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 |  Jun 15 2011, 1:52 PM


Earlier in the month we heard about Dallenbach Racing teaming up with Bank’s Power to bring a 1,300-hp beast to Pikes Peak’s Unlimited Class. Excitement was brewing and it looks like Dallenbach Racing is smart enough to feed our appetite for speed with more teasers showing just how potent their machine is and how ready they are to break the 9-minute mark before anyone else does.

They took their Banks Powered machine to Pikes Peak for two qualifying runs and made sure to include several cameras mounted on the car to send video back to all those who aren’t fortunate enough to witness it in person. And of course the 1,307-hp machine is everything we imagined as it uses its twin-turbo power to soar up the infamous hill.

It’s probably been a while since this much excitement was churning out for Pikes Peak’s Hill Climb. We’ll be sure to follow-up on the results and hopefully it won’t be disappointing.

Check out a video of the 1,307-hp monster making its qualifying runs.


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