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 |  Aug 27 2012, 5:45 PM

Nissan will be switching to cells supplied by Hitachi for its 2013 Leaf model rather than the ones currently supplied by Automotive Energy Supply Corp.

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 |  Aug 18 2012, 4:02 PM

The Nissan Leaf’s recent sales figures has to be disappointing to the Japanese automaker, but it looks like big changes are on the way for the electric vehicle, and hopefully it won’t be too little, too late. 

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 |  Aug 12 2012, 1:58 PM

At least year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Nismo teased things to come with a Juke Nismo Concept model, and an electric Leaf Nismo model. It appears the performance division of Nissan is going full speed ahead with new Nismo performance models, including more extreme RS versions.

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 |  Aug 03 2012, 8:31 AM

As July’s car sales figures start to trickle in, the Chevrolet Volt continued its dominance against the Nissan Leaf for the sixth straight month in a row.

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 |  Aug 02 2012, 2:30 PM

Going Electric



The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf initiated a whole new movement in the auto industry. With the realization that an all-electric vehicle can be useful in everyday driving situations thanks to a large battery and more efficient fast charging technology, automakers are hopping on the electric vehicle bandwagon.

“Overall automakers want to be prepared,” says Devin Lindsay, an automotive powertrain analyst from IHS Automotive. “EVs are another tool for automakers to reach out to consumers” he says, mentioning that automakers are taking EVs seriously, rather than just putting a bunch of batteries and motors in an existing product.

It’s interesting to see how automakers make electric cars from the ground up to use only electric propulsion. For example Tesla and Cadillac are all making vehicles that will exclusively be used with an electric powertrain. Others are modifying their current successful vehicles to EVs. Lets take a look at the different EVs that will be arriving soon (or are already here), and learn a bit about the new technology behind it.

 |  Jul 24 2012, 10:01 AM

Sales of the Nissan Leaf have been stumbling as of late, with the Chevy Volt trumping it several months in a row. A few Nissan dealers are now offering the EV with up to $5,000 off its MSRP of $38,100 hoping to entice hesitant buyers to pull the trigger.

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 |  Jul 18 2012, 9:38 AM

Limousines are luxurious, comfortable and now, thanks to Nissan and the Embassy Suites hotel in Nashville Tenn., all-electric. 

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 |  Jul 15 2012, 5:01 PM

Owners of the Nissan Leaf that are using G.E.’s WattStation home charger should be cautious and discontinue using it to be on the safe side.

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 |  Jul 11 2012, 1:01 PM

The Portuguese police force has taken delivery of eight Nissan Leaf vehicles which are being put into active duty fighting crime. Well, only if that crime is happening within 100 miles. 

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 |  Jul 08 2012, 2:00 PM

What a turnaround the Chevrolet Volt has experienced in the past few months.

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 |  Jul 05 2012, 11:24 AM

To help combat range anxiety, Nissan has released a new smart phone app that will be available to owners of the Leaf that helps to more precisely predict battery usage and range. 

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 |  Jul 05 2012, 10:15 AM

The sales of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (PEVs) have not been as strong as many had hoped, and a new study from Pike Research shows that around 410,000 PEVs will be sold between 2011 and 2015, falling short of the million mark that the Obama administration wants. 

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 |  Jun 27 2012, 8:01 AM

Apparently no car is safe from getting the limousine conversion treatment, as Imperial Couch Builders has taken the liberty to build a stretched Nissan Leaf limo.

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 |  Jun 25 2012, 1:06 PM

Thanks to its electric drive train and direct drive transmission system, the Nissan Leaf is supposed to be able to go just as fast in reverse as it can in forward, something the company plans to prove at Goodwood by attempting to take the record for driving the fastest mile — in reverse.

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 |  Jun 22 2012, 9:07 AM

Lack of charging infrastructure is still an issue when it comes to electric cars, but Nissan is trying to change this with its ‘Big Turn On’ initiative.

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 |  Jun 05 2012, 3:45 PM

Taking a step toward expanding what an electric vehicle can do, Toyota is experimenting with using a Prius as a home power generator. 

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 |  Jun 04 2012, 8:50 AM

Even though EV sales are a bit sluggish and the technology is taking some time for consumers to adopt, it appears that two of the more popular EVs and PHEVs – the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf – are retaining much of their value on the used car market.

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 |  May 23 2012, 6:16 PM

Nissan has confirmed that the e-NV200 all-electric van will begin production in Barcelona, Spain in early 2013. 

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 |  May 09 2012, 10:44 AM

Along with concerns like range anxiety, many potential electric car buyers express concerns about high voltage electric shocks.

With the Nissan Leaf being an entirely new type of vehicle, before it came to market engineers sat down and postulated all the possible “what ifs” of things that could go wrong, making sure to test the electric car in new ways never even dreamed of before.

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 |  May 04 2012, 9:11 AM

Toyota continues to enjoy success with its Prius family of models, as its plug-in hybrid sold 1,654 units in the month of April.

The sales figure trumps its main competitors, the Chevrolet Volt (1,462 sold) and the Nissan Leaf (370 sold) making it the most popular plug-in vehicle last month in America. It’s no huge surprise that the plug-in variant of the Prius is selling well compared to its counterparts, considering how well-known the Prius moniker has become over the years.

Last month the Japanese automaker also saw the highest sales total for its Prius models ever for the month of April, moving a combined figure of 25,168 units across all its model variants. In total, Toyota sold 30,126 hybrids while its luxury division Lexus moved a respectable 2,467. Compared to April 2011, Toyota’s hybrid sales saw a huge jump of 124.6 percent, but it’s worth noting that April 2011 was also after the disastrous tsunami that hindered vehicle production.

“Thanks to continued strong sales of Camry and Prius family, Toyota was America’s number one retail brand for the second straight month,” said Bob Carter, general manager of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “With consumer confidence improving, we expect to see sustained industry growth in the months ahead.”

 |  Apr 20 2012, 3:31 PM

The all electric Nissan Leaf is trying to become a practical and viable option to compete with the gasoline engine, and Nissan is providing infrastructure to help make the transition smooth for consumers.

Partnering with the non-profit company Adopt a Charger, Nissan is sponsoring 15 EV chargers that are available for public use. There are two locations where the Nissan chargers can be found, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and in San Francisco at the Music Concourse Garage in Golden Gate Park. Both of these sites were reviewed before hand and selected thanks to their high concentration of EVs that visit every day.

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 |  Apr 18 2012, 2:02 PM

Prices might be falling soon on the cost to produce electric vehicles, which means (hopefully) that the MSRP will fall soon as well.

A new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance shows the cost of lithium ion batteries falling 14 percent over this time last year. Furthermore, prices took a 30 percent swan dive since 2009.

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 |  Apr 16 2012, 8:02 PM

Gasoline-powered cars are slowly starting to look like pirates plundering the world for fuel and slashing environmental throats as they go. Thanks to that, the fair maiden electric vehicles with zero-emissions claims and low-cost fueling can easily float in on the smog cloud looking squeaky-clean. But are they?

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 |  Apr 16 2012, 12:01 PM

In its continued effort to spread the message of the all-electric Leaf, Nissan has partnered up with Fleet Forum and is providing five vehicles for a year for free.

Fleet Forum manages vehicle fleets for foreign aids and charitable organizations, such as Red Cross and the UN World Food Programme, and will take the Leaf EVs from Nissan and distribute them among five of their charities.

The charities that will benefit from this program this year are: United Nations World Food Programme, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees, Islamic Relief, and the United Nations Logistics Base.

This program will not only show the viability of electric vehicles in different applications around the world, but also reduce the environmental impact and reduce costs.

“This is an excellent example of learning through demonstration,” says Paul Jansen, Executive Director of Fleet Forum. “Through this programme these different organisations can see for themselves how electric vehicles can be used to help achieve their objectives. From a Fleet Forum point-of-view we’re happy to facilitate this as a way of increasing efficiency and reducing pollution.”

Jansen goes on to say, “The partnership with Nissan fits perfectly with Fleet Forum’s commitment to offer our members practical knowledge and experience of transport-related products and services. The participating members will benefit directly, but in the end all members will benefit. Together with Nissan we will gather and analyze the test data. We will build knowledge regarding electric driving, and we can advise our members how to maximize the best use of electric vehicles. Fleet Forum promotes electric driving because this is a very constructive way of reducing the environmental impact of the operational activities of Fleet Forum members.”

The first two cars will be handed over to the chosen organizations in a ceremony in Geneva. These cars will be used in Switzerland.

The Leaf is one of the few all-electric vehicles on sale anywhere in the world. It has a range of just over 100-miles on a full-charge and sells for a base price of $35,200.