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 |  May 31 2013, 10:01 AM


You’ve been lusting after if for two long weeks, suffering for want of that which keeps you going. The withdrawal symptoms have probably been unbearable; we’d hazard to bet you’re shaking like a James Bond martini still in the mixer. You’ve been patiently waiting and finally we’re happy to oblige your carnal yearnings… but for God’s sake leave your trousers on!

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 |  Oct 24 2012, 1:02 PM

Imagine relying on Siri to start your car during a zombie apocalypse and hearing “sorry, I didn’t get that…”

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 |  Jul 29 2011, 5:30 PM

Technology has progressed so much that sometimes it can be unsafe, even for your car. Mobile apps can now allow drivers to unlock car doors and remotely start their engines. However two hackers have exploited this convenience and now have access to vehicles with remote starters. Researchers Don Bailey and Mathew Solnik managed to use a laptop to hack the mobile app connection in two different car brands, and will demonstrate this at the upcoming Black Hat conference in Las Vegas.

When users push the unlock or remote start button on the phone, a signal is sent to a service center, which then sends a signal to the car telling it what to do. The researchers intercepted the signal and duplicated it, allowing them to have full access to the cars. The researchers have not revealed the car brands which have been hacked, but both GM and Mercedes-Benz were the first to market the smartphone app that offers these functions. However, the researchers have vowed not to reveal anything more, until automakers fix the security breach.

[Source: Network World]