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 |  Dec 17 2011, 4:36 PM

Porsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 01.jpg

Porsche is determined to improve their hybrid technologies and the best place to do that is on the race track. For the 2012 race season, Porsche has further developed its 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car, and will be putting it to the test once again. Exactly where or when, however, has not been revealed.

The 911 GT3 R Hybrid is still considered a rolling race lab to Porsche, but the practical experience it gains under racing conditions has become worth it in Porsche’s goal of making hybrid drive more efficient.

Wolfgang Hatz, Board Member for Research and Development, believes that the GT3 R Hybrid project shows how important it is to test future technologies on the race track. Meanwhile, Hatz believes that there’s no way around the hybrid technology in motorsport and Porsche will “determinedly blaze this trail and further develop the hybrid technology.”

Porsche has announced it will enter an LMP1 prototype race car in the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans, and it is believed that car will be a hybrid.

GALLERY: Porsche GT3 R Hybrid

Porsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 02.jpgPorsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 03.jpgPorsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 09.jpgPorsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 11.jpgPorsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 05.jpgPorsche GT3 R Hybrid Victory 07.jpg

 |  Sep 25 2010, 8:52 PM

How glorious the Internet can be. With rumors, come renders and here is one we can dig. Recently we reported on a rumor of a possible GT3 RS Special Edition and the rumors have turned into speculation over a Porsche GT3 Hybrid. So naturally, a talented member of TeamSpeed (the forum where the rumor originated) has taken the liberty to render out what this possibly upcoming, mysterious Porsche GT3 RS may be.

The forum member, who goes by porschecarreragtmay6, based his rendering off speculation that Porsche would incorporate KERS into a GT3 model, possibly labeling it as a hybrid. And in his dream world, the GT3 Hybrid would sport a 4.0L RSR engine that pushes out 500-hp. The exterior would feature a larger rear wing, new splitter, new graphics, flared fenders, intakes on the rear fenders, a carbon fiber hood and more.

Could this be a sign of things to come? We’ll just have to wait and see which route Porsche decides to take.

Oh, and make sure to hit the link below to see the GT3 Hybrid in several other color combos.

[Source: TeamSpeed]