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 |  Mar 22 2011, 8:48 PM

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential and successful women on Earth, and her success has lead to the kind of wealth that can give her access to anything she points her finger at.

On the occasion of her 42nd birthday, she pointed towards a black on white 1996 Bentley Azure convertible. It seems Ms. Winfrey liked her Bentley a lot, amassing 49,000-miles on it. Perhaps it was used as a daily driver, and that gives Ms. Winfrey extra brownie points in our books.

According to Mark Scarincio, owner of Boulevard Auto in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. the dealership that currently has this vehicle up for sale, Ms. Winfrey came in with her gal pal Gayle King and said she wanted something special for her birthday. The salesman who was a personal friend of Ms. Winfrey showed her the Bentley and soon she signed papers to this $335,000 land-yatch.

The car has since depreciated quite a bit. It was recently listed on ebay Motors for a “buy it now” price of $67,900 but got no takers. So, if your significant other is a huge Oprah fan, you could earn extra credits by buying it for them.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

 |  Nov 23 2010, 10:39 AM

After Oprah announced yesterday that everyone in the audience of her Favorite Things Part II episode would get a new 2012 Volkswagen New Beetle, we now have a teaser image of that car to share.

Looking a lot like the spy photos we’ve already seen no other details about the car have been provided. On the show, Oprah said she has seen the car, even though it’s not set to go into production for a while and won’t go on sale until the Fall of 2011.

It’s not yet clear if VW plans to continue its U.S. market strategy with the new New Beetle, by delivering the car as a less refined vehicle at a much lower price point – which is what Volkswagen is doing with the new Jetta and plans to do with its Passat replacement.

Oprah, who drives a New Beetle, gave away 275 versions of the car to those in the audience at her show.

VW has yet to even hint at what auto show the car will debut at, with Detroit a possibility and New York in April more likely. However, using Oprah to help promote the car, one has to think VW might choose Oprah’s local Chicago Auto Show in February for the debut.

 |  Jul 13 2009, 11:09 AM


Back in 2004 Oprah Winfrey gave away 276 Pontiac G6s to her audience members. And like all things Oprah touches, it turned to gold – gold for Pontiac and General Motors anyway. Popularity of the car shot up overnight and now Volkswagen is hoping for a repeat performance as Oprah will reportedly give away two Routan minivans on an upcoming show.

While a Volkswagen model, the Routan is actually a Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country underneath and is built in North America at Chrysler’s Windsor, Ontario plant in Canada.

Routan sales haven’t been strong for Volkswagen as it struggles for market share in a segment that is seemingly past its prime and filled with strong and established competitors from Toyota and Honda – not to mention from Chrysler with its own version of the same vehicle.

In such a well-established vehicle segment, the Routan’s biggest problem seems to be awareness, but that will all change after millions of Americans hear Oprah say that word: Routan. Awareness for the Pontiac G6 reached 87 percent after the 2004 Oprah giveaway. The Pontiac G6 also because an immediate top search item on both Google and Yahoo. GM even said that unique visitors to the Pontiac website were six times the average in the weeks after that famous Oprah show.

Luckily for Volkswagen, meeting the surge in demand won’t be a problem as Chrysler jut announced it would not shutter its Windsor assembly plant, which had previously been on the chopping block.

[Source: Wards]