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 |  Jul 21 2011, 4:45 PM

The Lamborghini Estoque seems to be well on its way to production, and should arrive sometime in 2014. According to a leaked document, the Italian automaker will also be offering a drop top version of the four-door, which will be unveiled one year after the sedan’s debut. The Estoque convertible will likely arrive first in concept form in 2015, and then go into production form for 2016.

Powering both the sedan and convertible is believed to be a new supercharged V10 engine that will first arrive in the Cabrera (the Gallardo’s replacement), which is due out in 2013.

The Estoque would compete with the Porsche Panamera Convertible, which is rumored for 2012.

In addition, Lamborghini is reportedly planning a convertible version of its ultra limited edition Sesto Elemento.

GALLERY: Lamborghini Estoque


[Source: Top Speed]

 |  Jul 21 2011, 3:45 PM


Sporty or luxurious? BMW or Porsche? Two of Germany’s finest production automobiles have been tuned by Vorsteiner to near perfection, contrasting the M3′s urge to be sporty with the Panamera’s desire to be luxurious. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vorsteiner’s Candy Cane GTRS3 M3 or their Porsche Panamera V-PT, but enjoying them both in one photo shoot is a real treat.

It’s interesting how seeing both cars in the same frame makes you wonder which you’d rather have as a daily driver. The enticing and menacing widebody M3 or the more refined yet aggressive Panamera? Either way you look at it, Vorsteiner has two winners here and we could only imagine what it was like to spot the two of them prowling the streets of Los Angeles on their way to the photo shoot. Kudos to the tuning company out of California for finding a great way to add style, sophistication and performance without ruining the vehicle itself.

GALLERY: Vorsteiner BMW M3 Candy Cane GTRS3 and Panamera V-PT

vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_10.jpg vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_2.jpg vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_3.jpg vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_4.jpg vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_5.jpg vorsteiner_candy_cane_gtrs3_v_pt_panamera_9.jpg

[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Jul 14 2011, 9:30 AM

Because the stoned-frog Panamera just won’t cut it, Porsche is toying with the idea of a grand touring coupe again—and they’re planning to reintroduce a familiar badge in the works.

The legendary 928 was the fastest production car at one time, a time when it still performed flawlessly instead of being relegated to humiliating $500 beater racing. The new 928 revival will probably not outpace the Bugatti Veyron, but it will damn well try in the same spirit: a super-luxurious two-door, that can do blistering speeds all day. The Panamera can do that, yeah, but with its four doors and melted-cheese styling, it’s made the engineers at Zuffenhausen bored and restless.

Enter the 929, as it could be called. It would be based on a shortened Panamera platform which could also spawn a Bentley coupe, with the Volkswagen conglomerate paying for development costs. Whatever happens, we’ll see it as early as 2014, when the Panamera is set for a refresh.

Of course, rumors of a 928 revival have been floating around since, well, the first 928 was killed off. The next Panamera could even spawn a 928 shooting brake, a Panamera limo, or a 918 Spyder dually ice cream truck. All of these are rumored to come next (the ice cream truck would be for employees only, sadly). Who knows what they’re throwing down in Stuttgart?

[Sources: Cartype]

 |  May 25 2011, 4:40 PM


Russian tuner TOPCAR has added their name to the list of available Porsche Panamera tuning packages with their Stingray GTR program. With it comes some very aggressive styling to the luxury sedan, with TOPCAR’s priority clearly to add more sport than luxury to the Panamera.

This isn’t TOPCAR’s first attempt at a styling package for the Panamera; their first one was well-received but demand emerged for something more aggressive and “charismatic”, and the Stingray GTR is the result of those demands.

The styling package comes complete with all new front and rear bumpers, hood, front and rear fender extenders, front and rear doors and side skirts. That’s right, you’ll be removing and replacing many panels with this kit completely transforming your Panamera to something more fitting of Porsche’s brand name. The overall stance of the Panamera will make you look twice – it’s wider, meaner and sharper. Even more trick is the addition of a small-button push that triggers the opening of the rear doors. All body components and panels are constructed from carbon fiber and Kevlar.

TOPCAR will only be offering 25 Stingray GTR packages, and notes that each vehicle will receive its own special features making them all unique in their own way. The package starts at an impressive $63,500. TOPCAR found it worth mentioning that four of those 25 are already spoken for.

And for those looking for more performance out of their Panamera while TOPCAR is replacing every panel imaginable, they do offer engine tuning programs to bring performance up to 700-hp and Brembo big brake packages can also be incorporated to your build.

GALLERY: TOPCAR Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR

topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_10.jpg topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_11.jpg topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_12.jpg topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_13.jpg topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_15.jpg topcar_porsche_panamera_stingray_gtr_3.jpg

 |  May 17 2011, 5:25 PM

April has been a very good month for Porsche: it saw sales increase by 53 percent, or 11,741 vehicles total. But the cars that skyrocketed during this period aren’t the 911, or any variants thereof.

Diehard Porsche fans are going to rage: what’s selling hot isn’t the 911, or even the Boxster/Cayman duo—it’s the Cayenne and Panamera, the two models most accused of pillaging the brand for all it’s worth. And hybrid models, too! What is Stuttgart coming to?

In fact, Cayenne sales doubled in that time and Panamera sales increased 15%, while sales of the Boxster and Cayman actually lowered by 8.7%. “Every Porsche is the sportiest model in its segment,” said Bernhard Maier, a Porsche board member. “Our customers world-wide love the combination of performance and efficiency, such as in the new Panamera S Hybrid or 911 GT3 RS 4.0.” The 911, meanwhile, stayed relatively steady as before.

Within the same period, North American sales increased 77% in the same month, Porsche’s largest market. And their 2nd largest, China, saw increases of 48.8%, and the rest of Asia increased sales 56.5%.

The two keep giving Porsche incentive to blow their money on awesome things—like racing, or the upcoming 918—and maybe holding off a forcible invasion from jealous neighbors/friends-with-benefits Volkswagen.

 |  May 01 2011, 10:58 AM


While Porsche‘s Panamera’s styling is still a love it or hate it for many, the aftermarket has been progressively turning it into a more “love it” vehicle through some aesthetic changes like Vorsteiner’s V-PT kit. True to Vorsteiner fashion, the V-PT kit for the Panamera consists of subtle and clean lines rather than gaudy and extreme changes. If you’re looking for a classy way to make your Panamera a little more aggressive on the outside, look no further.

The front bumper incorporates a carbon fiber insert that can be removable and replaced if damaged and an optional carbon fiber duct can be ordered to further enhance cooling on the radiator and intercoolers (if you have a Turbo Panamera). The carbon fiber side skirts allow for interesting paint schemes, if you’re into that sort of thing, in order to highlight the high quality carbon fiber Vorsteiner uses in their product.

In the rear, a subtle yet effective Ducktail rear spoiler can be found on the trunk which allows for the factory wing to remain completely functional. The rear consists of an aggressive rear bumper and carbon fiber diffuser which houses a quad-tipped exhaust system quite nicely. The V-PT exhaust can be constructed from stainless steel or titanium.

Last but not least, you can match the V-PT package to a set of wheels from Vorsteiner. Pricing has yet to be released. We’re sure it’s not cheap, but for how nicely this aero kit transforms the lines of the Panamera into something that matches its performance, price really shouldn’t be an issue.

GALLERY: Vorsteiner V-PT Porsche Panamera

vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_11.jpg vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_13.jpg vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_3.jpg vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_5.jpg vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_4.jpg vorsteiner_v_pt_panamera_10.jpg

 |  Apr 05 2011, 9:37 PM


Platinum Motorsports is known for bold luxury and exotic builds, and to really put the spotlight on what they’ve done over the recent years, they’ve put together a video of epic proportions. Taking some of their finest projects and hitting several Los Angeles landmarks while armed with a video camera, Platinum Motorsports has released this video that will make any luxury and exotic lover drool.

The video mainly highlights a Lamborghini LP640 with a matte Reventon Grey paint job, along with a Mercedes-Benz SL550 with a Black Series widebody treatment sporting the same shade. In addition, their Premier 4509 widebody Bentley GT Mulliner also steals the spotlight in matte white and we see glimpses of several Range Rovers.

Obviously the point of the video is to spotlight what Platinum Motorsports specializes in, but we can’t help but wonder how awesome Transformers would be if they had these cars in the movie; or what would happen if Fast and the Furious met Gone in 60 Seconds and had a bastard child.

Check out the video after the jump:

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 |  Mar 28 2011, 3:08 PM


At any given ALMS race, you’re guaranteed to see a field of Porsches on the track at any given minute. These are mostly 997 variants, but now there’s the possibility of catching a glimpse of Porsche’s Panamera and Cayenne at any ALMS race. Ideally, we hope not to see these on the track, given that they’re support vehicles, but it’s nice to see Porsche’s lineup being properly represented at one of the world’s most prestigious race series.

The Panamera Turbo is the official safety car for ALMS; essentially a stock model that has a dome light and paint scheme on it, similar to the well-known Mercedes AMG safety cars. The larger Cayenne SUV will be pulling duties as the medic’s emergency response vehicle, and we really hope that the Cayenne makes a limited number of appearances for that reason alone.

[Source: Autoblog]

GALLERY: Porsche Panamera and Cayenne ALMS Support Vehicles


 |  Mar 24 2011, 7:35 AM


With the success of Porsche‘s Panamera sedan, it’s little surprise that the automaker is now looking to introduce yet another 4-door model. With the Panamera sitting at the top of the range, the new model, code named the Pajun, will be a more affordable sedan, competing in the same realm as the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class.

Expected to be offered with your choice of gasoline, diesel or hybrid propulsion, it’s likely that the car would make use of the same turbocharged six-cylinder being planned for the Cajun SUV. Pricing would come in below the Panamera, although some overlap is likely with higher-performance models likely to pass beyond the $75,000 mark of the base Panamera.

Still far from development, if the project does get the green-light, look for the baby Panamera some time around 2016.

[Source: AutoBild]

 |  Feb 12 2011, 7:56 AM


Limited edition vehicles from manufacturers are becoming more and more popular as automakers look to cater to a specific country or demographic. Porsche has joined the group of companies doing just that with its luxurious and fast Panamera sedan, targeting the wealthy in the Middle East with a limited edition Panamera 4S model.

Debuting at this year’s Qatar Motor Show, the Porsche Panamera 4S Middle East Edition will be available in a limited quantity of 66. Highlighting the special features of this limited edition Panamera 4S is a Carrara White Metallic exterior paint shade while the interior features Carrera Red leather.

The Panamera 4S Middle East Edition will be powered by Porsche’s 4.8L eight-cylinder powerplant that puts out 400-hp. It will also come with the Sport Chrono Plus package as standard.

GALLERY: Porsche Panamera 4S Middle East Edition

panamera_4s_middle_east_edition_1.jpg panamera_4s_middle_east_edition_2.jpg panamera_4s_middle_east_edition_3.jpg

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 |  Jan 26 2011, 9:36 AM


Everytime we feel that Mansory can’t top its previous creation, it looks like the out-of-the-box vehicle builders have no end of out-of-the-box thoughts. Most recently, they’ve taken their already modified Porsche Panamera creation and have decided to splash a highlighter-bright yellow to its exterior.

Prestige Cars in in the United Arab Emirates will be offering the Bright Yellow Edition Porsche Panamera by Mansory that sports blue carbon fiber accents to contrast the bright yellow. The yellow/blue theme doesn’t stop there either, spreading to the engine bay and the interior.

Just like all the previous Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo creations, this one received upgraded turbos and an exhaust system, bringing horsepower up to 690-hp and torque to 590 ft-lbs.

GALLERY: Mansory Bright Yellow Porsche Panamera

mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_1.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_2.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_3.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_4.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_5.jpg mansory_bright_yellow_panamera_7.jpg

 |  Jan 20 2011, 8:34 PM


If your name is Ishmael or Ahab and you’ve always wanted to own a Panamera nicknamed Pequod, then Edo Competition’s newest Panamera build is perfect for you. If not and you’re just a Porsche Panamera owner looking to enjoy 750-hp, then Edo Competition’s Moby Dick Panamera will still do the trick.

Edo Competition is laying claim that this is the most powerful Panamera yet, enhancing the factory 500-hp of the Panamera Turbo to a powerful 750-hp (a 50% increase!). This brings its 0-62 mph time to under 4 seconds. The tuning specialist achieves this through undisclosed modifications (we’re guessing more boost and fuel along with ECU tuning) but does make mention in their press release that the Panamera comes with a redesigned exhaust system.

On the outside, Edo Competition outfits the Panamera’s aesthetics with an aerodynamic package which includes a new rear valence for the mentioned exhaust system. The vehicle was also lowered on 22-inch wheels and Edo Competition offers the option to paint the wheels any finish the customer requests.

The Moby Dick Panamera also gets its fair share of custom interior modifications based on the owner’s requests. No pricing was announced, but we’re assuming Edo Competition tackles each of their vehicle builds as a project-by-project basis.

GALLERY: Edo Competition Porsche Panamera Moby Dick Edition

edo_competition_porsche_panamera_1.jpg edo_competition_porsche_panamera_13.jpg edo_competition_porsche_panamera_11.jpg edo_competition_porsche_panamera_2.jpg edo_competition_porsche_panamera_20.jpg edo_competition_porsche_panamera_17.jpg

 |  Nov 09 2010, 9:49 PM

Renderings were released back in May for Vorsteiner’s vision of a Panamera Turbo tuning package, and now the vision has become a reality. Vorsteiner gave the Teamspeed forums a first look at their complete Panamera Turbo, which sports Vorsteiner’s new body kit and forged wheels.

With the Panamera’s exterior styling being its biggest criticism, it’s nice to see the aftermarket tweaking the Panamera into a much less controversially-styled vehicle. It’s easy to see how big of an improvement Vorsteiner’s styling package is on the Panamera’s aesthetics, with a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and trunk spoiler. Their new 22-inch wheels look killer on the Panamera too.

[Source: Teamspeed]

GALLERY: Vorsteiner Porsche Panamera

 |  Oct 05 2010, 9:01 PM


We can’t even imagine what you’re thinking of this if you’re not a fan of the stock Porsche Panamera to begin with. ASMA has taken a car that already had controversial styling and made it into a solidly ugly machine.

Here are our major complaints: ASMA took the Panamera and made it slightly more aggressive with a widebody setup, yet seems to retain a wheel and tire fitment made for a standard Panamera body. And then there’s the front bumper that is so open, loud and obnoxious that we’re not even sure if it belongs on any car. And we don’t even want to mention the rear of the car, which looks like some radically designed spaceship.

It’s a little disappointing because certain aspects of the kit seem promising if at a certain point they just decided to stop adding more lines and vents. The wheels aren’t half bad, we’re guessing they would pair up nicely with a stock body Panamera. But for now we’ll have to give them a big thumbs down for their effort and hopefully one day we’ll stop seeing creations like this from ASMA. Wait, nevermind… we can always use the laugh.

GALLERY: ASMA Porsche Panamera

asma_1.jpg asma_2.jpg asma_3.jpg asma_4.jpg asma_5.jpg asma_7.jpg

[Source: GT Spirit]

 |  Sep 14 2010, 6:14 AM


Was this really a surprise to anyone? Porsche‘s entry into the luxury sedan segment has been a huge success, having delivered over 22,500 Panameras to their owners in its first year of production.

By blending Porsche performance with its unmistakable styling (for good or bad), the Panamera has filled a void for those that are stuck needing a sedan, but still like the idea of owning a Porsche. Sure a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or even BMW’s 7-Series is nice, but nothing beats saying you have Porsche that’s full of Porschey performance goodness.

And the breakdown of its worldwide distribution? 2,530 in Germany, 300 in Hong Kong, 223 in Tokyo, 188 in Shanghai, 285 in Dubai, 203 in Moscow and 196 in Munich. Here in the U.S., there’s 890 of them roaming in Los Angeles and 760 in New York.

The Panamera 4S model is the top seller (9,3494), with the Turbo coming second (6,171) and the S being a third (4,563). Oh, and that six-cylinder model that was just recently released? 2,390 delivered. No rest for the luxurious we say.

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Official release after the jump:

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 |  Aug 24 2010, 8:55 PM


And just like that, it’s officially official. Just a few days ago we heard through the grapevine that the Gemballa brand was indeed coming back with a new CEO and investors, and with a few typed words from their PR personnel, it’s official. Interestingly enough, Andreas Schwarz (new CEO of Gemballa) has been in control since August 16th, reserving the rights of the old company that had already been liquidated. Schwarz chose to shut that one down and founded Gemballa GmBH.

Schwarz comes from a background of upgrading and marketing luxury high-class automobiles and is a “sports car expert.” (Whatever that means). We’re hoping he’s more of a “run a successful business expert” so that the Gemballa brand lives on past a couple of years once the initial investment funding has run dry. They seem to be starting out big however, with 22 employees and development on Porsche‘s Panamera and Cayenne.

The showroom is officially open in Leonberg for customers looking to customize their luxury high-class automobile. Gemballa will be switching to a parts manufacturer and stressing research and development on body kits, wheels, brakes and suspension components. We wish them all the best of luck and we really hope to see bigger and better products out of Gemballa without any of the drama. Let’s save that for an episode of Jersey Shore shall we?

GALLERY: Gemballa’s Fresh Start

gemballa_2.jpg gemballa_3.jpg gemballa_4.jpg gemballa_5.jpg gemballa_6.jpg

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Aug 20 2010, 4:16 PM


Back in May, we thought it was the end of Gemballa when Uwe Gemballa went missing (in February) and his wife filed bankruptcy on the company. Most everyone believed that this would be the end of the beloved Gemballa brand but it looks like it won’t fade into the darkness that easily. What is interesting though is that this resurgence of the Gemballa brand will have nothing to do with its original owners and founders being that Uwe Gemballa is still missing.

Andreas Swartz and Steffen Korbach have stepped in, buying the rights to the Gemballa brand along with whatever was lying around. Swartz will be acting as the CEO of the new Gemballa and both plan on making announcements on Monday that will push Gemballa towards more of a true aftermarket manufacturer. They also have plans on tuning the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne in addition to Ferrari’s Enzo.

Instead of offering full out vehicles or stand-alone sets of wheels, Swartz and Korbach are aiming towards Gemballa-branded products that can be purchased as components so enthusiasts can build the cars themselves. Whether or not this is the best direction for Gemballa to go, it’s certainly the most profitable way. It’s easy to see much of the prestige will be diminished of owning anything Gemballa now that anyone can get their hands on it piece-by-piece, but hey – it’s the smart thing to do. We’re just more curious to see how the design of the products will look under new vision. Guess the drama of Gemballa continues…stay tuned!

[Source: Motor Trend]

 |  Jul 31 2010, 8:34 AM

Ah the luxury of having a Panamera Turbo. How about having the ability to increase horsepower output by close to 80 at the push of a button? TechArt, famed Porsche tuner, has done just that for the new luxury sedan with their Power Kit.

The Power Kit is labeled as TA 070/T1 and empowers the 4.8-liter Twin Turbo V8 to push out 572-hp with 612 ft-lbs of torque, an increase of 79-hp and 96 ft-lbs from the factory spec. We guess we shouldn’t be surprised one bit that TechArt would be developing a product to increase horsepower from the Panamera Turbo, but the ability and ease of use truly redefines luxury performance. Want the extra power? Just simply push the sport button on the center console. Want to save gas and just cruise? Turn it off.

No pricing is available yet, but TechArt promises that it’ll be available in August.

Official press release available after the break.

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 |  Jul 14 2010, 10:23 PM

Woah, hold that matte black wrap and throw away those buckets of matte white paint. Platinum Motorsport has just revealed its latest project car, a Porsche Panamera sporting matte blue paint. Platinum took Porsche’s luxury sedan and made it sportier, more exotic and unique than any of us could have envisioned when the car first hit the market.

Like many of their high profile builds, Platinum Motorsport carefully stripped the Panamera to its bare bones chassis, including all the glass, before applying layers of matte blue paint. And once that was done, they didn’t stop there. While much of the interior was reupholstered, of particular note is the blue Alcantara headliner.

With subtle accents, a nice set of wheels and proper lowering job, Platinum Motorsport took this Panamera Turbo to all new heights. There isn’t even a reason to drop a Smurf-related joke. This is just in a league of its own.

[Source: Luxury4Play]

Check out the full gallery of pics after the jump:

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 |  Jul 09 2010, 1:48 PM


Even though Porsche‘s move to the Panamera caused some controversy, we think it’s safe to say the model has been well received by the general public and the aftermarket. Tuning programs, body kits, suspension and a load of parts have been unleashed for Porsche’s newest luxury sedan and the newest entry to the field is from Hofele-Design.

Based out of Germany, Hofele-Design’s take on the Panamera is similar to other tuning programs and packages from German aftermarket manufacturers. They touch on every aspect of the vehicle in order to convert it from subtle commuter to exotic street cruiser. The entire exterior is overhauled with all new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear diffuser. Obviously the goal was to make the Panamera plenty sportier and Hofele-Design’s body kit does just that, even incorporate a front grille from Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo.

Performance is helped with a quad-tipped exhaust that is naturally made to flow with the body kit. Suspension upgrades come from an electronic lowering module which drops the vehicle around 1.5-inches all around. Larger brakes are available from a four-piston caliper upgrade or a much larger six-piston caliper upgrade. Hofele-Design opted to outfit their demo vehicle with 22-inch wheels but also has different models and 20-inch variants available to the public.

Lastly the interior receives bi-color quilted leather in a variety of color choices. If desired other interior amenities can be re-wrapped to match the color scheme.

Gallery: Hofele-Design Porsche Panamera Rivage GT 970

panamera_1.jpg panamera_3.jpg

The official press release is available after the break.

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 |  May 07 2010, 5:48 PM


Sometimes it’s not enough to drive a fine, luxury automobile. You need everyone to know what you drive (or what you wish you did drive) by bringing a piece of it with you wherever you go.

When you’re heading out of town, you can let the world know that your luggage fits perfectly in your Porsche with the new Porsche Design Driver’s Selection line of luggage. Just as sleek and cool as the car itself, this line of luggage was designed to fit in the storage spaces of the Boxster, 911, Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera.

There are three different types in this collection, they all come in a variety of sizes and come in a choice of the original Porsche vehicle exterior colors: the “Ultralight,” which sport a classic design and is made of light polycarbonate; the Porsche Carfit series that is made with “AluFrame”-trolleys; and the Panamera leather series.

If you really want to OP (Over Porsche) it, consider accessorizing with the company’s new collection of line of jackets, wallets, handbags, and sunglasses.


Looking to put a little extra bling in your outfit? Consider picking up a metallic purse embellished with a Cadillac hood ornament. You’ll get plenty of interior room (just like a Caddy) and you’ll definitely make a fashion statement (again, just like a Caddy). These gems were spotted in Santee Alley in LA’s garment district, but you could probably do this yourself with an ordinary bag, a needle and thread or a glue gun, and a hood ornament from a car of your choice. Bam – instant fashion statement!

[Source:  TopSpeed and CarDomain]

 |  May 05 2010, 12:42 PM


For the most part Hennessey is known for their tuning prowess on American vehicles but they have dabbled on plenty of luxury European cars from the Mercedes-Benz SL65 to Audi’s R8 and even Lamborghinis. But now the power-hungry experts at Hennessey have turned their attention to Porsche‘s Panamera.

Starting with a Porsche Panamera Turbo, Hennessey did a baseline dyno, hitting 419-hp at the wheels. Hennessey aims to come close to doubling that number with their highest tier package, but will also offer more reliable and streetable systems. They will be fabricating their own exhaust systems, air induction mods, computer upgrades, turbo upgrades, intercooler upgrades and more. Basically they’ll be going through Porsche’s forced induction system, upgrading anything and everything they can until they’re happy with some vicious horsepower figures.

It’s clear that the Porsche Panamera is doing a fantastic job capturing the aftermarket. This luxury sedan has really garnered the right attention in the market. We can’t wait to see more fully built Panameras come out of the woodwork.

Check out the video of Hennessey dyno’ing the Panamera Turbo after the break.

[Source: TopSpeed]

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 |  Apr 20 2010, 3:22 PM


Just when we thought the matte black fad (or style) was starting to fade, TechArt introduces the Porsche Panamera Black Edition to the world. Porsche’s entry to the luxury sedan market has been well received so far, combining Porsche performance with traditional comforts that drivers and passengers are used to seeing in say, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class or BMW 7-Series. TechArt, a Porsche-exclusive tuner, has been merging design with functional technology since 1987.

TechArt’s newest tuning program for the Panamera gives a full car option – the Panamera Black Edition – available for just shy of $300,000 U.S. The base Panamera Turbo gets a complete overhaul inside and out, starting with traditional TechArt-styling with their aerodynamic kit. Accenting the new aesthetics is a set of 22-inch wheels in black and trendy LED daytime running lights. Engine modifications are light, with the Panamera sporting a new exhaust.

The Black Edition-theme continues onto the interior, with black leather and Alcantara seats and TechArt repainting everything possible in the interior to matte black: dash, door panel trim, center console, air vents, cup holders, etc.

For close to $115,000 U.S. over retail pricing (in Germany), the Techart Black Edition carries a real premium price tag. Chances are all the modifications could be had for less, including the paint job, but for those distinguished enough to even consider it, chances are they’ll pay for the convenience to just have it delivered complete and ready to be driven in.

The official press release is available after the jump.

GALLERY: Techart Porsche Panamera Black Edition


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 |  Jan 15 2010, 3:41 PM


Popularly known for tuning Audis, Sportechnic was present at Tokyo Auto Salon this year with an equal number of Audi and Porsche products. Alongside a Q5 and more highly modified A4 model, sat a Cayenne and a brand new Panamera. The Panamera was mostly stock except for a set of Sportech wheels. We’ll be interested to see where Sortechnic and other tuners (Japanese, German and even American) do with this incredible new platform.

GALLERY: Sportechnic Porsche and Audis