance with Tim’s wishes, and with the blessing of his family. In the end, the motor and transmission were sold, with the proceeds going to Tim’s family, but everything else was mangled in a final tribute to a dear friend of many in the Tampa Bay area, and online. Video of the ceremony can be seen after the jump.

Donations to the Tim Aldrich memorial fund can be made here, with proceeds going to the SPCA

[Source: Ziptied]

Video after the jump

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 |  Sep 22 2010, 4:29 PM

Nissan‘s 240SX sports coupe is not coming back. According to an interview in Ward’s Auto World, Larry Dominique, chief product planner for Nissan, said that the company considered the car before the economy hit the toilet in 2008, but the 30,000 annual sales would not be enough to justify the investment.

“I’m not looking to fill every niche, every opportunity. If I let my product planners go, they could come up with 15 other cars we should have.” The 240SX revival would have apparently been front-drive anyways, but Dominique said that any sort of car would be under the Sentra nameplate, rather than an all-new model line.

[Source: Ward's]

 |  Aug 24 2010, 2:28 AM


This past weekend was Formula Drift’s fifth event of the season, taking place out in scorching Las Vegas. To combat the heat, the event actually took place late at night and was fittingly named “Round 5: After Dark.” With the championship now coming down to the wire, teams have been swapping out motors and finding new ways to gain an advantage against the more consistent teams as familiar faces such as Samuel Hubinette, Rhys Millen and Tanner Foust are barely in championship contention; with Tanner Foust being the closest in third place.

But the weekend would belong to the dedicated team from Falken Tire, once again sweeping the podium with a first, second and third finish. Sitting on top however wouldn’t be Daijiro Yoshihara or Vaughn Gittin Jr., both of which had secured event wins this season, but rather their teammate Tyler McQuarrie in the Nissan 350Z convertible. Gittin Jr. would got himself in a Mustang vs. Mustang tandem battle against Tony Brakohiapa but the skilled veteran Gittin took third place and maintain the points lead.

The final tandem battle of the night pitted McQuarrie against Yoshihara – with Yoshihara having been amazingly consistent throughout the season, while McQuarrie battled ups-and-downs but stayed persistent and optimistic. All his hard work would finally pay off as he took the win after Yoshihara’s S13 had mechanical troubles.

This is McQuarrie’s first career victory in Formula Drift and is just icing on the cake for another fantastic weekend from Falken Tires.

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Jul 23 2010, 7:18 AM

Nissan appears poised to return to the affordable sports car segment. After long-standing rumors that the Japanese automaker would build a successor to the 240SX the folks at AutoCar are reporting on a possible come-back for the European 200SX (known as the 240SX in North America).

The largest issue facing Nissan, however, is finding a suitable platform for the car. According to a recent report by AutoCar, those in charge of the project at Nissan want the vehicle to be a rear-drive model – like in the past. The only possible platform available is the 370Z’s, but it would likely prove too heavy, even in a down-sized format. Where this leaves Nissan and the rumor mill regarding the 240SX revival is anyone’s guess, but we’d definitely welcome the return of the 240. Just please give us the good engine this time.

[Source: AutoCar]

 |  Apr 14 2010, 10:13 AM


With this past weekend’s Formula Drift 2010 season opener in Long Beach, one thing was noticeably missing from the roster: a female driver. Years past, we have seen a couple of female entries including Yoshie and her S14. Popular magazines have done articles (more in mockery than in editorial) of import models learning how to drive alongside a professional drifter.

While women as a whole have been showcased as eye-candy within the automotive market, many worldwide are making a statement by showing off their skills of going sideways. There are plenty in America alone, many of whom are looking forward to stepping it up to the next level of professional drifting and making a name for themselves. Perhaps we’re not too far off in having a “Danica Patrick” of drifting.

Over in Japan, where drifting “originates”, many girls and women are taking it to the guys. They’re working on the cars themselves, driving, testing and tuning – and many of them are doing it extremely well. In the video after the jump, a “Girl’s Drift Festival” is captured on film with girls piloting all sorts of S-chassis going sideways, and fast. Check it out!

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