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 |  Oct 31 2012, 1:02 PM

Last year, Japanese tuner Bensopra released an aero kit for the Nissan GT-R that made the word radical an understatement. Priced at over $50,000 with its massive spoiler, the Bensopra GT-R takes tuning to the extreme.

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 |  Jan 24 2012, 7:38 PM

Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO) has made the release of the GT3-spec GT-R official, pricing it at around $388,000 based on today’s conversion rates.

A joint project between NISMO and JR Motorsports (JRM), the Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 packs a 3.8L V6, twin-turbo powerplant that is seen in the factory production model, but pumps out 523-hp. It may sound odd that it has slightly less horsepower than the factory 2013 GT-R with 545-hp, but it’s probably been tuned to GT3 regulations.

What you do get, however, is a GT-R packed with fully adjustable suspension, a gutted-out interior with a full roll cage, extra cooling ducts and an aggressive aero package. Power on the GT3 GT-R will be delivered through a six-speed, semi-automatic paddle-shift system. Those ordering the race-ready GT-R will receive support from NISMO if you’re in Japan, Asia, North or South America and Oceania, while JRM will support Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

 |  Jun 25 2011, 8:00 AM


Abflug has made a reputation for themselves for having some of the most extreme body kits in the world. Some may call their creations outlandish, but there’s no denying that they push aggressive designs to the edge. Their widebody Nissan GT-R is one of their craziest kits yet, even up against some of their insane Supra creations.

What is just really odd about the kit is how mild the front bumper styling is – and rather attractive – but once you get to the rear of the car, it’s sensory overload sporting Audi R8-style ducting that really looks out of place on the GT-R. The widebody fenders themselves flow well with the rest of the body, but we’re left scratching our heads on the addition to the rear of the side skirts.

Abflug is currently selling the kit piece-by-piece with fiberglass or carbon options (when available). The high-mount rear wing is also a straight replacement of the OEM wing, utilizing the stock side base mounts.

GALLERY: Abflug Widebody Nissan GT-R

abflug_widebody_gt_r_10.jpg abflug_widebody_gt_r_2.jpg abflug_widebody_gt_r_3.jpg abflug_widebody_gt_r_4.jpg abflug_widebody_gt_r_7.jpg abflug_widebody_gt_r_9.jpg

[Source: GTRBlog]

 |  Apr 09 2011, 11:45 AM


2004 Indy Racing League champion Tony Kanaan apparently can be seen cruising the streets of Miami in this wickedly clean, full Mine’s Nissan GT-R built by the team at CEC East. CEC took one of Japan’s best automobiles and outfitted it with one of Japan’s best aftermarket parts manufacturers. From bumper to bumper, this GT-R is completely decked out with goods from Mines.

On the outside, the GT-R is transformed with a whole collection of carbon fiber goodies including their Type 2 carbon front spoiler, carbon grill, hood scoops, mirror covers, side skirts, trunk, rear wing, rear diffuser, and diffuser tunnels. In the engine bay, performance has been enhanced thanks to Mine’s air filter and titanium intercooler piping. Their carbon fiber engine cover also upgrades the aesthetics in the engine bay. The exhaust has been completely revamped with a cat-delete and mid pipe from Mine’s that leads out to a Mine’s titanium exhaust system. All of it is nicely tuned thanks to a Mine’s ECU.

Handling is further enhanced thanks to a set of Esta II coilovers, which are backed up with a set of lightweight Yokohama AVS M7 wheels painted gloss black. Behind each wheel peeks Mine’s big rotor upgrade backed with their racing pads and stainless brake lines.

The interior is pretty trick too, with CEC East swapping the majority of it out for carbon fiber counterparts. CEC Edition carbon fiber interior trim is accented by Recaro’s CS seats in black leather. The rear however has a Password JDM carbon seat delete along with its carbon rear speaker shelf.

All in, it’s a pretty slick setup for someone that clearly knows what he wants in an automobile.

GALLERY: CEC East / Tony Kanaan’s Mine’s Nissan GT-R

cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_2.jpg cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_3.jpg cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_4.jpg cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_5.jpg cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_7.jpg cec_miami_tony_kanaan_gtr_9.jpg

[Source: Teamspeed]

 |  Dec 29 2010, 1:44 PM


With the Tokyo Auto Salon around the corner, Japanese tuners are working and wrenching around the clock for their 2011 debuts. One of these tuners is Axell Auto, which is currently working on a widebody conversion kit for the infamous Nissan R35 GT-R. And it looks like Axell Auto is looking to claim the title of most radical GT-R in the world with the debut of the finished product.

The crazy widebody reminds us of days long gone, almost a creation that would come from Veilside’s factory. The front end of the GT-R isn’t bad, but the excess use of vents throughout the rest of the kit – especially the rear – is far too aggressive for our tastes.

From the Lamborghini side skirts to the cheesy 1995 Honda Civic hood venting to the obligatory LED running lights, every aspect of this kit is a thing of beauty when compared to the rear end.

We’ll be sure to snap some pics of the car in person from the Tokyo Auto Salon next month.

GALLERY: Axell Auto Widebody Nissan GT-R

axell_auto_gtr_1.jpg axell_auto_gtr_3.jpg axell_auto_gtr_4.jpg axell_auto_gtr_5.jpg axell_auto_gtr_6.jpg axell_auto_gtr_8.jpg

[Source: Jon Sibal]

 |  Oct 30 2010, 3:23 PM

While most of the aftermarket likes to overwhelm consumers with excessive amounts of horsepower, some companies like to refine the finer details, making the driving experience a more fulfilling one. Take Umbrella Auto Design for example; they began their business by focusing on Acura’s flagship supercar, the NSX. They built a wickedly clean demo car, refining it from bumper to bumper on the outside while starting their F1 line o interior series. Now they’ve taken the same magic to the Nissan GT-R.

Their focus with the GT-R, so far, is just the interior. We already know how potent the GT-R is, and we all know there’s more than enough companies out there trying to push 1,000′s of horsepower out of its powerplant. So it’s really refreshing to see Umbrella Auto Design releasing an interior package for the GT-R that brings its cockpit in line with its performance.

The majority of the interior is redone in black ultrasuede with silver stitching: front seats, steering wheel, e-brake, boot, shift knob, dashboard, door panels, center console, rear lower side panels, rear upper side panels, rear seats, headliner, visors, rear package tray, subwoofer cover and rear armrest. Several interior pieces are also repainted satin black instead of the factory light gray.

Umbrella Auto Design’s interior really gives the GT-R the sense of luxury it needs to back up the performance and driving experience the vehicle already offered. No pricing is announced unfortunately.

[Source: GTR Blog]

GALLERY: Umbrella Auto Design Nissan GT-R F1 Interior

 |  Oct 27 2010, 7:54 PM


The reality of a fully streetable 8-second Nissan GT-R just got a whole lot closer. AMS took their Alpha 10 GT-R demo car back to the quarter mile after their 9.33 pass to lay down an amazing 9.192 @ 163.12 mph track time. Now obviously going from 9.33 to 9.192 is easier than going from 9.192 to 8.99, but the fact that they are gaining that much more top-end speed in between weeks of testing is impressive.

And wanting to just show off to the rest of the world what their Alpha 9 package can do to a GT-R on pump gas, AMG was able to pilot the Alpha 9 GT-R to its first 9 second pass at 9.95 @ 141.01 mph. And yes, on pump gas. To show off just how dependable and reliable the Alpha 9 GT-R is, AMS embarked on a road trip going from Chicago to Colorado and Nevada and ending in Southern California; 2,000 or so miles and not a single issue on the car.

They even released a video – unfortunately it’s not of the drag racing:

[Source: GTR Blog]

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 |  Oct 09 2010, 2:44 PM

Is a new paint color for a car really newsworthy? Well, when it’s the Nissan GT-R and the new paint job looks this good; then yes.

This dark, rich blue, dubbed Aurora Flare Blue Pearl, will be offered as a factory option in the 2012 GT-R, which sports some more aggressive bodywork and is rumored to get a boost in power to as much as 530-hp.

[Source: NAGTROC]

GALLERY: Aurora Flare Blue Pearl 2012 Nissan GT-R

 |  Sep 25 2010, 3:45 PM


When it comes to finding gobs and gobs of horsepower, AMS Performance knows how to do it. Regardless of the application, whether it’s a Mitsubishi EVO or a Nissan GT-R, AMS has set records time and time again on and off the track. And now they’ve made it easy for all their customers to achieve the same type of success.

Dubbed their Alpha line, AMS Performance is offering premium Nissan GT-R Performance Packages. Their website is currently a complete tease with a coming soon page, but it looks like they’ll have four packages available soon: Alpha 6, Alpha 9, Alpha 10 and Alpha 12. We went ahead and did some digging through their current website and found some more information on their Alpha 6 and Alpha 9 packages.

The Alpha 6 package is offered at $6,499 and takes your GT-R to a respectable 600-hp and easy 10 second time slips at the quarter mile of your choice. The fastest time they’ve achieved on this package is a 10.6 @ 130 mph on 93 octane pump gas. The kit is is actually pretty mild with a majority of exhaust parts: 90mm catless downpipes, 90mm resonated midpipes and 90mm exhaust system. On the intake side is a set of HKS Super Hybrid air filters. And of course AMS will retune the car along with a Cobb AccessPORT to dial it all in. For those worried about emissions, catalytic converters are available on their downpipes as an option. And for those that are the complete opposite, non-resonated midpipes are available as a race version.

The Alpha 6 package can also be upgraded to an Alpha 9 package, but for those with the ability to dish out the cash up front, the Alpha 9 is available for $21,999.95. And as you can guess, Alpha 9 means 900-hp on race gas and 800-hp on pump gas. That equates to possible 9 second time slips on race gas. Along with everything in the Alpha 6 package, Alpha 9 also comes with upgraded turbochargers, turbo inlet pipes, front mount intercooler, intake piping and additional fuel upgrades to handle all the extra boost.

Check out the videos after the break of an Alpha 9 GT-R running 10.1 with pump gas, and their 9 second GT-R in case you missed it earlier.

[Source: GTR Blog]

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 |  Aug 30 2010, 8:32 PM


What form of motorsport has the Nissan GT-R not claimed a victory in? It looks like Nissan doesn’t seem to be surrendering the title out in Western Australia anytime soon. For the third straight year, the R35 GT-R has taken the top spot on the podium at the QUIT Targa West Tarmac rally.

This year it was Peter Major behind the wheel (with Kim Screaigh as co-driver), beating out Jim Richards and his Porsche GT2 by 51 seconds. And just to make the statement even bolder for Nissan and their GT-R, third place went to Peter Rullo and Simon Iseppi in another Nissan GT-R.

The win took place in the Competition Modern class and is Major’s first victory for 2010. In his previous three outings at QUIT Targa West, his best finish was seventh. And to make everything even sweeter, Mark and Andrew Conacher piloted their R35 GT-R to a win in the Modern Challenge class with Robert Darrington and David Abetz’s GT-R taking second place. Those two GT-Rs dominated their respective class by being a good 8.5 minutes ahead of the third place finisher.

And to think that Nissan is only working hard to make the GT-R a more powerful and better handling machine.

GALLERY: Peter Major’s Nissan GT-R

targa_gtr_1.jpg targa_gtr_2.jpg

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 |  Mar 12 2010, 12:50 PM


When the Nissan GT-R finally made its way over to the Stateside, people rejoiced that we’d finally be able to get our hands on one of Japan’s finest creations. Over the past couple of decades, the Nissan Skyline GT-R moniker has become infamous and synonymous with performance and excellence. The initial exclusivity and price tag of the GT-R has still made it a rarity to see on the streets. That price has just gone up a little for 2011, with the GT-R now set at $85,060.

Only available in Premium trim, the 2011 GT-R now offers more standard features in the tech department: Bluetooth, USB iPod interface, XM NavWeather and NavTraffic, auto on/off headlamps and speed-sensitive windshield wipers. Changes from 2010 are minimal, with slight tweaks to the suspension, additional clear coat on the front and rear bumpers, new rear cooling ducts and slightly darker wheel center caps.

As we always love saying, why mess with a good thing? And the Nissan GT-R is more than just a good thing. And even at the increased cost, it’s still a bargain.

The official Nissan press release available after the jump.

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