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 |  Feb 22 2012, 2:32 PM

While we anxiously await the new SRT Viper to finally make its debut at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, it appears that Dodge wants to remind us just how powerful its previous iteration of the Viper was.

The Viper Club of America has released a new video showcasing the race-only Viper ACR-X taking on the Nürburgring with a lap time of 7:03.058, which is almost 10 seconds faster than the street-legal Viper ACR, which depending on who you ask is the current production car record holder.

For a race-only production car, the ACR-X has an impressive time, but it’s no the fastest – not even close. Depending on how obscure you prefer your exotic cars, the Ferrari 599XX managed a 6:58, the Radical SR8LM has posted a 6:48 lap time in the past and the Pagani Zonda R tops them all with a blistering 6:47 time.

Watch the video below:

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 |  Jun 27 2011, 9:26 PM


The Lexus LFA may sport one of the highest price tags in the exotic car market, but until now it’s been missing an all-important Nurburgring lap time.

Lexus has never released an official time for the car, but leading up to this past weekend’s 24 Hours of Nurburgring, the Toyota luxury arm took a Nurburgring Edition LFA for an exhibition hot lap. Even though it wasn’t classified as a full-on attempt, Gazoo Racing driver Akira Iida put in an impressive 7:22.85 in the LFA, putting it in 10th place overall on the fastest production vehicle list.

With that time being three seconds off the Corvette ZR1, which costs just a third of the price, even Lexus fanboys aren’t thumping their chests. That may soon change, however, with reports that there are plans for an official run in the future.

Was Iida going balls-to-the-wall, or was he sand bagging? Time will tell.

[Source: LexusEnthusiast]

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 |  Jun 19 2011, 12:30 PM


Renault deserves all the credit in the world with its stunning 8:07.97 lap time on the Nurburgring, giving it the FWD record and besting some seriously impressive machines such as Audi’s RS4 and BMW’s E46 M3. So it’s without a doubt that we have to share a video of the record setting run from the cockpit.

Watching driver Laurent Hurgon meticulously pilot the sports car through Nurburgring’s rigorous track while pushing the limits on the Megane RS 265 Trophy’s tires is really a treat. It’s a shame North America will never be able to get behind the wheels of one of these machines anytime soon, much like Ford’s Focus RS.

Check out the video after the jump:

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 |  Sep 14 2010, 10:23 PM

Oh Nürburgring, how we love thee. Every performance car looks to tackle the famed course in order to prove its real world prowess but sometimes its easy to for drivers to get in over their heads in such high performance machines – on such a terrifying course. And that’s just what happened to the driver of this Lotus 2-Eleven.

Thankfully no one was hurt in this accident, but we have to admit, it’s painful to watch. Unfortunately the driver pushed it just a tad too far, losing control of the 2-Eleven at one of many corners on the Nürburgring where many accidents occur. The moment of impact and what happens to the Lotus quickly afterwards is gutwrenching, but it’s amazing how difficult it is for us to look away. And again, no one was hurt… we’re not really sadistic.

For those not familiar with the car, the 2-Eleven sports 252-hp with a weight of just 1,477 lbs. In other words, it’s more like a go-kart than car when it comes to pushing through the turns.

Watch the video after the break, but make sure you’re on an empty stomach!

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[Source: GTSpirit]

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