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 |  Mar 26 2014, 3:25 PM


Porsche has a long history in the world of racing, and the German brand is celebrating its heritage with a special museum exhibit. 

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 |  Jan 30 2014, 9:31 AM


The world’s first-ever vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche is a far cry from the powerful sports cars the brand is known for.

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 |  Dec 06 2013, 6:15 PM


The Porsche Museum has welcomed its two-millionth visitor, another milestone reached as the German automaker celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 911 model.

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 |  Oct 29 2013, 4:31 PM


Porsche is celebrating 60 years of super sports cars with a new exhibition at its museum.

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 |  Feb 07 2013, 9:54 AM

Porsche’s iconic sportscar is turning the big 5-0, and the German company has some major plans to celebrate all year long.

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 |  Aug 10 2012, 7:15 PM

Earlier this week, Porsche released the first of a multi-part series of videos showing off a secret warehouse housing a massive collection of Porsche models.

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 |  Aug 07 2012, 8:15 PM

Until very recently it was impossible to see Porsche’s entire car collection at once because of limited storage space, but now the company has a facility capable of housing its 505-vehicle library and then some. 

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 |  Sep 05 2011, 12:51 PM

2012 Porsche 911 01.jpg

Teased for many months, Porsche recently revealed the all-new 2012 911 and then showed us just how different the new shape is with a selection of impressive photos. Set to be officially revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show we now have the first in-the-flesh pics of Porsche’s best-selling sports car from a private showing at the Porsche Museum.

Adding luxury, performance and even fuel economy the new Carrera comes powered by a 3.4-liter flat-six engine with 350-hp, allowing for a 4.4 second 0-60 mph time (4.2 seconds with the Sport Chrono Package). Carrera S models get a 3.8-liter flat-six with 400-hp, good for a 4.1 second 0-60 time (3.9 with the Sport Chrono Package and PDK).

Longer by 3.9-inches, the new 911 also has a shorter overall height.

Fuel saving technologies such as a start/stop system, brake energy regeneration and a world’s first 7-speed manual transmission help improve fuel economy. Also helping are better aerodynamics and a 100 lb weight savings over the outgoing model.

On sale in February, Carrera models will start from $82,100, with Carrera S models priced from $96,400.

GALLERY: 2012 Porsche 911

2012 Porsche 911 03.jpg2012 Porsche 911 11.jpg2012 Porsche 911 12.jpg2012 Porsche 911 08.jpg2012 Porsche 911 05.jpg2012 Porsche 911 10.jpg

 |  Feb 26 2011, 11:53 AM

There are a million ways to say “Thank You.” And just one of those ways is to put the names of thousands of Facebook fans on a Porsche.

Porsche’s Facebook fanpage recently broke the 1,000,000 fan mark, and to celebrate, the automaker built a 2011 911 GT3 R Hybrid racer that is adorned with 27,000 fans. Outfitted in Facebook’s color scheme, fans of Porsche will “like” this signature car – in fact, you can check out a micro-site launched by Porsche to see if you’re name is on it. If you want to take a closer look, the car is on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

The “Thank You” campaign also recognizes the fact that Porsche has achieved the fastest 1,000,000 Facebook fans in automotive history. To become a fan of Porsche, you can click here. You can also watch a video of the car being outfitted with the signatures after the jump.
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 |  Jan 26 2009, 11:23 AM


Porsche has just announced the opening of a new $100 million museum on Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to celebrate the history of the famous German sportscar maker. This 60,250 sq.-ft. building was designed by Viennese architects Delugan Meissl and houses displays with 80 important models.

The museum collection, however, totals 400 vehicles and the 80 shown at any given time will change frequently. Porsche is proud of its driving heritage and so vehicles will regularly be taken out of exhibits and driven or even raced.

Along with the exhibits, Porsche intends to use the museum as a location to hold events and the building also houses a restaurant and even a cigar lounge. Automotive journalists, authors and historians will appreciate the fact that the museum includes an archives which will be made available to them.

Among the most significant exhibits at the new museum, Porsche lists the following:

A 1939 Type 64. Known as the original Porsche, this 33hp vehicle was built by (and raced by) Ferdinand Porsche in the Berlin-Rome long-distance race.

A 1950 VW Beetle. With 21.5 million units sold this original Beetle represents the original People’s Car, which Ferdinand Porsche presented in 1934. With an air-cooled four-cylinder mounted int he rear – creating enough room for four people, this is easily one of the most historic vehicles of all time.

1948 Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster. This 35hp model was the  first Porsche to bear the Porsche name.

1953 Porsche 356 America Roadster. With 70hp, this roadster was built specifically for the American market and was much lighter than other models of its time.

1956 Porsche 550 A Spyder. Knick-named “Little Bastard” by James Deam, this is the same model the actor was driving when he died on his way to the racetrack in 1955.

1960 356 B 2000 GS Carrera GT. Featuring 175hp and many innovations this is the first Porsche to bear the Carrera name.

1964 Porsche 911 2.0 Coupé. The successor to the 356, the 911 was original named the 901 but Peugot had legal rights to all three numbered car names with a zero in the middle.

1973 Porsche 917/30 Spyder. Featuring a turbocharged 12-cylinder boxer engine this race car boasted 1200 hp and a top speed of 239 mph.

1973 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Coupé. Known as the fasted production car of its time, the ducktail rear spoiler characterized this vehicle. It made 210hp and was capable of hitting a top speed of 149 mph.

1976 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Coupé. The first Porsche to use an exhaust gas turbocharger.

1988 Porsche 959. One of just 292 vehicles ever built the 450hp 959 displayed advanced technology in a street car.

2003 Carrera GT. Yes, all 612hp of V10 goodness. This was the first street car from Porsche to feature an all carbon fiber body.


Official release INCLUDING MORE INFO ON EVEN MORE PORSCHES after the jump:

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